Sunday, December 31, 2017

So this Happened

They received the same sweater in different colors
from DD & DS father 

(Missing is Helene who went home to her family in NY)

Howie inspected a fake Husky

Hannah and Tom attended a 20's Holiday Party

David the real Husky made himself at home.

The Friday before Christmas found Ben
 and I racing back to the ER
and we spent hours there with gurneys lining the hallways.
I got the very last bed and we went through it all again.
A blood clot and obstruction in my throat 
were being considered with CT scans with dye contrast, 
but thank heaven after 
more antibiotics, blood tests etc I stabilized
once more and went home.
Hannah and Tom arrived early the next
morning and those three stayed by my side
every minute and took excellent care of me 
day after day. I'm pretty tired but 
hopeful I can turn this around and be done with it.

Ben made fresh mozzarella, beef stew, and standing rib roast,
along with breakfast and lunches for a week for all of us.
Before he left for CA he pressure cooked pulled pork for me 
in my new Instant Pot also gifted from Ben.

Hannah monitored fluids, meds and my rest,
scolding when necessary.

Hannah and Tom installed a new 
video doorbell for me,
gifted from them. Now I can check the door
from my couch perch.

With me permanently parked on the couch,
we played board games for hours, 
and viewed a lot of bad tv.
I learned that I am lousy at Boggle.

They were so gracious as it was
 indeed an odd holiday for them. 
I have great kids, wonderful kids.
I miss them something stupid.
I'll be heading over their way as soon as I'm able.

I'm still on oxygen but trying to wean off.
My voice was completely gone for 5 days
and now is just a scratchy croak.
Maybe I'll sound like Garbo when all is said and done?

So good bye 2017. It is officially 
my least favorite year hands down.
I pray the sun will set on 2018 
with a return to truth, decency, science and
good riddance to the vipers and the rodent in the WH.
I pray and pray some more and I resist.

A special thank you to all who called and emailed
to check on me and lift my spirits.
I appreciate it so very much.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Normal For Awhile


It took me 2 months to get an appt 
with new primary care provider.
My appt was at 8:00 Friday morning.

I had been quite sick, OK very very very sick all week,
so it was fortuitous that I already had appt. 

The Dr and her nurse walked in and both said,
"You don't look good"
I replied "I feel bad, coughing for 6 days non stop, 
fever, short of breath..."

10 minutes later as they're taking multiple
 blood pressures as my oxygen levels were low...
I had an "Incident" and 15 minutes later
 I was on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance.

Where I spent the day in emergency being treated so
well by the staff at St Rose as they tried to figure out
heart, lung, infection what????

They could not get oxygen stabilized 
with treatments, oxygen, x-rays, blood work etc 
so back and forth back and forth. They decided to admit me
which I resisted. Years of childhood trauma
 with parental illness and hospitals I suppose.
 After a lot of hours and a wonderful ER Dr,
he agreed to let me go home with oxygen.
Since I no longer required Iv's I said it is cost effective,
and since your waiting room is crammed full, 
I'll give em my room.

Diagnosis and I quote "extreme bronchial infection"
An hour later my wonderful nurse walked up to my glass
door, put on a mask and closed the door completely and 
said you are highly contagious- you also have a strain of flu.
Then she put a large contagion sign on the door. 
No wonder I felt like crap.
AND if I had not had that appt, the Dr said...
"ya know you would have been in real trouble within hours."
scary-would I have known in time I was in trouble?
I never go to the Dr except when things are broken,
so the two month wait was worth it after all. 
Thank you guardian angels.

At shift change, all the folks I had encountered, 
stopped by my room or waved goodbye
 as they left, course now they had masks, 
after me hacking near them all day. 
Felt so bad about that.
The paramedics were in several times that day
 and even they stopped in.
Of course I'm an entertaining kind of gal
 and had them all laughing.

My Dr's office was across the street from the hospital,
so to avoid me from having my bestie Annie
drive clear across town to get me a block to my car,
after I was discharged
security drove me there in a golf cart!

St Rose rah rah rah

I'm still not A-OK but I'm home with Howie.
Seems I'm gonna be dragging a tank around for a while.
My kids both almost flew home,
they love me...
and I have the dearest pal in Annie. I alerted her around noon
 I might need her so she came over to my side of town
 and hung around until 6:30 and then drove
 her mom all the way back home and was going to drive back.
My phone had died in hospital. I called her back
 from home, just in time.
Other pal Sue is already offering whatever I need.
Makes me all weepy.

 Maybe later I'll tell you all about full, droopy, boobish, exposure
 to 5 hunky paramedics, 1 xray tech and three passers by in hallway.

I'm going to take a break for a bit and catch my breath


and rest up.
If I'm not back in time to wish you a merry merry,
please know I love all you little buggers,
and I say that with pure, unadulterated affection.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Merry and Howie

Getting close now
Counting the days until kiddos
Happy Birthday Howie.
Here is why we fell in love 12 years ago.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Favorites #5

Little Bits Here and There

Tidbits- that floral booklet tucked in there my daughter made for me 
of my yard photographs.
The letter you see tacked to wall? My grandma and young father
 sent sweaters to Europe during the war.
This a letter thanking them and the Mom mentions
 hoping her children can return from the countryside soon -
 families terrified of the bombings, sent their kids to safety .
Notice the address?
Venetia, PA USA America.
That's all it took back then.

Tree in first guest room

Guest Room


Top of Stairs

Fences decked out for Christmas


Tree in second guest room

I think the elephant is my favorite

but oh this tail!

On Studio wall

Love these elves and deer

If there is a knob...

One of my prized possessions. 
My dad gave me my grandfathers red plaid flannel robe,
and I wore it through college and well into marriage. 
When it was so threadbare parts were really just threads, 
I cut up what remained and made two bears. One for my dad and one for me. 
Counting the days till kiddos.
Packages for cheese making keep arriving on my porch
 via Amazon.
Ben is making cheese I gather. Woot!