Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Whack It Off!

I may do
the no-no thing again here
and not include any photos,
we'll see how it goes at the end...


On a whim
Or a bee in my bonnet
Or a bug up my butt

I walked by a low cost hair salon
in the miserable 108 degree heat and
yanked open the door and said
quietly to the girl who sweetly said
"Can I help You?"...
I said 
"Whack it off"
She did

This attitude is a repeat of one last week
where I was standing next to my client's beautiful pool,
on the final day of the move and while
my ex SIL was talking to me..
I jumped into the pool fully clothed..
Fully clothed in long jeans mind you
and happily swam around the next half hour
with my SIL in stitches snapping pics.
I drove home sopping wet sitting on a towel
I grabbed from the charity pile.

so has the old mare finally lost it?
worked herself into a whack a doodle state of mine?

follow this story..

The client, the one I've nearly lived with
 the last three months,
had a major set back
2 weeks ago.
Her husband with Alzheimers, 
managed to find the hidden car keys, 
took the car so fast
 she never heard him and took off. 
He has no license
He has not driven in a couple years,
and not at night for many more years
 He would quickly be lost and confused
  He disappeared at 8 p.m. on a Tuesday

He was missing for 18 agonizing hours.
My friend lived through this horrible night
in absolute terror.
He was found in southern CA! 5 hours away
 the next afternoon,
on the side of the highway after running out of gas.
Now I could rant about the fact that the HP did 
not put out an alert for many many hours
(shame on those rules with AZ patients)
BUT they did finally do an APB
 which is how he was found.
We'll never know where or how he did
it as he cannot tell us.

He was dehydrated and incoherent 
so they took him by ambulance
 to a hospital near Temecula,
where they proceeded
to nearly kill him by
misdiagnosis, ignorance and a DR 
who was an ASS!
My friend and two of his kids rushed to his side
and went through a week of hell.

Finally this past weekend
after much legal wrangling,
 they had to rent a LEAR
jet $$$$$$ to get him to MN 
to a good hospital and good care.

Meanwhile I was left to finish the move
 and deal with all the remaining details.
My SIL was engaged to aid the process
as it was now impossible to complete alone 
without the homeowner. 
Things went pretty well for us here while things
were insane for my client and her husband.

Imagine dealing with such a medical crisis while
folks were packing up your whole house and moving you
at the same time..and now folks are on the receiving end
 unpacking her as she hospital sits in MN with him.
God Bless Them All

Which brings me to whack it off

I am a mite distressed by the world at the moment.
Sunday was my B-day and although I received
some lunch invites etc, I chose to hole up 
in my pj's and just veg, listening to music, and reading.
The plane disappearance, plane shot down, conflicts and wars
killing of innocent civilians, kidnapping, burning of children,
political idiocy, and looming environmental 
issues have me feeling so upset that I am 
frozen in time and space.
I have worked non stop for months to ease
the burden of a family only for that
family to be put through another kind of turmoil
that has not lessened, and there is nothing
 now that I can do to help.

I feel lost without purpose or joy

The kids are coming in August
for belated B-day
and I will be happy again 
but for now

I want to whack it off
All the pain and sadness and fear
that humans are causing.

I will jump in pools
 and sit on the bottom 
like I did as a child
no harsh sounds, 
enveloped in a water womb
making it all go away 
if only for a moment...

When I resurface
I am angry
and frustrated

I am searching to 


We are so much better than this
start fresh
start again
find the hope

I haven't even looked in the mirror to see 
the new "Whack Job"
not sure I care either way

No pics and not funny
but an honest tale from
old grey