Friday, December 9, 2022

December 9



(this was many years ago when I ended up making 
22 dozen of these cookies for Christmas)

These cookies...
I have been  known in my circles for these cookies.
This recipe that I made by the dozens upon dozens
each Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When ex relations asked me, or anyone for that matter, 
asked me for the recipe, I would decline
saying having them just on those holidays made them special 
and I enjoyed so much doing that for loved ones.
I always added "I will happily share any other recipe."
There are dozens of recipes out there, I prefer mine, 
as they are not super thin and crispy
which is the norm.  

While I was away on vacation one year, two of my ex-sisters in law,
ransacked my kitchen to find the recipe and then told everyone 
with glee what they had done, and shared it everywhere.
One of their friends immediately called and told me, 
as she thought it was a pretty tacky move.
Now, I never let them know that I knew what they had done.
Not then, not ever. 
Unless of course they troll me on here.

As my years pass by, I am no longer interested in
always playing it safe on here. Since 2008 I have.
 It is not out of anger that I now mention
a few unpleasant things here and there.
This is my journal, my life, then and now.
It was what is was, and is what it is. 

I think I had more fun knowing, than they ever had 
being incredibly, selfishly, mean spirited.

I mean seriously, they are just cookies..

Damn good cookies



Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

I am sorry you were treated with a lack of respect.
You are being gracious in your description of the two thieving bullies. There is nothing in this universe that makes what they did funny or justified.

susan hemann said...

Oh wow! I would be furious. I have a recipe that I use to make food gifts, everyone wants the recipe, but I refuse. That is my right.
It's not the recipe, but the invasion. No boundaries

TheCrankyCrow said...

I would definitely like your I prefer a thicker, softer, matter the kind. But I will neither ask you for the recipe, nor ransack your kitchen. 😳 Funny what so said about no longer guarding what you say here. I, too, have a few "ex's" of varying sorts out there who, I know, troll my blog as their lives must be so empty that they need to fill them with spite, jealousy and gossip but I, too, recently decided that that's their issue and their baggage. My blog is my space. ~Robin~