Saturday, August 7, 2021

Living Room Toss Up

I was doing a living room deep clean

 before the troops arrived from CA last weekend.

I had rolled up the carpet

 (later a dispute over calling it carpet versus mat occurred),

and had put rollers under the bakers table that weighs a ton.

Since I could easily shift things around, I started playing.

I have always hated the bowling alley feel of the room and tried multiple

times over 27 years to adjust using sofas but it never stuck for long. 

After about 20 minutes I landed on this and then

waited to see what the weekend brought.

Other than the dispute over what to call the carpet/mat,

the opinion was to keep the new arrangement.

We ended up sitting in that room several times over the few days,

which NEVER happens.

I also ordered two new lamps from HOME DEPOT, 

pleasantly surprised by their selections.

They are incredibly well made and terrific price points.


It is not ideal, perhaps not even meeting any requirements

for "design", but I like it.

The old LR made it into several design magazines

but just always felt cold to me. 

This way, everyone was in a chair actively engaged with three small 

pups playing in the center, and one large pup

asleep near the dining table.

If I'm going to be confined to this house again this fall,

due to pandemic reboot then I want cozy.

...and there are 2 spots for Christmas trees 

without changing anything, so plus plus.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Bucket

It's been quite awhile since I felt the need to 
make a deposit in the 
**** It Bucket

Today I had to

If you don't know about it
go on over to the side bar and click on it.
To see today's rant by me or to add a rant of any sort 
of your own scroll down to comment.

Whew that felt good.
We all have had 17 months of ranting about Covid and
politics and climate and loss and on and on. 
it is exhausting and although screaming at the tv and 
just hollering in general inside your home helps some, 
it doesn't replace the satisfaction of pounding on keys
and getting your thought into a semi lucid order.

Here is the place to rant about whatever 
is stuck in your craw.
You can be unknown if need be.
No judgements unless you are a #45 supporter. 
But then you would never have followed me in 
the first place.