Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Merry To You

The gifts are unwrapped,
the paper and ribbons gathered 
up and put away.
The standing rib roast is just about
 to hit the oven
and my thoughts drift toward 
the Yorkshire Pudding to come.
Breakfast was omelets with a little 
Pride and Prejudice viewing post eating.
That scene of him walking 
across the moors...
gets me every time...

The kids and I have spent each late night
 watching Season 1 of Homeland, that 
I purchased just for that purpose.
We have thoroughly enjoyed it, 
and now I have to find a way to see Season 2.
Spending each evening with them 
in pj's on the couch, 
noshing on a variety of snacks
 has been...well exquisite....

We hit all our favorite stores last week, 
and their Father treated them to many fabulous 
meals about town, while I was at work.
Tonight they attend the annual 
Christmas Day movie with him.

Dearest Son leaves for LA tomorrow
 and Darling Daughter 
heads back to NYC, weather permitting,
on Thursday.
It will take me several days to adjust
and not be sad...even knowing they 
return to good friends and significant 
others who love them.

A few more days of holiday work and 
then it's on to 2013 and job searches 
and house redecorating/purging plans 
and a return to my list of all those
 things left undone in 2012,
and moved over to the New Year.

I have been so blessed.

I wish peace, love and joy
to all of you this day....
and I pray each day
that soon this world will
end the hatred, greed,
dishonesty and cruelty 
that makes this 
gift of life so difficult 
for so many.

I love finding you here
each day, each week.
You make my days brighter,
and fill my heart with laughter.
Thank you for your love, 
your support and exceptional kindness.

Merry Merry to you all.


Thursday, December 13, 2012


A heavy NYC winter coat hanging from the hook

 A jumbled mess of her favorite throws
 and smooshed pillows on the couch. 
I saw this first thing as I rounded the corner
 into the den this morning. 
Darling daughter is still asleep after working 
until 3 am (6 am her time) on the computer last night.

I cannot explain why seeing these two sights made me well
up with tears, except to say...
She's Home
She's Home
Dearest Son arrives in one week.
His shoes, his jackets will be strewn everywhere.
He's Home
He's Home

I have a lovely roof overhead
Nourishing food in the pantry
Generous and loving friends
Glorious children
A holiday job I adore
Life is so good
..and the tears fall gently again

merry merry everyone
I pray you are as blessed


Friday, December 7, 2012

Waiting on Justice

I was awakened VERY early this morning by howling and 
quickly discovered our Justice 
seemed to have lost her sight entirely. 
Terrified and unable to hear me reassure her, 
she was hiding under chairs and 
behind them scurrying around the living room. 
I had a thought that her collar and leash might reassure her,
so I grabbed them and sure enough she walked calmly
 out the door to the yard with Howie leaping along side.
 Once she got there, she calmed down and I sat on the porch
 and watched them and snapped some quick pics.
Anyone remember my floppy stars from a few years ago?
I solved the problem...uh..so far....
(Since the pic, I removed the wreath, they looked silly together)

After about 15 minutes Justice trotted back inside
and went to her water bowl and then 
calmly walked straight to her bed and went to sleep,
apparently able to see out of her one eye once more.
She still seems to have a problem with the 
smaller doorway into the kitchen and family room.
She hesitates, then shakes a lot and then dashes through. 
The peripheral vision thing must be difficult for her.

I know there will be more incidents like this morning in our future.
Darling Daughter has not yet seen her like this.
I am glad that she will be home during 
the day to provide Justice comfort when I cannot, 
and perhaps spend her last days with her.

I have no idea how we will care for a blind and deaf dog,
who has many other health issues.
 One day at a time.

Today I'm just going to enjoy the chilly weather
 and the holiday dressings around oldgreymare, 
drink my coffee and get to work.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Simply felted pieces this year in the master.
On the garland, wreath, birds, figures.
Add candles and a few touches of blue.

The patterns in here are brown striped, 
blue florals, brown checks,
cream/brown stripe, blue quilts, etc.
The ceiling is painted blue with heavy cream walls,
and cream wool patterned carpet.
All mixed together willy nilly.
The blue house painting is mine.
The photography darling daughters'.

I made this advent over 10 years ago.
Almost all are Rennie family pieces 
including my Aunt Iva's frame.

Button hooks and eye wear were my Dad's collections.
As requested: a closer look at the felt birdies...
and a couple of the Sarah Lugg ornaments
 Howie DID NOT BREAK....
(remember he broke 4)

Have a great week,
if I don't see you before then.