Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IKEA Ektorp In A Box

The hardest part is wrangling the box.
It recommends two people.
I recommend two people.
Of course I did it alone 
because I could not wait, 
and I'm stubborn like that.

Six bolts and four legs.
Air compressed cushions that 
spring into shape and fill up the porch.

One box of tightly packed slipcovers

..and $399.00 and 30 minutes later 
I have a sofa.

Everyone has had a nap on it so far,
so we're good.
Damn, I wish IKEA would come
 to la la land.

It is only going to 80 today.
We're in heaven.
Hannah working on free lance job
 at dining table, with windows open 
and outdoor fountains sounding pretty.

I'm getting ready for carpet cleaners,
who are DESPERATELY needed.

Kitchen cupboards are painted,
just in time for 
party here Saturday.
Garage stacked full of Hannah's
 belongings for move.
I'm going to need air compressed
everything to fit in 2 cars!

Mattress ordered, fridge ordered,
base cabinets and counter top ordered
as this is the ENTIRE kitchen.

Can you believe - no fridge?
New 4' counter topping 2 cabinets will sit along the 
kitchen floor/carpet line.
Now they have 2 drawers also.
I found them unfinished at Lowes
for 97 each and counter top for 57.

IKEA had some more expensive and half the size.
They can resell these or take with them
when they move from here.
Couch will butt up against back of cabinets
Roughly 460 sq feet total
to work with.

(couch may have to wait- we'll see)
And yet they feel like it's huge coming from
NYC apartment.

I am going to try and photograph
our transformation if I have time.
We have great plans
and it should be charming.
Stay tuned.


Friday, May 9, 2014


Yes, I am alive and well.
Kids are fine. 
Hannah has a pit stop here for a bit before
the big move to LA..
Any of you folks know of some AD or PD or PA 
jobs in film available let me know OK?
to non film folks that's
assistant director
production designer
production assistant

Cannot hurt to ask right,
you just never know,
though I am sure DD will cringe reading that,
roll her eyes and think "MOTHER!"

Ben starts filming his independent film next week.
I don't think that boy sleeps.

I've been "playing" at two of my jobs.
That's what it feels like. 
Am I lucky or what?
Today I taught the boss my secret recipe for 
painting, and she learned what a horribly messy 
painter I can be.
I removed my gloves, and my hands
 were still totally blue.
Black feet and blue hands.
It's delightful!

I've been gathering supplies for darling daughter's
new abode and they are piled in the garage.
She sold off everything in NYC via
Craig's list and a stoop sale.
A caravan of two cars will get her down, over?
there sometime next month.
Culver City is her new hometown.

They have a rather small space,
 and nearly no funds. 
Funny thing it is nearly 3 times the space she
occupied in  NYC!!!
...and two full size closets WhOo HoO
 I hope to show before and after
on here after she and I create magic.

Thank you for all your kind words 
and wishes for Annie.
She and Grandma Ruth are well, and 
thanks to the garage sale they have already demo'd
the floor (Thursday)and tile will be on there,
 before you know it.
She chose a beautiful faux wood look tile,
 that is AMAZING!
Their home is darling and tiny and all white.
I plan to do a post on it as soon as floors 
are done and kitchen cupboards are painted.
She is waiting to see how mine come out..
yeah, yeah I know ..
I've still not started..

OK it's Thursday night,
I'm headed to bed.
I've scheduled this for tomorrow morning.
So Happy Friday girlfriends!