Sunday, May 28, 2023

Blooming Time 2023

Constant battle with weeds - I think I'm at a tie


Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mothers Day

 Happy Mothers Day

I hope you can celebrate having one, being one, 

remembering one, or loving one. 

I was fortunate to have my kids drive in 

to help me with the long awaited garage sale Saturday.

I have helped with dozens of friends and clients sales,

 and held dozens of my own, and 

believe me the thrill is gone.

 I've been purging forever it seems.

Of course the weather turned hot, and we were only open 

from 7:30 - 2:00, but still 

I made what I needed to replace a long built in broken microwave,

and treat myself to a fun new item for the backyard.

I still had a nice bit of money left over so it's a win!

The sacrificing a weekend to deal with an awful thing 

like these sales, well was just the best present ever from Ben and Hannah. 

They also cleared out a hidden side yard of accumulated debris

which also made me sooo happy. 

Toward the end I always slash prices and fill boxes with 

free stuff - everyone loves that, so nearly all sold.

I have just a few boxes in my car to donate, and a small pile of good things,

mostly kitchen items, that will just go back on now empty shelves. 

I won't "need" them so I purged, but I will still use them eventually.

Right at the close of sale, UPS showed up and in a fast five minutes 

I took these tired bones and tried out my new.....


Walter checked it out and eventually hopped in also.

Not sure where I will place in the yard just yet.

This was very affordable, and the hammock

removes from frame in seconds so 

I can store inside on the porch, keeping it clean.

 The frame will knock down in five, and everything stores

in a carry bag.

I "hung" out for an hour while the kids talked, and listened to 
music and I could have easily dozed off, very comfortable.

Enjoy your day.


Wednesday, May 3, 2023


Either you care about such things or you don't.
It's about so much more than you missing your favorite show.
It's about decency, honesty, fairness.
This type of behavior and business practice is rampant
in every corner of our society, in politics, housing
health care...
Yes, this is affecting my daughter and Jenny, her writing partner, and 
their WGA family. 
It is affecting us all when it comes to AI.
When AI writes anything it is not birthed magically 
thru the computer components, it is "farmed" from all the
 ideas and creative pieces that humans previously wrote, 
and then they will never be paid for, 
yet the 1% at the top will GREATLY profit from.
The proverbial "tip of the iceberg"
with whatever icebergs we'll have left...

This is, as many things are, about more than what you 
see and read on the surface. 
A few powerful folks at the top of many companies,
including our "political corporations", SCOTUS etc  are 
living gluttonous lives on the backs of what
resembles the serfdoms of the past.

It is also why when a neighbor asked if I was excited to 
watch the coronation I replied hell no, 
much to the dismay of the folks behind me in the checkout lane.
I cannot, will not, support or encourage the continuation of 
a monarchy built upon, hugely profited from, 
the colonization and slavery of other countries.

So please if you begin to miss some of your favorite entertainment,
instead of cursing those on strike, 
drop a message to the studio 
or company behind the show and tell them
 it's time to play fair and be decent.
A message to a sponsor is always a good idea. 

and on another note-
 Teachers are quitting in droves,
most for the same reasons. 
Who will be left to teach all your grandchildren?
as at home schooling went so well right? 

It is about more than just this union having to fight,
it is our country so out of balance, 
devoid of truths and compassion.
We must care or be forever lost.