Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Late nights

It is 2am and I am still up doing this and that. Spent a good bit of today pricing and completing items for Doodlebug. Next week it is a full on blitz to make enough to fill up our booth. Kathy has finished some adorable woolen mittens and these snowmen in polka dot pots. We would love to see you Saturday the 6th in Boulder City. Tomorrow I will finish up getting Thanksgiving food stuffs at the market, and do some early vegetable chopping.

I still cannot grasp that it is almost December, and we are finishing up another year. That always brings to mind that Hannah will be off to college in less than a year and that sends me into nervous nellie mode and a wee bit of depression. sigh.

I am very thankful for so many things this year and I am grateful for such good friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who stop by here at oldgreymare, and special good thoughts to Lori.

Someone suggested I should mention that I also do decorating and organizing as well as the folk art. You cannot believe how quickly I can whip a closet, garage or room into shape. A couple of Gathering gals have used my services and can share their stories with you if you are interested.

That's about it until after Doodle. I hope to work on some special projects for my home over the Christmas Holiday. If I get anything completed I'll post a pic. If anyone is interested in another finish it night, let me know. So many projects, so little energy to get them done!


More Holiday

Monday, November 17, 2008

A few more photos

Christmas is slowly appearing at Old Grey Mare. Most of the smaller trees are completed, there are maybe two more to go. Next come the three larger ones and the wreaths and the staircase garland. I will be helping Sue do her Holiday decorating right after Thanksgiving, so I needed to get mine done a little earlier than usual. Feel free to stop by, and if you give me enough notice, I may be able to blend up some "cheer".

I am currently getting some folk art ready for Doodlebug the 6th of December in Boulder City. If you would like a preview because you can't make it up there, come on by. I have quite a bit of Halloween, mostly collectibles, some retired (Nicole Sayre and the like) that I am also selling. Doodlebug is such a tradition and will get your holiday spirit off to a great start. Plan to attend. I will warn you. The locals hit our booth before we even get unpacked to find the one of a kinds.

Several of you have asked where to find the magazine "polished" that I contribute to monthly. You can call or email to request a subscription or a recent copy. Ask and I will send you the info. The November issue features my home. That was surreal, seeing it in print, but fun too!

There are no new scheduled Gatherings. BLISS did not have enough registered students so it was canceled. If, however you have 6-10 friends who want a girls day out, get in touch with me and we'll plan and schedule one specifically geared for your interests and group.

Finish it Night was fun and delicious! Kudos to Pam for her basil & tomato pasta salad and to Paula for her yummy banana creme cake. We also had old fashioned mac and cheese ( you know, like they used to do with a white sauce) and spicy wine pot roast. We did not complete any projects but we made progress, ate well, and shared recent tales of our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving and grace to you and yours.