Saturday, April 23, 2016

The One Where She Falls Out Of A Tree

The One Where She Falls Out Of A Tree

that would be me

Suffice to say I was an idiot,
 and did something really stupid
and got banged up,
bruised and battered.
Couldn't even admit my stupidity to 
DD and when I finally did,
boy was she mad at mama, 
and then she tattled to big brother.
(and when Annie reads this I'm gonna catch hell)

I'm OK now,
for the most part.

SO what the heck have I been doing
and where have I been?

I check out about 20-25 books a week.
(I watch very little tv 
and I am a fast reader)
Currently re-reading 
an old favorite.

 (can you believe it - still?)
Girl pals are having a sale here today, so
I've been doing preview sales
 to closest buds, and
treasures are flying out the door.

Spring Cleaning
Since I'm selling off pieces that means 
rearranging and discovering where all the 
dust bunnies have been hiding.

Pillows for a friend and
pillows for me to change things up a bit.
Dug out an unfinished quilt that I was dying to make
and decided I should finish it before I actually do.

I have lots of stuff I've been thinking about,
and percolating upon, and I will
probably share a few rants and 
musings soon.

Thank you for all the kind comments 
and emails about our sweet Justice.

Howie is never more than 6 feet away from me
these days. He was always a sweetheart,
but this new mellow, clinging-hugging pooch has 
pulled my heartstrings into
a knot that will never untie.
He likes to be close
REALLY close

I'll be back soon