Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Letter Day

Kids- I have great kids and yesterday was a great day for them. Hannah received her first college acceptance "fat envelope" which was fun and Ben called to alert me to his terrific article in the huffingtonpost. 169642.html
I was working at Sue's yesterday and did not get home till late and went to check the mail even later so I called Hannah at midnight to tell her there was an admissions envelope waiting, and she told me to open it, and yippeee! Here we go waiting for the rest to come in. SO exciting!

Sue and I have been working on new designs for her bedroom and last night was the night to hang her curtains. As usual I poked starter holes for the anchors with my Dad's old ice pick. After doing the first side of one I started on the other and hit a stud. Trying to save myself the trouble of getting out my drill, I tapped a little harder on the ice pick with my hammer and then spent the next 35 minutes trying to get the %$#@ thing back out. I guess a "tap" was not exactly what I did, I had pounded the thing about 2" into the stud. After trying every wrench, plier (locking and other wise),I called for reinforcements from Sue's hulky 6'4' son Scott, who, yanked, pounded and pulled another 10 minutes and then he gave up. By now the wooden end of the pick has come off and I am trying to grasp just the slim metal rod. I sent up a silent plea to my Dad for assistance and "poof" out it came. Of course when Scott came back to check, we told him he had "loosened" it for me. We tell that to all the men.....

Today is scrubbing tile day...ugh...and I should get back to it. I'll be scheduling Finish it Day very soon. If anyone has any input, let me know ASAP. I'm leaning toward a Saturday and we'll start at 10:00 am and go until ? Some will be overnight guests...even more fun! You will have to register to attend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buttons Buttons- Go get the Buttons!

Twice now I have purchased amazing buttons from Karen Vornsand. These buttons are incredible, and Karen hand cleans each and every one. There are no dirty strings and left over wire bits, and her knowledge of types and materials used is valuable info to a novice like me. When I'm sifting my hands through trays of buttons, I have to tell you, it makes me a little giddy. One after another I spy a special one, only to squeal as I grab up another that becomes my "new best one!" It will be difficult to part with these for upcoming classes but that is my intent.

This red beauty nestled in a pile of browns I purchased, is one of her bracelets. Some of you snatched up these bracelets at Doodlebug last December. Each unique and wonderful, but be prepared to be stopped everywhere you go with "Where did you get that?" and "I want one!"

You can see and purchase her buttons this coming Sunday the 22nd at Bead Jungle from 12-4. 1550 W Horizon Ridge here in Henderson. Bring some friends and please tell Karen I sent you. Karen will be happy to tell you where you can purchase her jewelry and about any upcoming button classes etc.

Seriously, dear friends.... Button Button- Go get the Buttons!

Watch for photo of my new wallet from Amy Gonzalez. We played email and phone tag all yesterday or I would already have it. I cannot wait to use it. When I saw Amy's wallet at Doodle, I gasped and said "Where did you get that? and "I want one!" Where have I heard that before? hmmmm. I gave her a stack of favorite brown fabrics and had her make me a "primitive" one but her standard styles are all about bright colors and jazzy fabrics that are too, too cute.

If anyone is interested in contacting either Karen or Amy, let me know and I will forward your info to them. Is everyone loving this weather? My trees are in bud already and my bulbs are coming up!

Monday, February 9, 2009

2 in one day! Blog Info

A friend just called and we realized pretty quickly that being a newbie to blogging, she did not realize that she could scroll down to the bottom of each page and click on older posts to see past blog postings. You can select the month or year from the bar area to the left. I also explained that she could email me directly from the site by clicking on the letter icon under each posting and she could also leave me comments about any posting by clicking on comments. I love to get comments, so feel free.

Now I'm sure most of you are familiar with all of this, but for the few who are new to blogging I hope this helps.

The next Gathering is going to be all about paper. You will not believe how much we can do with such a renewable resource. It will be a series of many stations and each station will be a different paper project. I did this years ago ( oh my, well over a decade ago) and it was a huge hit, and I think it is time to do again. Because of the many stations we have to have warmer weather so that some stations can be outdoors. I was so excited about doing this I bought some supplies already today.

Papier, carta, papel..It's all paper to me!

Queen of Hearts Projects

Pics as promised- 9 projects

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FInish it Day?

I said I would post pics of Queen of Hearts but we were so busy and having too much fun to stop and take pictures. OK, truth is, I just plain forgot till everyone was packed up and ready to go. I almost forgot to serve the white chocolate cheesecake dessert, and would have if Sharon hadn't mentioned it! Whew, thank you Sharon. Five cheesecakes..somewhere a weight watchers fairy is breathing a sigh of relief on my behalf. Poor Sue had to leave a little early to pick up her daughter and she did miss cheesecake! I owe you one dessert Sue.

Everyone made the sweetest little heart soaps and I have a feeling that everyone will be making soaps at home very soon. There were nine projects in this class and not all of them were completed so a Finish it Night was discussed and we are due for another one soon. I think it should be a Finish it Day so we get even more done. How about a Finish it PJ day? Come in very comfy clothes and slippers and we'll have a comfort food pot luck. Mac and Cheese, Hearty soups, that kind of thing. Email me if you are interested and your preferred day Sat or Sun. Day with most votes will win, and we'll shoot for early March. Start thinking about unfinished projects that you want/need to complete.

Thank you to my "Queens" who attended yesterday, regal women all.

I hope everyone has a special Valentine this it spouse, friend or new grandbaby.
Love to all.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kits and More Kits

The table is set, the kits are waiting to be opened and the creating is about to begin. The night before a Gathering is fun as I get to see all the hours of work come together. For those of you who have not attended a Gathering, this is what awaits you at your table. Each project is in it's own little kit, a little present waiting to be opened. Queen of Hearts has 9 surprises waiting for each student and a small box of chocolate too! Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


What a game! My hat, if I ever wore one, would be off in salute to both teams. Amazing, exciting, nail biting, (gorgeous Bruce), heart palpitating, Ben owes me a fabulous home cooked meal, event! Makes me miss PA, my home, my youth. WOW! STEELERS!