Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ray of Sunshine

One small bit of light coming into the 
family room and Walter found it.

I've been making different toys for him
to keep him busy. He loves the 
knotted rope ones the best.

Poor little guy has no dog friends and no
other human in his life. We'll need lots
 of socialization weeks? months? from now.

His ongoing habit of climbing up my chest
to perch like a parrot on my shoulder
is problematic. At 6 weeks he fit fairly well.
At 13 weeks he balances on both shoulders,
curved around my neck
digging in so as not to fall, while trying 
to chew hair and lick everywhere. 
Often I end up with a tiny butt in my face.

Very bad parenting on my part I know,
but he leaps up so fast and it is hilarious.

The days roll by while
working to keep the fears at bay.
Neighbors picked up antibiotic prescriptions;
yep, another bronchial infection,
  and also found me laundry
 detergent which is scarce on line.

Grocery delivery is working pretty well.
Sooo much texting to kids and friends.
I drive to the mailbox up the street at night,
almost always in pjs.
I don't have to carry O/2 tank that way
and it gives my car a 
little engine time each week.

This next week I may take a drive to see
what it feels like out there. I have no point
of reference other than tv images.

I'm searching for every ray of sunshine I can find.

Stay safe


Monday, March 23, 2020


First Spatchcock chicken. 
Not as pretty as some, as both legs fell
off while transferring.
I did not place them correctly or that 
that would have been one weird bird.
Of course what isn't weird and scary these days? 

Stay safe Stay home


Sunday, March 15, 2020

So Flippin' Cute

I've been pretty isolated for over
 two years now so the new normal does not
affect me as much as the rest of you.

I always have emergency supplies
so that has been Ok also. For now
 I'm having groceries delivered, 
and still being careful when handling.

What has really helped is this sweet boy.
Always busy playing by my side,
or sleeping tucked next to me
 or in his favorite spot,
on my chest.

He's a stubborn, determined pup at times,
(He has murdered two boxes of kleenex already.)
but we're working on things together.

Thought you all could use 
a sweet thought and pic
today. Walter says Hello!

Please be cautious, not fearful,
generous, not selfish,
and if you have nearby seniors 
please help them out if you can.

I have two neighbors who are checking on 
me, and there for me if I need anything.
That makes me feel less anxious, as I am 
extremely vulnerable and my kin
are so far away.

oh and BTW
vet says he's a jack russell mix.
That explains a lot

Sunday, March 1, 2020

It's All About The Fringe

It's the fringe that gets me every time.
That and his sweet face 
always seeking approval and cuddles. 

Walter met his 4th human Saturday,
 my neighbor up the street, and he was
only nervous for about a minute.
Last week when meeting another neighbor
 he wouldn't go near her.
We're growing bigger and smarter each day.

The table boxes for the wedding are
done. They head to CA soon. There won't be
room in the car for them when I drive down 
for actual wedding, especially now with
the pooch in tow. 

I am feeling calmer and more myself these days.
It is amazing what a small creature can do 
for our mental health.
Even though I keep having
medical set backs, they don't seem to throw 
me off course as much, if at all. 

The world is a scary place these days.
I am respiratory compromised, so anything that
can make that worse is frightening.
I stay close to home most of the time anyway,
but it is now advisable. We must all be careful,
as we should every day of every year,
but not get caught up in the fear mongering
that social media is creating.

24/7 news is a bad thing.
They have to fill all that time and the temptation
to create hysteria is exactly that, too tempting. 

Stay healthy my friends, and 
wash your hands-wash your hands.

elbow bumps all around