Friday, November 12, 2021

It's a bottlebrush and deer holiday

Bottlebrush, deer and greens 
make decorating 
so easy.

Just doing wee bits at a time and 
my holiday storage I designed years ago
makes no mess at all.

The tree is the smallest I've ever done 
but I'm happy with it.

It has cotton balls on stems and frosted 
eucalyptus and lambs ears tucked in all over,
and then a few green and white paper ornaments
join some vintage mercury glass and
the requisite birds nest.

The red is only in the den. Last year it was
the porch, but change is good.

The lighted village is on my coffee table,
 so nighttime is very cozy.

The bedrooms I will do after Thanksgiving,
while I blast holiday music and most likely 
the new Adele. I still get chills when 
I remember her concert that was treated by Hannah.
SO much has changed for all of us since then. 

I'll get some clear shots 
with my camera in daylight soon,
if I can find the thing after 2 years of non use. 
I was never good at it anyway, and it's old.