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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

and So It Goes

Several weeks ago I tried to sell 
two of these milk cans I have, 
but I got no takers.
Bored one evening I decided I would take
 some leftover florals,
pretty it up a bit and sit it by the front door 
until my next sale when I will sell it as it is now.

Leftovers are always better. 

So two runs back to Urgent Care and I am 
still not great.
See the cardiologist today.
I'm not a huge fan of this guy.
We'll see if he stops typing long enough to 
learn what I look like. 
Back on O/2 full time - depressing.
CT scan of sinus throat etc next week.

I am sick of all of it as
I'm sure you're sick of hearing.
This is the only journal I keep 
so I keep dating everything
 in case I need it some day.

I did see a wonderful Dr in Urgent care
 but of course he does not have a private practice.
He really listened and gave me some good 
tips on fighting this.

Annie and I doing another sale probably in early May.
Hannah, maybe Ben, will be in to help
their poor decrepit mama.
My new name 
I was so hoping to go down there this month.
Patience is not my strong suit. 

These made me laugh

Been bingeing: How about you?

Russian Doll
After Life
Turn up Charlie
Working Moms

Seems the only thing I catch on tv anymore is 
Walking Dead - John Oliver and Bill Maher 
(  my kids now hate Maher)
and oddly enough North Woods Law (no idea why?)
Holding my breath for Game of Thrones
 and Killing Eve 

... and because I've been too ill to make it to library
I am rereading my entire collection of Robert B Parker
The Spencer series
Makes me so happy. 

Even though I am downsizing I am determined to buy 
as many of his as I can in hard cover, as I have 
so many in paper back.
My other wish is to get all the Louise Penny
in hard cover some day, but even paper back would 
be good as I have read all of them through the library.

When you love you love
 and I have been such a good girl
purging everything else.

and so it goes



Karen said...

A few more shows for you to consider - Shameless (LOVE IT), Billions (didn't, but got hooked, very good cast and interesting show, despite what I despise) Handmaids Tale... and of course GOT, but you already know that.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So sorry you aren't better. I am hoping I can get some energy back as my Mom is less able to do things and so more falls on me. I will hire help if I need it and I'm lucky that Mom has the $$ for us to do that. I have been watching lots of tv and less reading lately. I've got new glasses being made with an updated prescription and I hope it helps me to read more. I let too many years go by before getting my eyes checked this time. Otherwise the allergies are horrible but Spring is so beautiful we just will put up with it I guess. Take care dear friend.

Arlene said...

Sorry to hear you are still so under the weather. Maybe Spring will lift your spirits although maybe it's not quite as dramatic in Las Vegas as it is in Hartford. We are supposedly getting a nor'easter Friday night so I am off to protect my poor confused crocus. Feel better!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sorry to hear you stll are answerless...and still not well. I love old milk cans....I think I have 3 or 4 scattered about in the yard....but always on the hunt for more. They have gotten to an outrageous price around here...and hey, we’re the “dairy state.” I’m not much on television...especially “series”.... Don’t spread it around, but I am still watching Perry Mason re-runs. Maybe I will catch up with the times sometime...then again, maybe not. I will have to check out those authors....they are new names to me. (I have to ration my reading or I would spend all my time’s a fine line between a healthy habit and an outright obsession LOL). Happy Spring Z...hopefully it will brighter things to you. ~Robin~

Jean Bee said...

I hope you can find a different doctor. I went to one doctor one time as he never looked at me the entire time I was there. Made me very
uncomfortable so I never went back. The milk can looks great!

Jill said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you have taken steps backwards instead of this year being better for you! I hope you get some direction for successful treatment from the cardiologist. I know what you mean about the typing and not looking at the patient! The computers have kind of ruined good clinical perceptions of the how the patient is. Not for all providers, but for a lot of them. One time after a seizure and I took Nora in to the hospital, she'd been eating a blue pop sickle before (you know fevers, kids, pop sickles) and her lips were blue. You watch for blue lips during a seizure. I was prepared to explain the blue lips in the ER as I thought she was getting enough oxygen. The nurse had her face in the computer and asking all the questions that meant nothing and didn't even notice the blue lips. Ever.

Kit said...

I hope the visit to the heart doc went okay. Any news? I am binging on Gardeners World from the BBC. Good ole Monty Don keeps me happy. I can't garden yet, too much snow, so I am watching instead and learning. :) You take care. Love ya, Kit

oldgreymareprimitives said...

and from Eileen:

Another one of your "no comment" followers. I do not do 'Google" or "Facebook" for several reasons, mainly because I'm such a private person and I am Leary of the news accounts of how these two techy sites are abusing their massive power. But we're out here and read and appreciate your blog. Hope your health improves very soon.
Eileen in Fla.

Blondie's Journal said...

First on my mind...because I'm getting olden--do you have a used bookstore nearby? I have a great one and I recently saw a full shelf of Louise Penny books from A-Z. Library's frustrate me.

I always mentally cheer you on with your health issues. Please don't be passive--and don't get me wrong if I'm missing the target here... I'm not insinuating you have been. Urgent care really bothers me. There are some good facilities of course, but they mostly don't have the capacity to really test and treat a patient. I think of it as a bandaid.

I hope your sale goes well. I've always wanted a few of those milk urns for my porches. I need to be your neighbor.

Sending good wishes and a hug Z.

Jane x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z, I am so sorry to hear that you are not so good, health wise. Lets hope the docs can sort it all out quickly.
My friend bought me one of those milk churns for my birthday a couple of years ago .... I usually plant it with a hanging plant and have it in the garden .... it looks pretty.
Hope your health improves ... am thinking of you. XXXX

lynda said...

I went to a cardiologist that wasn't very pleasant.. got my doctor to send me to a nice one that was also good!
Hope you're better soon!