Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Canada Geese Gift

Driving home today and here were maybe 75 Canada Geese
grazing on the lawn in front of my kids grade school!

And yes, they are Canada Geese, not as most people say
Canadian Geese. 
That drove my dad crazy.
Anyhoot almost wrecked the car as I 
swerved into school driveway.

This is NOT a normal site 
here in lala land, so cars everywhere were 
pulling over and out came the iphones.
 A geese gift

Brunch party last Sunday was a blast,
and the best ladies I know were happy and fed
and so kind to me.

Another year with oldgreymare.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Merry and Bright

These two make an entrance each year

Advent I made many years ago

Vintage copper lamp from my folks

Real cotton bolls used as snow

I had scraps left over from my
 leaf garland last month so I made a paper chain.

A little here, a little there