Sunday, January 19, 2020

Good Stuff

I received a wonderful honey mustard
 in a Christmas gift from brother Scott.
It was unlike any I had ever tasted and 
I was bonkers for it.

It was a small jar and it was so thick,
it barely pours and much more honey than others.
Any hoot I decided to google on the slim chance
I could find locally which I did but $$$$
so after more research I found it on line 

by the case(6) at a great price
and promptly ordered.
I spent another 40 minutes going all over their 
site and found more great things 
I never knew existed.
I registered and everything,
which I rarely do.

Two days ago Woebers Reserve
 arrived and did you notice
the packing material it was in?

Again Bonkers!!!!
I have never seen this before and wonder why
every company is not using.
Oh yeah, cheap is best and they don't care. 

I sat down and immediately wrote to them
to say thank you and ask where I can get 
that packing material.

Now I need to find and write to Woebers.

Such a small thing but such a GOOD thing.
Good, no fabulous mustard
AND a good company.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

They Did It Again

Kiddos went to Ovation award show Monday evening. 
I sweetly texted "Send me a pretty photo please."
At 11:30 last night I get these

Then this one

I see a pattern forming

Friday, January 10, 2020

Sixty Six and Fifty One and ****It Bucket

Back in March of 2013 
I placed a **** It Bucket 
in my side bar.

See it over there to the right
or link above >

The idea was: bitch about whatever is
 bugging you and get    it    out. 
Unless they are a blogger and visit me
anyone you mention will never see 
and you can finally get all that 
angry, sad or generally P-off goo out of your gut.
You can alter names places whatever.
But boom shakalaka let er rip!
Man I should have been using all along 
 for #45!

I was rereading some of the comments 
51 of them and the one I left 
Nov 17 still resonates with me.

I also waxed nostalgic when I saw names
that "poof" disappeared onto other media
or just got tired of me.
I was very sad to be reminded of the loss of
Lin from a Tiny Cottage In The Woods, 
or some of you older bloggers knew her as Zuzu.

I was also happy to see many of the same 
folks who I have shared my world with 
for 11 years.

You bet I added a nugget to The **** It Bucket 
this evening.

Go on - go over and rant a little or a lot
or check to see what you said 6 years ago.

So much has changed for all of us
and that includes me for sure.

Six years ago at 60 I put this photo on my sidebar.

cannot make unfuzzy?

Today I did this one
66 years
Still here, still scrappy,
Still Suzan with a Z not an s 


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How Cute Are They?

Taken last night after I asked ( begged) for a photo.
I rarely get a "normal" photo.

This is what I get when I ask for photos.

97% of the time

They think it's hilarious.
I have dozens like this

When they are famous, and they will be,
I will sell these to a tabloid ( kidding).

They would not care, as their personalities 
and souls are carefree and funny. 


They are wonderful people
I love them so much.

My focus, my mantra, my purpose, my plan.
Embrace Goodness 

and the funny


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Saying Goodbye

A lovely guy came early this morning to pick up 
this table. Hannah had re-listed it for sale and this time
Bam! right away.

Slowly but surely my things are going 
away to new homes and making new memories.
As they were loading pieces onto the truck, 
I started weeping and Hannah my sweet girl
immediately understood why.

I got a tremendous buy on that table and
 bought it specifically for this house
26 years ago. I painted all the pieces
including the china cupboard that is now
also gone after the Oct sale.

So many memories took place 
around that table. Birthday parties,
holidays, my annual Christmas sit down
dinners for 12 friends,
and every night dinners when it was
still the four of us. 
So happy and grateful for our home 
and our family. 

Minutes after the buyer drove away,
I was saying goodbye to darling daughter and 
her loves Tom and David.

The tears then flowed some more.
I am so weary of saying goodbye.
Being forced to let go of loved ones 
and cherished keepsakes,
even though it is the process of life.

These two

"How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard."  pooh

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ugly Cry

Every year someone gives a gift to mama
that results in an ugly cry.
This year the winner was Hannah,
with a memento of my four - four legged loves.

Gadget and Libbey came before the blog but have 
been mentioned of course.
Justice and Howie have been blog subjects 
since the first day. 

It's been hard with the granddogs here.
A constant reminder of what is missing.
The sounds of a dog jumping off a bed then
hitting the floor. Nails scrambling across the tile
as they make the sharp turn into the kitchen.
Doggie sighs as they settle down to sleep
in their chosen chairs.
Sounds of lapping at the water bowl. 
Even doggie farts, thank you David.

I miss it all until I ache.
One kid couple in Michigan since Sunday.
Other kid couple at his dad's today.
I'm going to watch movies and 
bake and eat cookies till I'm ill.

Merry Christmas to all
and may god help us next year.

I fear some more ugly cries.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Getting Comfy

The Granddog is getting comfy.
I got out of the shower this a.m. to find him 
in my bed. 
His folks worry about him but I 
think he is doing alright. 

The bed will remain unmade 
as I do not have the heart to disturb him.
I'm a pushover.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Memory Tree

For many years I had two 
large gates in my hallway
covered with memorabilia,
 many of the pieces are gifts
 from blog friends. 
The majority from my very 
special friend Carole.
I sold the gates at my last sale 
and the pieces that hung on them
 sat in a box on my bedroom 
floor for over two months.

Today I remembered this skinny tree
 tucked away in a closet
and trimmed it out with anything 
from the box that would fit.

One small star light strand up the middle. 

There are keys from my dad, 
the first wishbone from my
first turkey with my husband, 
trinkets I made long ago, milagros, 
even a pocket watch.

The memories make me happy.
Good thoughts to help me sleep.

Counting the days till kids and grand-dogs arrive.
I'm grand-dog sitting David the talking husky.
 Good thing we spent the week
sleeping together at Thanksgiving so he 
won't be worried about his folks. I hope...
Not everyone can be here at the same time,
so a very patchwork holiday.

January may bring a very special gift for me.
It is not for sure just yet, but soon I may have
another best friend to share my life.

It arrives not in the manner I had planned,
but it is a gift out of love and friendship to me.
I am cautiously excited.

How is everything going for you?


Tuesday, December 3, 2019


This ball of energy came very close to being renamed
Mamie Eisenhower, an homage to Howie,
 whose real name was Eisenhower,
and coming to live with me.

 I spent last week in LA with the kids
and my DD#2 had scheduled an appointment
at the dog cafe for Saturday.

There you get to spend one hour in a large room
 playing with available dogs and then you fill out an
extensive application, home visit etc.
I went with an attitude that this is all too soon,
and I had a certain type in mind...

Priscilla hopped onto my lap within minutes 
and promptly fell asleep in my arms.
I was in love.
 She stayed there about 40 minutes
until suddenly her best friend 
Randy was adopted and left.
She was frantic.

If you go to the link and are in LA 
Vivien was also a love, but too large for me
while carrying 0/2.

We left, and Ben and Hannah
filled out the application ( right outside the door)
as time was of the essence.
It took 45 minutes doing that, and that night we answered
 a zillion questions on line and sent pics of entire home.

Fast forward we discovered she had been returned
 once already due to her super high energy 
( they referred to her as tazmanian devil) 
which did not scare me too much 
as she was only 8 months old.
But the first three weeks after adoption, 
she would have to live in 
LA with Tom and Hannah who work A LOT
and she would add stress to their schedules.
Then we planned they would drive
 her to me at Christmas.
When we discovered the hyperactivity
 I decided the timing wasn't right 
and so I removed my application.
This is not a "first serve" 
they "SELECT" the best fit for the dog. 

Ben and Helene took me to two more shelters on Sunday
but I didn't connect with any other pooches.
At first it felt like serendipity with Priscilla even though
I am still grieving, but then my practical self
said don't rush, it'll happen.

A week with the kids was amazing. 
David my grand-dog slept with me every night.
I can now tell you that Ben and Helene
bought a house. They close very soon.
They are beyond excited 
and then 5 months later the wedding!!!
Excited and uber stressed
I missed being able to see inside or help the move
by one week. Things were delayed.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.
I made a five cheese mac and cheese
( first time we had for turkey day) that I 
will make again, and Ben made
 his famous sausage stuffing 
and Hannah cooked a perfect bird. 

Of course I came home with a horrific cold/cough
Luckily driving like a bat out of hell
 got me home in 4 hours.

I got my 0/2 and perishables out of the car
and left everything else in it.
It may stay there till the weekend.

Gonna catch up with Y'all soon.

Is it really December 3rd already!!
Damn I only have the porch decorated so far.
Maybe we'll just hang there the whole time. 


Sunday, November 24, 2019

It Takes Two

Cup of coffee in my favorite holiday mug

 The latest in Spenser series-
Not the same as Robert B's
but good enough.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

So Pretty

Anything to cheer up her mama
My grand-dog David

That's after only one deep brushing.
He looks younger and is dramatically thinner.
He's a sweetheart but THAT hair 
goes everywhere.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Christmas On The Porch

Twelve days of Christmas

My tables always have "quick removal" displays for dining

Reds appealed to me this year

Picks and House of Hatten collectibles
There is a light inside of the log cabin,
and red berries now on the greens.
I kept coming back after I snapped photos.

That stucco you see is the original rear of house.

View from the family room couch
That empty basket beneath the table
is now filled with greens and berries also.

As always, my decor is just loads of picks plunked
into existing decor. I remove nothing unless
 I need a little space.
This time I removed a pitcher of flowers 
from the table so I could lay down greens.

Merry Merry 


Friday, November 15, 2019

Getting There

You don't get over it.
You get through it.

I am slogging thru life at the moment.
One bright spot is this visitor.

Kitty has been setting off my motion detector 
many times, day and night for months now.

Two days ago I opened the back door 
right after the "ping" on my phone 
and kitty walked right in.
I believe he lives in the same model
as I have, as he went straight to laundry room
as if looking for food or litter.

He roamed a bit and left.
I worry for him, don't know how far he wanders.
Local coyotes love kitties.

Today he was back and visited me on porch
where I am trying to find holiday spirit.
Slogging thru is correct term.

I am deep in a fog.
Pain so thick and heavy
 it needs to be shaken off and shed.

So much additional love
from kids and blog friends who know that
pain far too well.

In the past, doing my House of Hatten tree
 would take about 90 minutes.
Yesterday it took me hours as I kept 
wandering away or sitting down and just ...well

Good thing I'm starting early.
I'm going to be awhile getting there.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Howie My Love

I lost Howie yesterday
I am heartbroken

My dear best friend was not even given
 the grace to go gently.

I won't be around for awhile I suppose.
My constant companion has left
me floundering out in this harsh world 
that I want no part of.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Howie Up Date

Howie turned south pretty quickly
 after I posted last night.
I decided to stay up and watch him all night and I
am so grateful I did. 

Vomiting and worse came on very fast and by 
2:30 am I was racing cross town to 
the emergency hospital.

By the time I arrived he was critical and they 
jumped into action. At 5:30am I had to
 drive home to get 
another 0/2 tank as mine had run out,

I was back at emergency by 7:00am
and then I transported him IV's and all
back to original vet hospital.

By now he was in serious condition but
even the short ride over spiked his fever and we
were dicey again. He has been admitted for 2-3
days and prognosis is still up in the air.

I'm a mess. Three hours sleep in 3 days
and I've cried rivers.

All I can think is he's in pain which 
he is and it's severe. They cannot give pain relief 
because of other issues.
He looks at me, when he can, to say
why Mom why?

I can't stay there with him,
even though they all notice his breathing calms
 when he can see me.

My heart is breaking.

He needs your prayers also, not just the hundreds
Hannah and I have been sending out, so
please if you would?

As soon as there is good news I'll write again.

thanks guys


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Poor Baby Boy Howie

That is what Hannah said when 
she called to check on Howie

Here he is right after he came home
from his oral surgery.
His head so heavy he could not lift it up
from his water bowl.
He is one drugged up pooch.
It is now 9:00 pm and he has barely moved.

I was a wreck all day worrying
myself sick. He is nearly 15
so anesthesia is risky.

He has not been eating much
 at all these past weeks
so that has me worried also.
Perhaps it was his teeth.

We'll know in a week or so.
Meanwhile I have to get three HUGE 
pills a day into a dog who
 is too whacked out to eat and opening his 
sore mouth to push them down is an 
impossible feat on a good day.

Of course I'll be on the couch listening
all night to be sure he is OK.

My heart is breaking for my

Poor Baby Boy Howie


Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Studio

You would need to be very familiar
with my studio that made it into magazines and books
to notice the changes perhaps, but 
changes indeed have occurred.

Several cabinets that were either on the floor
 or hanging on the walls
are now gone.
Inside the cabinets studio materials
have been down sized and rearranged.

The curtains are gone from the loft opening,
bringing needed light. 
They were only there to hide the backs of cabinets
that could be seen from downstairs.

This small table sits where a triple doored cabinet
 and large easy chair used to be.
Now my Cricut and Gemini 
are always out and nagging me to use.
The table can be easily pulled to the end of my
work table for when friends come crafting.

The tablecloth is temporary.
I just found the mustard paint I want
 to re-paint the top which was 
severely in need after years outside.

I know folks who haven't changed
 a thing in their homes in decades.
This I find hard to imagine.
For me that would be like always eating
in the one same restaurant,
wearing the same clothes every day,
watching only the same few shows
eating the same meals,
sleeping in the same linens forever.

I am not the same person year after year
and my environment is crucial to my 
sense of comfort and peace.

I am not a fan of wastefulness
and it takes very little money to 
be creative. In fact I am making
money as I change over my home; 
selling off many items for what I paid and 
some even for a small profit.

The two carloads to donation 
and several hundred books to local library
make my heart happy.

go forth 

be bold

Make your corner of the universe
work for you
and please your soul.