Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ray of Sunshine

One small bit of light coming into the 
family room and Walter found it.

I've been making different toys for him
to keep him busy. He loves the 
knotted rope ones the best.

Poor little guy has no dog friends and no
other human in his life. We'll need lots
 of socialization weeks? months? from now.

His ongoing habit of climbing up my chest
to perch like a parrot on my shoulder
is problematic. At 6 weeks he fit fairly well.
At 13 weeks he balances on both shoulders,
curved around my neck
digging in so as not to fall, while trying 
to chew hair and lick everywhere. 
Often I end up with a tiny butt in my face.

Very bad parenting on my part I know,
but he leaps up so fast and it is hilarious.

The days roll by while
working to keep the fears at bay.
Neighbors picked up antibiotic prescriptions;
yep, another bronchial infection,
  and also found me laundry
 detergent which is scarce on line.

Grocery delivery is working pretty well.
Sooo much texting to kids and friends.
I drive to the mailbox up the street at night,
almost always in pjs.
I don't have to carry O/2 tank that way
and it gives my car a 
little engine time each week.

This next week I may take a drive to see
what it feels like out there. I have no point
of reference other than tv images.

I'm searching for every ray of sunshine I can find.

Stay safe



TheCrankyCrow said...

Sunday Tidings Dear Z.....Ahhh...a ray of least you have the "real" kind, if not the literal. Our skies are so dark and dreary that they full on match many of our spirits. Rain, snow, sleet and raw winds....but we are to have some sun tomorrow and perhaps some milder temps...for that I am grateful. I had to laugh at the visual of you driving up the street in your jammies to the post box. But even in here in our rural, quiet, corner of the world it is quieter than usual. I used to curse when I would run to our post box with my hair wet from the shower wrapped in a turban towel and it seemed like every car we usually get in a day's worth of traffic came by at that moment. Now, there is nothing....just nothing.

diamondc said...

Oh my goodness: Walter is related to my Krissy the Dog, she needs to have the sun in her face every morning, it is amazing how we spoil our babies, we have a 45 pound dog, if she is on my side of the queen size bed I just go to the other room to sleep, her and my husband look so sweet I hate to wake either one of them, bad parenting, you are a good mom to your Walter, he needs just as much love from you as you need from him, I have had a cat and dog butt in my face, giggles.
Stay Healthy


Jill said...

You need to go take a long drive, for your car and for yourself. We need to also, not so much for the car, but us. I saw online that the small towns around here and ours too have started Cruise Night, just to drive and wave to people. THAT is probably not what I'll do! But to drive in the country with the windows down, nice! I'm so happy you have Walter!!

lala said...

I would love to see Walter draped across your shoulders just like a puppy shawl. My son's puppy which is the same age as Walter- is teething. My son has been putting puppy toys in the freezer to make soothing cold teething toys. He also did this with a rope toy, but he lightly wet it first before putting in the freezer. Walter came into your life at the perfect time- he must be wonderful company for you as I am sure he provides lots of entertainment.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Walter loves you Z ...... you are his bb and he will be a loyal friend to you. You must be so pleased to have him especially now. Take care and look after yourself. XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...

While Walter can crank up your nerves once in awhile Z, I'm sure he's a good distraction. I totally get the activity with other dogs, it helps divert that insane energy puppies have. Poppy, at 8 months, actually got to play today in our backyard with Abby's monster of a dog, Squall. We were worried because Squall, a 70 pound rescue has some unsocial issues. But they were good together. This clears the way for Squall to continue to come to the lake, as I couldn't tolerate keeping them apart.

I worry about my asthma, catching some other sort of bug or the COVD19. I've kept my distance but who knows about other germs. I have insane allergies now and sometimes it feels like a head cold. That usually moves on to my lungs. I have a good exercise for keeping my lungs stronger all the time-not just during an illness. I had this treatment many times when I was hospitalized for asthma/pneumonia. Spend 5 minutes several times a day doing deep breathing---inhales and exhales, each one as long and deep as you can possibly do. It helps make our lungs open and keeps the muscles in our airways stronger.

Stay well. Take advantage of your kind neighbors--surprise them with some homemade cookies or a little gift from your crafting stash!!

All the best,

Jane 😘