Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Genesis 2/1/2011

Welcome Back

We took 2 months off to allow us to
 celebrate the holidays with Gusto.
Now we have to get focused back on 
doing our part to change the planet. 

This year I'm starting off with something 
easy and simple to do but it will have guaranteed impact.
My chosen word for 2011 is BEGIN,
and I have begun a new goal.

I never spend my change, or use it to pay. 
Even if the bill is $5.01, I give them the $6.00.
I save it all in this tin, and in the past 
few years used it to take DD to a Shakespeare festival.
This year I've decided to save it and donate to

My dad was a lifetime member

For every $10.00 donation they are able to save
2,500 square feet of rain forest.
I usually save over $200.00 a year in change, so the possibility of my impacting 50,000 square feet is 
my goal for 2011.

I have my annual charity contributions for
St Judes
Habitiat for Humanity 
Heifer International 
 Safe Nest
and now the Arbor Day Foundation.
(Shakespeare will forgive us)

Whether your contribution alters 
the environment, a person's life,  
searches for medical cures or rescues
an animal it has impact.

Lest you think I live a cushy life...ah, no...
I do aim for 10% of my income
annually and most years I make it.
ANY amount multiplied by 
hundreds, thousands of others,

So get educated, find a group(s) you believe in,
and routinely donate. Lest we forget, 
 volunteer your time to these groups, just as valuable.

See the Rules to participate if new to PG:
(no self promotion, link directly to your 
PG post not just to your blog, etc)

C'mon we would love to have you join us!

BTW- all the Valentine Necklaces have been sold- thank you!


The day after your first Birthday it snowed. 
Not very much, but enough for you 
to roll together a snowman.
Grandma and PapPap were here visiting 
and Grandma was thrilled that you
 could use the snow suit she had bought 
you when you were born. I was positive you 
would NEVER use it in Vegas. 

February 1, 1987
You were one year and one day old.
Twenty Five years have flown by, 
no, they have galloped by,
leaving me to wonder how and 
why it went by so fast.

Today, flooded with memories and overwhelmed with 
the love I have for you, I wish you a Happy Birthday
my Dearest Son.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Playing in the studio
For Darling Daughter
Not sure it is finished
There are things I may change
Letting it marinate a bit

Wanted to shake out of my comfort zone 

 Because 2/14 is coming up fast...
 Because I still had more roses....

Another heart was born

Linking up to another White Wednesday
hosted by Kathleen @ Faded Charm

Sunday, January 23, 2011


You can't make just one.
You can't
Even when you stop 

 even then, they breed when you're not watching

they turn to the light

they gather in groups

and they huddle close

Wools  Felts  Roses LOVE
post script:

I have been making roses like this out 
of paper and fabric since my college float days.
Yeah, yeah a LONG time ago.
Similar versions are all over the web and blogs,
so maybe there are tutorials out there.

Anyway, my point is I did not design this method, it's been 
around longer than me... AGAIN a LONG time :D
and I do not plan to take credit for it,
 but because so many asked and I aim to please..
( after a couple hours of searching, I just knew I had seen it somewhere!)
 I came up with this pattern
 from Better Homes and Garden Creative Collection.
Let's give them the credit. It's the winter o9 edition page 94


Bet most of you still have it on your bookshelf.
Now my bookshelf is a mess after all this searching
 so I am going to go red up!  Thanks Jeanne( Western PA phrase) 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up

Still trying to catch up after the holidays.
I put my design services on sale in January, so that,  
and trying to spend time with Darling Daughter
has kept me pretty busy. 

Lunches and dinners with friends, 
finally getting all the Christmas down,
and purging some more stuff takes time doesn't it?
Now here we are almost done with the first month of 2011.
Well smack my butt, and call me Judy!

That means it is almost time for Project Genesis to return.
We're going to  try a very simple approach this time since we are all uber-busy, but maybe the simple approach will entice, or inspire others to join our ranks? <3

I am trying to be more goal focused this year 
using my "word" for 2011

So, with that in mind I am suggesting you 
choose one thing, just one, to commit to for 
the remainder of this year that will enrich 
your environment, and tell us your plan.
Now that allows for some grand interpretation,
so please girlfriends, surprise me with your 
wit and wisdom on February 1st.
(for new gals, linky usually goes up late the day before) 

Catching up on other matters
the lovely Sharon gave me a
Stylish Blogger award yesterday, so thank you 
girlfriend, I am so pleased.

She says I should be disciplined about this
  and I will try but you guys know 
it is not always my nature.....

So 7 things to reveal about myself
(there is no point talking about my adoration 
for family or ability to organize.. duh)

 I  love teaching someone how to do something
and then watching them take it to a whole new level.

I absolutely will not hold my tongue if 
confronted with racism or bigotry. I have 0 tolerance.

I read A LOT! At least 5 books a week, unless the kids are here.

Although I love gardening
I am not always very good at it.

I wish I were brave enough to wear my hair 
very short, so that I could cut most of it off and
 then stop dying my hair and truly be an
Old Grey Mare.

I never expected to meet such 
wonderful, amazing, generous friends here...
I was merely trying to 
successively keep a diary of sorts..
 After decades of trying and quitting journals within days,
I am in my fourth year here.

I eat Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon,
(my own secret stash, not the one others use yuck)
eat my ice cream in a glass with milk added, 
and eat candy bars chilled.... 
and need to diet obviously! 

Now 10 gals who some of you may not yet know, 
and they may or may not want to 
participate, but that's OK either way.

Tanya @ Bead and Needle  - because she "rocks" Vegas

MJ @ An American Mom in Paris - because she gives me
 "outright prolonged laughter" a thousand clowns

Evi @ Evi's Country Snippetsbecause she is a good friend to friends
 of mine and can she ever create magic with a needle! 

Marcia@ Child in Harmony - because this gal "mothers" all children in 
ways that matter.

Linda @ From Me to Thee _ primitives and more primitives oh my!

Susanne @ Zueeuz  - c'mon! Susanne with an S not a Z and Suzan with a Z not an S!
talk about kindred

Kitchu @ More Than This - because of her devotion to her family and her work
  one classy lady

Not disciplined enough I suppose, I listed 7.
(sorry Sharon)
I adore everyone on all my lists but this time I 
selected a few gals that I thought you
 just might have missed meeting
 because they are new or because they
 are a bit "quiet" here in blog land.
If you gals choose to participate,
 here are the rules as given to me:

Receive the award, say thank you, reveal 7 things about yourself, 
pass it on to 10 favourite and stylish bloggers!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Love

White Wednesday is almost here again:
Please visit all the other links over
hosted by the lovely Kathleen


Celebrating another milestone this week,
and we have two winners.
Nope, you did not miss the sign up, 
no comments were left, 
or entries required.
I prefer to just count the followers 
on one day ( today ) 
and Hannah selected two numbers.

Margarita @ Stipje
Debra @ Common Ground

If you email me your address I will 
send on cherubs wings a necklace 
to you for Valentines Day. 

There are a few more 
necklaces remaining. 
If you wish to purchase 
at these special LOVE prices
email me.

                Love birds     Caged Bird    Flower Girl    SOLD    Kitten   


Roses    Rose Basket    I love You
1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Glass Charms with Glitter

All are on 12" drop ball chains
12.00 each 
2 for 20.00
I wear mine stacked in multiples 
or with other charms.

3.00 shipping

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small Boxes, Big Boxes

Good things come in all size packages.
This week, two wonderful pieces of white
 arrived on my doorstep.

This lady I ordered from Carole and I LOVE her!

She will remain on display all year to remind me
of our friendship.

This next package was a complete surprise, 
and I must say 
tugged on my heart strings.
 I received this from the  lovely and 
talented Marcela;
she told me Santa left it for me under
 her CA Christmas tree.
I LOVE it!

In the busy Holiday season, 
she crafted this to inspire me and 
I will always think of her whenever I see it.
 It will reside in my studio.

This lace is so intricate, and check out
 that pretty little frame.

Thank you my dear friends so very much!
I am truly grateful for all the good people in my life.


Please visit all the other White Wednesday Links over at