Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project Genesis 9/1/2011

Mother Nature has been wielding 
a heavy hand the past couple of years,
and many people are suffering.
Although there is only so much we are 
able to do to protect ourselves from
occurrences beyond our control, we are not helpless.
We can prepare as much as possible. 
I have had this discussion numerous times with friends
and find my nagging  advice is rarely heeded.
So...once again with enthusiasm, I shall
be the one asking you..

Do you have enough stored water to support
your family's needs for a minimum of three days?
Batteries, lights, food, diapers, medicine?
Are your personal essential papers, 
and photographs copied and in a safe location, 
that is NOT your home?
Do you have an outside number 
where your family can call into
to check in on each other, in case communication
 in some areas of the country are down?
My kids and I will call my brother in another state
to leave messages for each other, 
via Red Cross if necessary.

Do you have a will, a trust for your kids, 
power of attorney for medical and financial, a DNR?
I do not have a crystal ball that predicted disaster
will never come my way, so I will be prepared 
to the best of my ability.

What does this have to do with PG?
I believe it is our obligation to 
take care of ourselves, as much as possible, 
before expecting help elsewhere.
That way the neediest get help first,
reducing strain on our public services.

Of course catastrophic events happen
 that are impossible to prepare for but we 
should never have to say
 "I wish I had, I never expected.. if only..."
Am I ready?
to all of the above...YES, and more.
Here is how prepared you too can easily be.
This is a system I developed a few years ago.

These two wheeled medium size trash cans
contain enough supplies to take
 care of a family of four for over a week.
Right next to them is sufficient water, sleeping bags,
a first aid kit, extra clothing and a tent. 
I grab those, the food in the pantry I have set aside, 
and in under five minutes we can hit the road,
 if we have to evacuate.
I can cook, clean, shower, etc. 
There are leashes, bowls
 and stakes for the pooches, 
and even an emergency toilet.
Knowing I am ready does give me
 comfort and piece of mind.

Maybe you don't wish to go this far, 
I am known to take it to the extreme, 
( no comments you local chums)
but I'm guessing there is something 
you could/should be doing
to be just a bit more ready 
when a bad day comes.
Why not start today?

Please join us here and remember
*Link to your PG post not just to your blog
*Please no self promotion
*Please no thrifting or upcycle posts
I reserve the right to edit any links :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Genesis

is returning this Thursday Sept 1
Again please, no self promotion,
 link only to your PG post, not just to your blog 
and no thrifting or remakes please.

Remember it does not have to be a big profound post
on how you are saving the world, 
unless you are, then please share..
Any info, great websites, small/large environmental 
changes you are making;
all are welcome and appreciated.
If you wish to see some previous links,
 check my sidebar for prior PG days and some 
great gals and their posts for Project Genesis.
(I still get emails on my vinegar uses post,
lots of gals removing fish odors lol)
Email me with any questions and 
please join us! 
It's the only planet we've got.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not a Hurricane

No, this is not the aftermath of Irene.
This is prep for a garage sale tomorrow.
No, it was not all mine, not even close.
Jessica McClintock dresses, size 4 Yikes

Several gals joined in and it started piling up.
Preview night was this evening. Friends on my mailing list 
come early to shop and get 1st dibs..
Tomorrow at 6 am we start hauling tables out into the driveway more and stage the tables and pull out the clothes racks and drink lots of Starbucks frappacinos.
I was going to rework tables after they were decimated this evening but I'm tuckered out.

Looking at this makes me crazy, 
my perfectly organized garage.
Justice is checking it out as you can see.
Howie is scared of it all. 
I think about a third is gone already.
$$$$$ We made some moola tonight!

Almost everything of mine that is left over goes to
 Goodwill immediately after the sale. 
AS for the rest.... 
The rules are : if you bring it down to my house it must
leave with you, no really, so by 4:00 my cars will be back where they belong  and orderliness will reign once more.

Why do I show you this mess? It sure isn't pretty.
But as much as I hate doing it,
it is far easier than what many are facing this weekend.
My heart and prayers are with all those facing Irene,
including my kids, Laura's daughter, Carole and George,
Debra and her kids..and so many more I care about.
Stay safe all of you.
See you all safe and well on the other side of Irene.
I'm naming my garage hurricane Julia;
they go in alpha order don't  they?

PLEASE put your thinking caps on.
Goodness knows this planet needs help! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Butter Rum

Life sends us signals all the time, 
if we pay close attention.
What does this have to do with Butter Rum lifesavers?
A lot

You see my dad loved lifesavers, and often 
had a roll in his pocket, for special times of need.
When standing in the yard 
pondering his next garden project,
or quieting a very fidgety 
daughter during church sermons.
He would offer a lifesaver to a neighbor
 who had wandered by and 
they would stand there in the yard, 
my dad's feet spread far apart, a shifting of his hips
 and his arms folded across his chest, settling in, 
very much at peace with the moment.

Butter rum was a favorite of his and certainly mine.
I don't think I've had a lifesaver 
or even noticed them in many, many years.
Until today.
There were the rolls, right in front of me,
and suddenly dad was in my mind and heart
 as if he was standing by my side.
Saying "now Suzy, what's the matter?"
"Here, have a lifesaver", 
as his thumb popped one off the top.
 I wanted to say, "You see I'm very
sad about several things and confused
 about how to handle 
some situations and I'm so weary of 
figuring it out all alone.

I wish you were here, I still need you here."

Then... seeing those silly little rolls of butter rum, the only flavor they carried, I knew he was here.

Always in my heart 
guiding me to do the right thing, 
all those lessons learned at his side;
to stand up for what is right, and for myself.
To keep my word even if it meant sacrifice on my part.
To aid each friend, neighbor and stranger,
 as he always did. I struggle at times to live up
to that ideal, I think we all do, but he never faltered,
never wavered in his commitment to his family,
his country, his neighbors.
My dad's birthday would have been Friday.
I think perhaps he was just checking 
in on me today to see
how I've been doing, a little cosmic butter rum
reminder of who he wanted me to be.
I pray that Ben and Hannah will
honor the lessons I leave behind, most of them 
the same lessons he passed to me;
and recognize the signs when I 
come check in on them.

so to you my friends..
have a life saver;
they're Butter Rum

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Floor Done

So, not too many changes in here that you will notice.
I did purge dishes etc, cleared out drawers and cabinets
and thinned out the collections.
Swapped out some lamps and tried to get the 
room out of the bowling alley look, but
it is so narrow that bringing furniture out into the room 
would mean walking around it 
all the time like an obstacle course. 
 I did try different layouts and then
threw in the towel. 

I swapped out the
 chairs from the porch and now the chairs
 are with their matching tables.
Since for years I had pizza and teens eating here 
I had the fabric seat ones on the porch.
This great room is three stories high.

When I tiled the first floor many years ago, 
I could not afford hardwood, and 
now I don't wish the expense to add it,
since I don' t know how long I'll be here.
 I know I would love it, but priorities....
Tile certainly helps keep the house cool.
105 degrees now at 7:00 pm
111 for later in the week

 You may have noticed I love using multiple mirrors
 to reflect all around the room

Inside the bins are dried pods and fall pieces.
Yep, I am getting ready for fall.
September is fall, period, don't argue,
 and I took advantage of the 
"purge and clean"
 to remove all the summer shells out of here.

Vintage handblown jars full of naturals.
Making shades, as I had planned;
only a few more to go.

Polka dot swiss

Strip shade over vintage frame
gives of the coolest light and shadows

This does mean a tag sale this weekend.
"Oh dear heaven, another one" she says....
For you local gals, Cindy of "the Cottage"
is on her way this evening to drop off
 her items for the sale. WOOT!
Preview night is this Friday @ 6:30 pm.
Call first please.
Saturday - doors open @ 7:00am

Joining the delightful and gorgeous Kathleen at 
Faded Charm for another White Wednesday.
Please check out all the lovely ladies.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm playing in the living room.
What are you doing this weekend?


Friday, August 19, 2011

A Treasure

is not a stranger to most of you by any means. I feel like I have been living under a rock, because somehow I had missed getting to know her, even though
I frequently heard of this wonderful blog HOME.
Carole @ Maynard Greenhouse sent me
 this link  
to Home's latest post, to bop me on the head,
and I was gobsmacked.
I spent the next few hours all over Jacqueline's blog,
lapping up every delicious morsel and 
marveling at the photographs and content.
Grab coffee, wine, cookies,
whatever floats your boat and settle in
for a treasure filled afternoon of browsing.
The whipped topping extra?
Jacqueline wrote me a lovely email letting me know
her a little bit more. This gal has class.
If you are one of the five remaining people 
who have not visited Home, 
shove the rock off and go...NOW!
Carole, thank you for the head bop.
You're the best.

Pics of latest re-do's on hold until google lets me have more storage space.
Murphy's Law..Of course it only happens when you are just about to upload right?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a Process


  "(It don't come easy, you know it don't come easy)
(It don't come easy, you know it don't come easy)

Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues
And you know it don't come easy
You don't have to shout or leap about
You can even play them easy
Forget about the past and all your sorrow
The future won't last
It will soon be your tomorrow"
George Harrison

So yesterday this is what the great room looked like:
It's a process.
After purging all the main floor rooms
 and dumping into this one spot,
I was able to separate what was
 to be given away, sold, or relocated.
Local gals, yep, another sale....

Today I am playing in here.
Not so many changes,
this space has always worked.
Pics to come.

I have been making lots of 
small changes in the evenings,
working on lamp shade swap outs,
covering light switches on counters.
I noticed they where a negative focus  
 in the kitchen shots.
Attention to small, no money changes.
See your home with a fresh eye:
Two ways to give yourself a view 
of a room you have not changed in awhile.
Take several photos from all angles
 and study them objectively,
 or my favorite; turn on some lights,
 go outside in the evening 
and look in the window .
You obtain objectivity for a room this way,
and visualize with a fresh perspective.
I am not suggesting any of you scale your walls
to see in the second 
Don't do that!

OK back to work...
Remember that den with the newly
 painted wall unit? Well the sofas got 
swapped out and I made an ottoman.
It don't come easy.....
Debra and Kristen?
Yoo-hoo you won!
scroll down  :D

post script- reposted from 30 minutes ago 

Covered these books on the right before DD left.
She was to label for me but we forgot!
I made a "tear and attach" linen drape
 to hide brightly covered books on the left.

sorry for blur- I hurried

Sectional was here, now it will be sold.
Floral was in family room.
I made ottoman slipcover for sectional ottoman,
which I am keeping.
I have matching chair to this sofa 
so it makes sense to keep it, not the sectional 
because sadly I no longer need room to 
seat 4 teenagers always sprawled there.
Money spent so far?  Zero

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am thrilled to announce the winners:

Kit @ A Montana Life
Jolene @ The Primitive Bucket
Connie @ She Dreams Big
Debra @ Maison St Germain
Kathleen @ Faded Charm
Connie @ Hartwood Roses
Danielle @ My Blessed Serendipity Life
Kristen- no blog

Congratulations to all of you! WoOt wOoT
To keep the surprise going just a wee bit longer,
you'll have to wait and see 
what special treasure arrives on your doorstop.
I'm so mean..hehe

Now, I need all your addresses 
ASAP via email please, so 
that all these lovely ladies can get your
prizes winging your way. <3
Gift soon as I have the address
of your recipient I will email you.
A ginormous hug and thank you once more to
Carole, Carole, Cindy, Donna, Tanya, and Theresa.
These ladies are so wonderful I could gush endlessly.
These are such warm, loving, talented women, the backbone of this country, kind of women.

I am truly blessed and honored to call them my friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitchen- The process continues

The Kitchen:
Pretty self explanatory

Master Howie tucked under the bench
He thinks we can't see him.
Gonna paint those stools some day...
been going to for..oh..about....
15 years
Now at the top of my list,
after the new shades for family room.

Bananas usually in the egg basket

Cookie jar empty - good thing
no temptation

Onions usually in smaller copper 
in front and garlic in crock.
No bananas, cookies, garlic, or onions...
Hey, I need to go to the market

Be Brave - a secret note here to a bloggie friend

At least I have apples.
Anyhoot, if you are planning on stopping by, either
bring food or give me a heads up, the cupboards,
and counters are bare.
Many of you have commented and emailed your
personal path of purging/ paring down, 
and inquired how to do it.
Since I do this often for many others, I can 
only say it is a process and some of you will need 
to go slowly or risk being overwhelmed, and some of you
will go crazy and tear it up and
 then put it all back together...
Do what works for you.
Design the way that makes you happy.
Use what YOU have, before acquiring the new.
 You may get inspiration from others,
but replicating it may not bring you satisfaction.

Deal in realities and follow your own heart.
My photos are straight out of the camera,
nothing is staged or moved ..
( except for the paper towel holder Tot lol)

A home should always be a process of evolution,
 never stagnant. 
Just as we grow and learn as we age,
so our homes should mature and 
change with us. It should reflect us  
at our current stage in life, 
not the life we were living 30 years ago, 
or even five years ago.
Sometimes just removing unnecessary stuff
 is all you need to do to have 
a brilliant new perspective and view.

My home gives me a sense of peace, 
of refuge, when I walk in the door.
Shouldn't yours?
It's a process. Begin.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Room check! check!

Well I'm happy with it. I've always loved this couch. 
It was the one that was on the porch.
Got it for free over 25 years ago,
 and it was "gently used" then. I recovered it twice,
 and now it is slip covered and it is still going strong.
Gotta love those old Drexels.

Finally found a home for this gorgeous wool rug that
I bought from West Elm last year at 75% off.
It feels like a sweater to my feet.
Be a good dog Howie!
The pooches are rolling on it like it is catnip.

I still have "things" as many of you asked, but I evaluated
each one before including it back into the room.
I had to love it or use it.
It is a cleaner look for sure, 
but not cold, or less cozy to me. 

I still have all the lampshades to work on, covering
them with other fabrics or trims, updating them.
The french door you see to the right
 is to the back porch you visited yesterday.
So tonight is the end of the giveaway.
Midnight PST 

I've met some delightful new gals, visited new blogs
 and had a grand old time.
 I wish you all could win a little something 
because you mean so much to me.

I will announce the winners as soon as I finish
making all the drawing slips,  
and verifying the winners. 
WoOt wOoT

I did my best to reply to all of 
the comments except for those of you who are
"no reply comment".
(please put your email in your profile ladies)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Should I begin with the story of Howie locking himself in the bathroom today? (for those who don't know, Howie is a cocker spaniel). Actually that is misplaced blame as I did not notice he had curled up in the cool room to sleep and closed the door. When I heard scratching, I discovered the door was locked. How? I think Howie was playing games with me in retaliation for being neglected the  past few days. After 30 minutes of attempting to unlock the door and 2 frantic calls to SIL for advice - ( she has grandchild adept at locking situations)  After trying 6 different implements, success, hallelujah! and I swear he smirked as he calmly walked out..

Other than that I, have been destroying the downstairs. Every room.
I had been anxiously awaiting the photo shoot to be over so that I could purge and pare down even more.
I started with the porch.
Simplify Simplify

The tables are piled high and bins are full of items to be sold or given away. I love this feeling of examining and assessing. Getting to the basics.
Keeping only the useful,
 or items I favor.

Do you even remember what it looked like last year?

I have a lovely bottle rack coming, so the bakers table
top will change again once it arrives.

Last two days for giveaway. Ends Midnight Monday.
My humble thank you for the generous response.
Many of you have shared with me your joy
at finding these new friends. 
I told you they were cool, and oh "the ribbon lady",
Carole, started a blog.
Welcome her, please.