Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Little Shed That Could

I spent last weekend working 
with my friend Annie on her little shed.
 Ever since I first saw it, I have been bugging her; 
telling her I could turn it into a magical place.

Inside is stored all her holiday decor
 and wonderful treasures dying to have a home.

So we dug in and out poured mountains of things to be sorted.

We sorted a lot!!

The lady likes totes. We had lots of fun 
with jokes about obsessions.
Mine WAS dishes and glassware. What is/was yours?

By the second day all this was cleared out.
Did you spot the vintage mantel on the back wall?

We will paint soon and add area carpet
 and she may add some side windows
 in the future for ventilation.

The entire top is rimmed with shelving
 and I managed to get all the holiday totes
 up above on these shelves and they will 
all be hidden with some draping. 

The little shed still needs to be a major storage area, 
as the main home is tiny, with storage next to none.
A couple of standard, no walk in, bedroom closets, 
about six kitchen cupboards and a single car garage.

By the time I am done,
 this will be a retreat with two comfy chairs,
twinkle lights and a gorgeous vintage mantel 
display. Tons of decorative storage so that she can 
grab what she needs easily and create
to her hearts content.

I adore projects like this.
A Cinderella story....
we have not yet spent a dime...
we will use a few coupons for 
brown wire twinkle lights
and paint and a small section of bead board.
I'll give you a cost breakdown at the end.

I will be showing you the progress as we go.

and yes, I am for hire.....

In other news, I went home from work early on Monday
and I've spent the last three days sidelined
with the creeping crud.

Ronda and I will be debuting her new 
shop (I am a contributor) this coming Tuesday.
The little gift shop is located 
within Elements Salon 334 Water Street
in downtown Henderson.
They are open Tuesday- Saturday.
I'll post photos after we set up.

There is also a wonderful jewelry trunk
show scheduled for Wednesday the 4th.
Trunk show to be announced
Schedule issues

To my east coast pals,
stay safe and warm.
Darling daughter and her beau are 
in Atlanta also under severe weather.

and yet FOX news tells everyone
there is no global warming...



Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Means Summer Hell

The windows are open; 
I am shooting through screen.
In high 70's today.
This means summer of hell...
they predict into 120's.

Boston you can laugh at us
mid July.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Let Some Light In
It's A Good Day