Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Genesis 10/1/2010



"Goodbye, old Paint I'm a-leaving Cheyenne; Goodbye, old Paint,
I'm a leaving Cheyenne"

(ok so no one else remembers that ditty but me)

No, not that kind of Old Paint.

This kind of paint

image [ Green County Environmental Svcs]

This is one of those things we should all know and we may know some, but at times we get lazy or confused and don't do the right thing. So with that in mind, I did a little research, consolidated info from different sites, simplified it and added my 2 cents.

Every year in the United States, homeowners throw out 64 million gallons of paint. That's enough pint to paint 3,878,788 miles of highway stripes; it's enough paint o paint 16 solid highway stripes from the Earth to the Moon. It's also enough to fill 128 Olympic swimming pools every year.
Before you dispose of old paint, you'll need to determine what kind of paint it is. There are basically two types of paint: oil-based and latex. They have different ingredients and must be handled differently.
Oil-based paints are considered Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) and are not suitable for reuse after long storage. The label of an oil-based paint will say "oil-based" or "alkyd," or it will instruct you to clean brushes with mineral spirits or turpentine. Paints of this type are flammable, toxic and contain harmful solvents, resins and pigments; very old oil-based paints (1978 and before) may also contain lead. For these reasons, oil-based paints must be taken to disposal facilities that accept HHW. Many communities simplify this by holding annual or semi-annual HHW collection days.
Latex or water-based paint, is not a hazardous waste, and can enjoy many reincarnations after its initial use. Latex paints clean up with soap and water.
Before 1990, about 30 percent of latex paints contained mercury and many exterior latex paints still do. For this and other reasons, latex paints must not be disposed of in liquid form.
Specifically do not:
pour latex paint into storm drains, onto the ground,
or into creeks, streams or rivers
put cans of liquid paint out for regular trash pick up
try to burn paint
Local organizations would be happy to accept your left-over paint. Art teachers, summer camps, and non-profit organizations such as Scouting, 4-H, Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army can use a potpourri of paint colors for murals, activities, service projects and to spruce up donated items. Leftover paint can be used as a primer for new projects.

High school or community theatre groups can use it for stage sets.

It takes a phone call or two to find a way to donate the paint.

Recycling your old paint might be another option. Some states have recently passed or are considering legislation to require paint manufacturers to collect left-over residential paint for post-consumer use. Even if this program hasn't reached your state, you can ask your local paint dealer to help you re-purpose your excess paint. Start by filtering out solids like thickened paint and brush bristles. Then separate the cans into light colors and dark colors. With the help of your paint professional, light colored paints can be combined and re-tinted to a fresh, new color. Dark paints blend into a brown color. Empty paint cans are recyclable, too, just like food and drink cans.
If you must dispose of your old latex paint, turn it into solid waste. If there's less than one-fourth of the paint in the can, take it outside, place it where kids and pets can't get to it, remove the lid and let the paint air dry. When the paint is hard, you can put the cans out with the rest of your trash. You may need to leave the lids off to show your trash collector that the can is safe for collection.
For larger quantities of paint, you can pour the paint into a cardboard box and mix it with shredded newspaper, cat litter, or a commercial paint hardener to speed solidification. The box goes in the trash when the paint dries and the cans are recycled.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Everyone loves surprises, well good ones anyway; not the water heater
is not heating anything, the car battery is dead,
or the patio set blew into the pool...again... kind of surprises...

There is a twofold purpose to this surprise.
One, to celebrate a milestone in my posting and two to
pronounce a genuine thank you to my Followers.
No sign ups were necessary, or comments to be left.
I randomly selected 2 numbers that I had
assigned to my Followers on the day of
reaching my milestones.

were selected. Each will receive a
winter white vintage button bracelet from me.
(please email me your address)

If there was a way to send each Follower a gift
from my heart I would gladly do so.
I am grateful to all who visit, who comment, who send me
delicious emails and make me laugh.


...and because they are white
I am linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm
for White Wednesday. I've missed so many weeks,
it's nice to be back.

Create Change - The World Will Thank You
Project Genesis October 1st

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am No Longer Young

I am 70 in my years.
I can no longer see out of my one eye.
My hearing is unreliable.
My breath is not always pleasant and I
grouch and growl at misunderstood sounds.
My nose is crusty and miserable with allergies.
I can no longer easily get in and out of a car, nor arise
from my spot on the sofa without a grunt or a groan.
I have turned grey and I am covered in spots and warts that
make me avoid looking into mirrors, for I no longer recognize myself.
I am snappish at times because my bones ache and I
have little tolerance for loud rambunctious children.

I enjoy my naps and my dreams of youth.
My memories of my family are happy ones.
I was rescued just as I was being trampled by larger
companions. I was quite ill and assumed I
would never find a loving home.

My family loved me on sight, nursed me to health
and I have been fed and sheltered ever since.
I enjoy a much younger companion named Howie.
I think I would be called a "cougar".

I am no longer young, but I am proud and honest and loyal.

Age is a blessing and a curse..
and a bitch like me..

Bitch [BI ch]
1. a female dog

Please join Razmataz for this week's photo challenge - age


Create Change - The World Will Thank You
Project Genesis October 1st

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Party's Over

It's OVER - Hallelujah!

We caused traffic jams and worked our butts off but It's OVER!

Four full (very full), carloads to Good Will whoo hoo

An extra special thank you to Ann who worked so
many hours for us, and she had nothing in the sale!
Ann is such a generous, giving spirit in this crazy world.
She provided all the rolling racks and extra tables
that kept our sanity, and ran non-stop the
whole day helping us and the customers.
We are so grateful for your kindness and charity.
I personally am very thankful that you wandered into my life.

To our customers, thank you for your patience and your money :D.
We are happy that some of our "special" things (Maria) found happy new homes.


Friday, September 17, 2010



bring or come to an end [trans]

the garden is coming to an end
petals drop, dry and shrivel

fall is close

Please join Razmataz
for other viewpoints on Closer

a little sidebar here:
this post is # 300
timing perfectly with a milestone in Followers

so next week a surprise!
if I survive the sale....


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preview Night

An enormous thank you shout out to all the lovely gals
who stopped by tonight; and a weird look to
the strange lady unknown to all who just wandered into the garage
and was looking around without so much as a how de doo
..and then said .."oh this is just holiday stuff " and wandered back out...

I was sending everyone off tonight with a "thank you for shopping Che-Z "

Saturday here we come!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sale of Sales

Not the prettiest picture ever on OGM but
this is what I have been doing. This is why I have not
visited blogs and why I am a wee bit tardy on almost everything.

These are friends "shopping" the four rolling clothes racks
and 14 bins of shoes, t's, slacks and purses currently clogging
my living room.

You see, when I have garage sales at my home I allow
one preview night for close friends, usually the Friday before.
I'm not sure exactly how this sale veered so far off course,
but for the past five days I have had preview night,
afternoon AND morning.

The more the group of 5 has sold, (and we have sold a lot) the more
motivated we are to purge, and so daily arrivals of fresh
merchandise have occurred. This mean all the tables inside
the garage have to be re-staged and re-arranged by me
in order to accommodate.

We are having fun, laughing, sharing stories, catching up..
We are also exhausted, have new muscle strains and headaches, and
the sale isn't until Saturday!

Tomorrow I have declared to be the final preview night.
AS always I declare this will be my final sale EVER!
( They all laugh right in my face)

A peek at one of the 6 lineups in the garage.
( also not a pretty shot)
Local friends...see you tomorrow and/or 7:30 Sat

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled
programming with a surprise!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

All is right - right now

Ever have one of those days where you just love your kids
and your friends and they're all being so sweet and
wonderful and everyone
is in a pretty good place and you find yourself
just grinning like a goof for no reason?

Today is one of those days.
Sweet wonderful chats with both the kids;
friends on the phone and email all weekend about
the upcoming sale at my house.
Friends dropping off their treasures to sell and then
swapping out for other treasures from other gals.

Early bird shoppers coming by at all times of day for
the past three days and three friends coming over tomorrow to
help price and stage for another enormous garage/collectible sale at Z's.

Today, right this minute, all is right with my world.
I'm enjoying an ice filled, frosty glass of milk,
because my friend Carole and I were just emailing
about milk ( ? but true I swear!) and I started craving some.

I know things could change in an instant..
but right this minute I am gloriously happy and content.

My most heartfelt wishes that your world is also
turning well for you.


Be sure and link over to Carole's blog
Brimfield treasures oh my!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Different Reflection

Those who know me intimately, realize I view things slightly
different than the way most people do. I am also known to
ponder an idea or problem upside down, inside out and
sideways until I feel that I have a clear vision of how to proceed,
or that I am aware of all potential versions and possibilities.

When confronted with issues I am commonly the participant to play
devils advocate to the problem and try to walk in the other guys shoes;
(dearest Pam can attest- I think she rolls her eyes now when I say,
"playing devils advocate").

Sorry, I digress, but it does apply, hang in there with me.
So.......Chania's photo challenge this week was reflections, and on many
of my sleepless nights this past week I imagined mirrors and gentle waters,
flowing curtains, and ethereal images of angels......

Not my darling daughter's boob, er breast.

While editing some of my not so grand ideas, I scrolled past these
shots I snapped as she was leaving the house one afternoon.
A recently purchased t shirt provided her an added bonus...
A boob alert, a warning of impending breast-dom which DD and I
found hilarious.

Whenever light of any intensity hit her chest region,
a vivid, sparkling display of dancing ( bouncing?) fairy lights
proceeded her every step.

While technically appropriate with a theme of reflection,
( they do reflect the hell out of it don't they?)
it is not the lovely image you will find with the other
participants. Please visit all the other gals linking to
Razmataz whose minds aren't as twisted as mine.

I would blame the lack of sleep but I know close friends
would betray me in the comment section alerting you to the fact
that lack of sleep has nothing to do with my sense of humor...

If mine were still as "perky", I would have snapped up a
couple t's for me to wear everywhere, just to see the look on people
faces as I approached. C'mon can't you see it?
Fairy lights in the produce section, standing on-line at the post office,
6am Starbucks run.....

maybe it IS the lack of sleep....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Arrives at Oldgreymare

It does not matter that the calendar disagrees,
nor that the weather will not cooperate,
in my heart fall is here, and that's all there is to it!
If I decorate for fall, it will come....

Please join all the other White Wednesdays
hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm

Friday, September 3, 2010

EGG 101

This week's Photo Challenge is the egg.
Not being able to sleep AGAIN, I arose in the wee
hours of the morning and headed downstairs to my favorite cozy chair.
I love the light in this room in the early morn.
It reminds me of a dark old farmhouse parlor, though in
reality, it couldn't be farther from that.

I jumped up, grabbed some eggs, plopped them into
a favorite old brown bowl.

No fancy effects or treatments, just eggs, just a point and shoot camera.
Effects provided by early morning light coming
through the south window.

Love the egg shape shadow I got with this one.

Whipped up a quick Havarti cheese omelet and
went back to bed for a couple more winks.

Please visit Razmataz and Chania as she hosts week 3
of her Photo Challenge.


Create Change - The World Will Thank You
Project Genesis September 1st
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