Wednesday, December 23, 2020

History Of Swear Words

Offical Trailer 

Nicolas Cage


Netflix January 5

Ben was very involved in the development

and is a credited producer on this series.

Hannah was an art coordinator.

These two fill my heart with

joy daily.

and for some inside fun:

In the trailer the name tag is slapped onto

Hannah's "boob" as she puts it;

 and the hand holding the banana at the end of 

the Nicolas reel is again Hannah's.

Now and again they get to work on projects 

together and that makes mama very happy.

For Hannah's B-day

her beau Tom woke her up to this surprise.

I'd make him wear it everyday, wouldn't you? 

She is HUGE Outlander fan

C'mon that is so cool!

She and her writing partner Jenny now have an agent!
They've also taken "meetings" with production companies.
Their writing style is hard to explain but 
perhaps this photo they did helps.

The creative Rennie/Stoddard gene
has strongly run it's course through our kids.

Christmas will be a solitary affair 
but thank heaven for Zoom. 
I am comforted by the lives well lived
and the love given by my children
and their chosen loves.

Just added these:

Hannah's posts from her IG feed

Saturday, December 19, 2020

My Girl

 My Girl

is 30

My Darling Daughter

My heart is full

Monday, December 7, 2020

Z's Christmas 2020

Still playing here and there as I come across small items
 I find while combining/purging bins and boxes in storage.

Each year the sun porch gets a little more color at Christmas.
It's good to change things up now and again.

Added a funky tree with ornaments from our old family tree.
Such fun to see them again after many years without.
Shed a few tears with the memories.

My live Norfolk loves this sunny spot.
This year I brought out my prized vintage quilt by my Grandma.
Hand pieced and quilted and it's in perfect condition.
I had to find a spot out of direct light, which isn't
easy in a room that is mostly windows.

Not filling stockings this year but added for color anyway

Walter prefers a sun nap also

First he pulled his bedding out of his crate, played with it awhile
and then fell asleep under it. Such a weirdo
Notice the kitchen floor strewn with toys and such.
It's like having a toddler in the house again.

So many folks in such dire straits.
Not that I don't have some issues during 11 months of isolation,
but I count my blessings and give thanks for them 
every day, as so far, I am safe.

I have friends, neighbors and kids who have helped out
this year in many ways and I am ever so grateful.
Many seniors are not so lucky.
Being health compromised any trip out is dangerous,
in my case, life threatening.

If you know of any folks alone in your neighborhood,
in your world, please reach out. A trip to a store that won't deliver,
or a trip to a store so they don't have to pay delivery charges.
Sure many deliver free after 35.00
but what if all you need is packing tape without
the 13.00 a month for subscription delivery.
Believe me, to many seniors, 13.00 breaks the budget.

I refused all help for many months, but
folks kept asking anyway knowing my pride was 
answering and finally I did accept help.
I have a neighbor who brings my trash bins
 up my downhill driveway after they are emptied.
She puts them right up against my garage door
for easy access.
I can roll them downhill fairly easily but 
she realized the reverse was an issue.
She walks every day around our island,
and just started doing it. Bless her.

I pray all of you are doing well
and making good choices during a time when 
choices are more complicated.
Stay safe stay well



Friday, November 20, 2020

Z's Christmas

This is a repeat for those who follow
oldgreymare on Instagram.
Not yet following?

I'm still tucking in greens, adding lights,
just poking along at my leisure.
It really is the easiest and simplest 
way to decorate.

See the last photo for my garage system.
Long long long before Home Edit I have 
shown folks how to organize,
 and without having to spend $$$$$$
on fancy containers.Though they do look 
pretty if you can afford.


Monday, November 16, 2020

Z's Christmas

Photos from the porch

Working my way from back to front
Downstairs to upstairs

Pinecones, bottle brush and greenery 
make it all so fast and easy.

Have any of you begun?


Monday, October 26, 2020

10 Months Old

 Walter is 10 months old

He is loving, funny, goofy, curious, demanding
clever, smart and wonderful.

When I adopted this wee little tyke
back in February I had no idea that he would be 
my only companion for a year, or perhaps longer...

I am his world, all that he knows,
so he has been loved and loved and loved
and he gives back to me even more.

More times a day than I can count,
he jumps, leaps, dives onto my lap, places a paw on 
either side of my neck and leans in cheek to cheek.
He holds there and then switches sides 
and then licks kisses till I make him stop. 

When he is not playing, he is either lying on my left leg while
chewing on a bully, lying between my ankles sleeping,
 tucked behind me on the couch sleeping, 
or perched behind my head on the couch 
with his chin on my shoulder.

Never more than 6 feet away from me.
Howie was the same;
remarkably the same.
Howie had something to do with
 Walter and I finding each other.
I just know it.


Monday, October 19, 2020


We are all so weary of this damn year, it's worries, troubles,

 loss and sadness. I was getting lost in it all.

I had to make some tough life decisions, financial and otherwise,

while still mourning the loss of dear Howie.

I start and end each day with a prayer of gratitude that 

my little family is safe and well for another day.

Many are not permitted that privilege, so I really

do acknowledge that blessing in my life.

I've come to accept my illness, my distance from the kids, 

which I had hoped to change, (not to be) and welcomed

sweet weird Walter into my heart.

I had to swallow my pride and accept help, boy, that was tough.

I am trying to focus on small pleasures,

by planting herbs, watching Walter's antics,

and then there are the "what a wonderful world moments."

I've been tweaking the porches and late one night,

 I heard what sounded like a drone approaching.

I stepped out to look at the dark sky

just as the sound clarified into extremely loud honking. 

Just then hundreds of Canada Geese 

in V formation flew low, over my head.

 I could only make out their outlines and

white underbellies in the pitch black sky.

The sounds blasted the air.

 I was squealing with delight,

then clamped my hand over my mouth 

as it was around midnight. I no  

sooner saw the last one disappear, 

when a second larger group flew over to my left.

The tears started flowing as I was ever so grateful to 

be alive, to be a witness, and to see the hope in the spectacle.

I went back onto the porch and then wait, what?

They had done a u turn and flew back over,

 the way that they had come.

It took me hours to not feel the buzz,

the exhilaration, again the hope, I so desperately needed.

Two days later my friend Sue returned some borrowed items,

and brought me goodies (what a baker she is).

Walter is still not socialized to other humans or animals due 

to COVID so he was very scared.

Sue, who does not own animals, patiently tried, and tried again,

while we visited out back, and he would get close,

then run whining and barking.

She knew how I've been worried about this.

I was watching like a parent concerned and 

embarrassed for their child.

90 minutes 

She tried for 90 minutes, with such kindness.

Then he came to her, licked her hands and placed his paws

on her knees, while she scratched his ears.

I started weeping.

He then was obsessed with her and cuddled and wriggled and

it was so damn glorious.

We all need to be brave and fight the good fight

for decency, equality and dignity. 


we also have to find the goodness, the kindness

the joy that is happening in wee small moments.

If you haven't watched The Way I See It with Pete Sousa.

Please find it and watch.

Remember those THINGS we hold dear, are being destroyed.


Oh and if you are interested I am videoing nearly my entire home

and putting it on Instagram 


Thursday, October 15, 2020


It's official

Women rock!
Darling Daughter * Jenny -Writing Partners 

Watch for them in your viewing futures.



Thursday, October 8, 2020

What Pie?

You have to be careful and quick around these parts.

I was having a slice of key lime pie 

while seated at the coffee table, when I noticed

Walter licking his face. Hmmmm? 

I turned around and looked at my plate and

Yep, a small section was a little squished and flattened.

Don't know how he did it.

I do know that even the slightest bit of dairy

will later on send odiferous plumes into the air,

that are ridiculously unpleasant. 

He is not yet used to the process, and when it happens, 

he jumps up, checks his posterior area, 

and searches for the source of 

the sound and odor.

My darling daughter early on 

dubbed him a little weirdo.

he is he is he is

and he appears to be channeling the FLASH

AS for everything else in the world


It's all been said in a myriad of ways, 

by a million folks,

and me saying anything more feels like 

throwing a stinky, tar covered, hole riddled pair of

tennis shoes on top

of a steaming pile of manure.

It doesn't hurt it, help it or make any difference.




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

So What's New?

So my dear girl and her writing partner Jenny,
were selected in the top 2% of 13,175 entries to the
Austin film festival and they are 1 of only 20 
selected in their category.
Busting Buttons Time

Hannah and Tom have also become Vegan,
graduating up from Pescatarian.
How I wish I had the discipline.

Dearest son has been working his butt off
on a big project coming in December on your 
main streaming channel. Tell you all about it when I can
Busting Buttons x 2

On weekends Ben is working on their new home,
redoing their bathroom, hanging wallpapers, 
building a shed, multiple planters and more; 
 last weekend removing all their sod 
and replacing with an eco friendly
ground cover, tiny plug by tiny plug.

see the tiny specs of green?

They walk the walk- solar home, electric cars.
Purchase only items made here, 
avoiding eco impact in shipping;
not supporting any company using child labor
 or unfair practices.
That means buying a sofa or any item
 can take hours of research, 
as many companies hide the origins.

Walter is of course still a little lovable weirdo.
9 months old now!

His antics, and my joy watching them, can be found
 on my Instagram account here

You will also find on my IG, my obsession with Imperfect Foods boxes,
that I receive each Tuesday and the meals I make with them.

I do tend to post more frequently over there,
 as I can do that and simultaneously
toss and catch toys, rocks etc with Walter.
I love my trusty old blog which is really 
just a journal for myself that happens to be public,
so I'll still be kicking along here.

So kids, dog, food
what else is there in this new reality
well except our looming peril?...

oh and yeah the big one
Dearest Son and Darling DIL are married

shhhh don't say anything
Wedding still next May.

I got permission to tell as the secret since January
was not remaining secret. 

We are all thrilled!