Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beef Wellington and Beatle's 45s More or Less

After 5 hours in the kitchen,
 we were treated to Beef Wellington,
Potatoes Anna, a grapefruit-orange-feta salad,
 and brussel sprouts roasted with bacon. 
That man loves to cook.

I fell asleep on the couch 
while they were doing the "En Croute" 
part of the Wellington
and no one took any pictures...damn..
I hear the process was hilarious.

There were five vintage rolling pins
out on the counter when I went to clean up?

Whenever the kids are here and they are 
cooking, playing a game, or just visiting,
the sound of their voices is like a lullaby to me and
zzzzzzzzzz I'm off to dreamland.
They made fun of me snoring I hear, and 
were amazed I slept through it all 
as they were quite loud, and I was a mere
5 feet from all the action.
These few shots were taken by 
DD on her phone.

Ben had already cut into it so you miss the "presentation"
So beef tenderloin encrusted with a shallot mushroom 
mustard paste wrapped in phyllo and roasted.
Oh my, it was incredibly delicious.
The real Wellington calls for a layer
of Foie Gras. 
That was voted out.

 First Christmas dinner in over 40 years
 I have not prepared.

We ate at a simple setting family style,
turning the little used turntable
that came with my dining table, and doing self serve.
No elaborate dishes, crystal, or silver were needed this year,
AND we ate Christmas Eve not Christmas Day...
and ya know what
it was delightfully stress free and easy..
well easy for me anyway.
I think we have a new tradition.

I received the cutest little turn table for Christmas
and we had a blast playing my old 45 Beatles records
and Fogelberg, Moody Blues, Carole King,
Loggins, The Big Chill Soundtrack and more all
Christmas morning. 
Hannah had never placed a needle
on a record before and had to be taught the difference
between a 45 and a 33.
What a Hoot!

Ben and Anam headed back to LA today.
Hannah is still here until Her Beau Blake returns 
from Memphis.
We have some sewing plans and she'll be going
to work with me a few days to help with 

I decorated far less
 Shopped far less
Spent far less
Left the house far less
Cooked FAR less
Cleaned far less

Visited far more
Laughed far more
Relaxed far more
Slept far more
Enjoyed far more

Lessons learned

Hope your holiday was merry 
and still going strong...

Happy New Year to all
May Peace finds it's way to 
the hearts of man.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Like A Duck To Water

Along with directing and script writing, 
DD has been doing a lot of production design
 so mama had this idea that a 
sewing machine might come in handy.
This small Janome in the coolest colors 
was a special on-line
with free shipping so I ordered one 
for her B-day. 
It is lightweight, will require little storage space 
in her teensy place, and has just enough stitches
 to make it practical for her to use.

Yesterday she sat down at the table, 
taught herself how to thread it, run it, 
and after scavenging through my 
enormous supply of wools
popped out with two "art" style pillows
 for her brother and his sweetie 
and the new place they move into this weekend. 
Since they never read the blog, 
I am not spoiling any surprise.

She was so pleased, did a great job, took to it like, know... quack quack
and I'm hoping I can convince her to 
try a small quilt before she leaves. 
Goodness knows I have enough fabric!
makes mama happy

Kinda wish I had bought one for myself in bright orange.

Merry almost 25th of December (wink)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Merry Festive What The Dickens Holiday

A blogger bud Karen Ann,
one of my politically fearless pals did this post today:

I had to relate this tale that happened just two days ago to me.

This is my comment to her...

"This issue came out two days ago with another customer, a checker and me in the line of a store. The checker wished him (wearing NFR jacket and spurs- they were in town last week) "a Happy Holiday". He snarled back "It's not happy It's MERRY Christmas." She, the checker, smiled and said "we are told to say Happy Holidays as to wish all faiths a good season"..He said "It is damn Christmas!" While he was bagging up his stuff , I stepped up to her to be rung up and wished her a Happy Kwanza and him Happy Chanukah. He stormed off and she said are you Jewish? I replied no, and we laughed until I peed a little!!!

Get over yourselves people! It is a merry, merry no matter your race, creed or color.
and to you my friend......

a happy merry festive what the dickens holiday....
much love

Could *we *just *stop *this nonsense?
No religion in it's pure form teaches


It is man that twists 
loving beliefs into an unrecognizable mass of 
hatred and greed.

It is man that could change it all,
but chooses not to.

This woMAN
says cut the crap
behave yourselves.

Please dear GODS of all faiths,
I pray that you
show each of us the path to 

Happy Merry Festive What The Dickens Holiday

Thursday, December 18, 2014

You and Me Boo

After five horrific days in Neonatal
because of  hospital errors,
we brought you home Christmas Eve
24 years ago, praying all would be well.

You have brought nothing but joy to me
every day since my darling daughter.

..... and now you are a beautiful, funny, talented and smart
young woman

so very happy and in love

and tonight you are sitting in our family room
 with your beau
working on your script.

I hear your conversation and laughter
and smile...

you are home
you are well

Happy Birthday Boo
I love you so very much

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Grabbed the camera,
point - shoot
no edit but a crop here and there,
mainly to remove photo bombing Howie.
Christmas - as of today.

merry merry