Sunday, August 26, 2018

Happy Kids Happy Mama

The kids were at Brunch together yesterday.

Ben and Helene

Hannah and Morgan,
her best friend since Kindergarten.
Morgan was visiting in between 
 residency rotations.

I can see both of them in their Oshkosh,
squealing with laughter on the playground.
Mutt and Jeff.
Hannah and Morgan,
a tiny bit of a girl

Second grade Helldorado Days at school

They have made an effort to
 see each other at least once a year
since HS graduation and they've both been
all over the country.

It all makes Mama very happy.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who Needs a Scary Movie?

Want to be scared ****less?
Agree to a sleep study

I cannot begin to describe how awful this 
experience was Monday night.
Google "wired up for a sleep study" and 
find the worst photo and then multiply by two.

Suffering from insomnia for months
 I was worried I would not sleep,
but luckily after 2 hours lying there, I slept for an hour 
and then woke up coughing and choking
on huge amount of mucous in my throat. I was trying
 to clear my throat and sitting up wondering
if I should call to see if they could remove temporarily
the three (yep three!) cannulas in my nose
 and the tube into my mouth so I could blow and spit..
(Sorry folks this is what was happening.)

The tech "Manny" burst in and
 began to scold me for 20 minutes for 
"waking myself up" and becoming anxious.
"I'm monitoring your O/2 -I won't let you die;
 if you stop breathing EMT is right next door.

OK seriously?

"It just feels like your choking
but you can still breathe,

Scolding had morphed into near yelling.

I could spend an hour telling you the rest of it
but I'll just tell you the conclusion.
I did manage to sleep another 3 hours -
after weeping a little while, I admit,
though I never touched my eyes so 
tech could not see in night vision.
 I would not give the SOB
the satisfaction.

Tech was NOT happy with my measly 4 hours.
He's supposed to record 7 1/2.

He burst into room at 6 when I opened my eyes
and sat me right up too fast to begin removing 
a kajillion wires from EVERYWHERE 
and my vertigo kicked in big time.

 He told me I may have to repeat.
I looked him right in the eye and
said "fat chance."

All the other patients were unhooked and leaving,
and though he said take your time,
it was clear he wanted me to leave
 as he carried my purse and bag to the front door.

I would have easily failed a field sobriety test.
I was nauseated, vision blurry, and dizzy. 
Yet get into my car I did.
Drank about 16 oz of cold water
that he had kept out of my reach that night,
and proceeded to drive very carefully
 the 3 miles back home.
It was a surface street with little traffic
 or I would not have attempted.
I swayed through my garage
into the kitchen and promptly 
vomited in the sink. 

Oh there is so much more,
but that's enough scary stuff.
BTW the goo glued into your hair 
in seven places takes four complete shampoos
 to remove, or maybe just me?

I wish you could see me shaking my head,
this is all so nuts.

My brother's line of 
"50% of all Drs graduate in the bottom half
of their class, is on a loop in my brain."

and my last note "go to hell Manny"
I actually said the other thing. 


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Four Docs, A Shot and Ben Casey Would Know

I really don't mind 
having met the halfway mark through 
my 60's but it seems to have had
the effect of a starter pistol as far
as my health goes.

Monday was a bunch more blood work etc.
Today was two Drs, one brand new, four more tests,
and a shot for pneumonia.
My first injection in decades.
Coming up next, three more Drs, "specialists"
you see, who hopefully will have answers,
and it's safe to assume a lot more tests.

As of Sept last year I had never needed 
prescriptions for anything other than antibiotics
 every few years if I caught a winter "something",
birth control in my twenties, 
and I hadn't needed 
a Dr for more than annual exams in decades.

Now in 2018 I wander in and out of offices,
being passed around for x-rays, electrodes, 
zaps, pokes, scans and such.

I'm not too fond of this new routine.
I'm looking for the exit, or the big red stop button
that I can pound down with my fist.
I want the buzzer that signals the 
last round of the game, and get some solid answers.

Ben Casey would know.

I had a Ben Casey "Dr" shirt 
when I was in elementary
school and my girlfriends and I played hospital.
They were on team Kildare,
but I alone went the brooding, dark route,
never the All American blonde blue eyed type for me.
Team Casey all the way.

He could pull off a pocket protector yesiree bob.

Which explains why my next
grown up obsession was Armand

which morphed into

Do we see a pattern here Dr?

Neither of my husbands had 
what I now realize was "the look"
SO THAT'S what happened?!

Stay well my friends, stay well.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ten bloomin' years - Yep ten!

Seems only fitting that I 
should chronicle what I have done
here for the past ten years:
The anniversary is this month, 
coming up soon.
It's a bit of a read sorry...

I never intended to blog this long,
or to write such a mishmash of ideas
 and memories, especially as I started out on a whim.
 I am happy however that I did take that first step.

My first words were:

"The kids will not believe that I did this
 on my own without nagging them for help. 
Tonight was another sleepless night, 
so why not give it a try? 
Please bear with me as I learn to navigate 
these treacherous waters of the internet and blogging.
 I will attempt to learn quickly
 and try to be if not entertaining, then informative."

I was shocked to read that the sleeping issue
 went back so far,
that's where journaling comes in handy.

Yesterday I spent time reviewing the years, 
stopping to read a few here and there
 remembering family moments,
watching the years slip away. 

I wanted a journal of sorts
and it is what it is.
I tried to never blather on 
so as to have a post each day,
but indeed blather is here and there. 
I wrote if I had something to say,
or to share.

Lots of us started out here in 08.
Most that I knew then have gone away completely,
or jumped to daily postings on IG
and Facebook. I won't touch FB and I barely 
do IG. My little oldgreymare corner
is just right for me.

 A few of my post links are below, 
I couldn't tell you why I selected 
this particular hodgepodge of ten.  

Some or all may be new to you.

Thank you
every one of you

for your 10 years of 
and love

These next two go together

with love