Wednesday, March 20, 2019

and So It Goes

Several weeks ago I tried to sell 
two of these milk cans I have, 
but I got no takers.
Bored one evening I decided I would take
 some leftover florals,
pretty it up a bit and sit it by the front door 
until my next sale when I will sell it as it is now.

Leftovers are always better. 

So two runs back to Urgent Care and I am 
still not great.
See the cardiologist today.
I'm not a huge fan of this guy.
We'll see if he stops typing long enough to 
learn what I look like. 
Back on O/2 full time - depressing.
CT scan of sinus throat etc next week.

I am sick of all of it as
I'm sure you're sick of hearing.
This is the only journal I keep 
so I keep dating everything
 in case I need it some day.

I did see a wonderful Dr in Urgent care
 but of course he does not have a private practice.
He really listened and gave me some good 
tips on fighting this.

Annie and I doing another sale probably in early May.
Hannah, maybe Ben, will be in to help
their poor decrepit mama.
My new name 
I was so hoping to go down there this month.
Patience is not my strong suit. 

These made me laugh

Been bingeing: How about you?

Russian Doll
After Life
Turn up Charlie
Working Moms

Seems the only thing I catch on tv anymore is 
Walking Dead - John Oliver and Bill Maher 
(  my kids now hate Maher)
and oddly enough North Woods Law (no idea why?)
Holding my breath for Game of Thrones
 and Killing Eve 

... and because I've been too ill to make it to library
I am rereading my entire collection of Robert B Parker
The Spencer series
Makes me so happy. 

Even though I am downsizing I am determined to buy 
as many of his as I can in hard cover, as I have 
so many in paper back.
My other wish is to get all the Louise Penny
in hard cover some day, but even paper back would 
be good as I have read all of them through the library.

When you love you love
 and I have been such a good girl
purging everything else.

and so it goes


Monday, March 11, 2019

New View and Same Old Sad Stupid Story.

Darling daughter Hannah threw a brunch engagement party 
for Dearest son Ben and Helene and their friends on Sunday.
Since it was just for the young folks I did not attend,
nor could I have as ...

I'm once again.... sick

Headed to Urgent Care again today for follow
up to antibiotics etc I got 6 days ago, as I am
no better, in fact in some regards worse.

I have barely slept in 3 days for when I lie down 
my lungs for all intents and purposes,
whistle. Yep, quite loudly whistle and wheeze.

I couldn't stand seeing that post another day so 
here are fresh pics and a new view.

Since I rarely leave the house these days, (no need to) and I 
hand sanitize and soap and water wash like crazy,
I cannot fathom how I got sick again.

AS for everything else, it is one big stall,
until the big cardiology reveal end of this month.

My Smith's market just began home delivery with perfect timing 
for me. Although it is a mere block away,
just shopping while using o/2 and feeling like kaka felt overwhelming to me 
and Howie needed dog food.
Yesterday I ordered soup, ginger ale, 
dog food, bagels and 
orange sherbert. Within an hour ding dong.
 For me, 3.99 
delivery was a bargain.

I need to drag my sorry ass to UC,
so for now a new view but same old sad stupid story.
2019 WAS looking promising after
Kicked My Keister 2018.