Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Need Fall

If you arrange it, it will come?

I may only hold on a few days longer


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On A Personal Note

DD, Hannah and BB, her beau Blake

At Del Mar for his birthday and their 4th Anniversary.

Two of my three favorite people.

Now that Dearest Son and Darling Daughter 
live five minutes apart,
they see each other often.
They like each other as friends,
as well as love each other as siblings.
Mama could not be happier.
They are even going on vacation
together this year.

The three kids are campaigning to 
get me to LA permanently and I have spent hours
researching any possibilities,
but location and financials are mind boggling.

Houses are unaffordable since I refuse to 
take on a mortgage, after not having one
for over a decade, and condos come
 with large HOA fees.
Both come with triple the property taxes 
I pay here.

The worst though is where?
What small town within 60 minutes
of Culver City would suit me?
Definitely not more than 90 minutes away.

My eyes cross after hours on Zillow

Any CA girls out there I'll GLADLY take any advice, 
area recommendations, realtor names etc.

I'm just thrilled that they want me near.
Till then the 4 hour drive seems to
be getting easier for all of us.
We're averaging about every other month.
and if they ever would build the super train...

of course in 80 years they will live much closer as the
rising ocean will have pushed em back 1 hour my way...
BUT I'm sure I will be long gone by then.

I told them last week maybe they should hold 
onto this property as it is in the very south of town and 
will be beach front real estate some day in their retirement! 
forever stuck in lala


And yes Amy, since you asked, I would love to have
 folks travel in for a Gathering class.
3 blocks away is a lovely large casino hotel 
with spa, movie theaters,
and adjacent a wonderful mall called the District. 
Mall has Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma,
Anthropologie, West Elm, great dining and more.

by car
I am 2 hours from St George and 
4 hours to Culver City in LA.
if that helps...

There are still a few spots in Sept class,
and it will be cooler then.
Bring your hubby, leave him at the casino
and come play with some great gals for the day.

Friday, August 7, 2015

On A Stage With No Vaginas

"On a stage with no vaginas there 
were a lot of opinions about vaginas."

and if you still don't get it,
none of the federal funds to 
Planned Parenthood can ever
be used for abortions.
again and louder....
The fed funds @ PP do not fund abortions

So by all means dickheads,
(sorry my friends) but I am riled,
go and take more aid away from 
those who least can afford it.

If the heavens could open and make it so that no
woman you care about could ever receive
medical care, cancer screening, pre-natal care,
birth control, disease prevention,
or for that matter any funds for woman's disease
 research since you good ole boys only care about Viagra;
maybe we could drill it into your thick skulls.
While we're at it let's remove your premium
 health insurance and make you go to the
 emergency room and wait hours for any
kind of care for your babies....

I am disgusted and repulsed by men
 proposing to be our leaders,
telling out and out lies and fear mongering.

And now we no longer have Jon Stewart to call em out.

Oliver, Maddow, Colbert, Wilmore
save us from ourselves.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot August Days and Nights

Oh, those hot August days...
so much going on..

Had workmen here all day Sunday
 as they ripped out
and sawed down 21 year old
trees to make life easier.
My enormous African Sumac 
in the far corner had to come down,
as well as decrepit, way past their prime,
 bottle brush trees that lined the walkway.

Javier cut stump for me with foot rest

The Sumac was always too big for the area, 
invaded into neighbor yards and created 
so much debris that at least three times a year I 
had to pay for help in clean up.
I was dangling from tall ladders
cleaning out gutters,
making friends and kids frantic with worry.
(Ok I only fell once ...geez)

totally new updated sprinklers,
new plantings...
new dog run area..
pre-plans for vegetable gardens

The yard looks foreign to me 
right now. Far less shade,
less cozy.
I'm working on it.
But as we age we have to come
 to terms with our capabilities.

I was astounded when my folks moved 
down to a wee space when we had always had
sprawling homes with lots of land.
I get it now.

made a fountain

Finished all the prep for the next Gathering class.
Kits ready and waiting, very early this time, because 
I am sooo excited for this one.

Marking items down at boutique
to make room for new holidays to come.
job interviews.. new directions
Proofing latest script for DD
Kids are thriving with
exciting projects, possibilities.
A surprise visit from my "surrogate son"
Ivan, made for wonderful long chats as the sun 
went down last week.

Making smoothies
has been the extent of my cooking 
this summer.

Cannot wait for cool weather
soups stews casseroles.

I am such a cold weather gal,
stuck in 
the wrong place for a long time....