Wednesday, February 27, 2013

..till somebody gets a cone

"It's all fun and games until somebody gets a cone.

 Poor Justice."

via c.Joy's comment yesterday

Ok that's hilarious

and cracked me up.

Things are returning to normal.
The two compadres.


The winners are 
#5 Abbey's Paperie Garden
# 70 Evi

Congratulations Ladies!
Get me your addresses 
and the book will be on it's way
to you ASAP
I'm headed for a nap..Miss Justice had me up at 3am

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the inJUSTICE of it all

AS if being nearly blind and deaf and covered
 in over 200 warts were not
 enough hardship on our girl Justice,
she started to grow an enormous cyst
 on her flank in December
 and today I realized I could not hesitate
 any longer as it was now growing at warp speed.
Off to see our beloved Vet
we went.  He had a pretty open afternoon and 
since he was afraid to put her under,
 he did a local and 45 minutes later
 I picked our old girl up and brought her home.
We love DR T and I told him so today.

She is very restless, and the cone on a blind dog
 is even more complicated.
I snapped this series of photos in under 2 minutes as she 
tried to get comfortable. I moved a donut bed into the room
for ease of maneuverability and then when she whined for her 
regular brown sided one I moved that in next to her.
I also lay down a dog car mat to protect the white wool rug...

Then she decided three separate times 
to lie behind the curtain,
and became caught up in it and the cone each time.

Round and round we went from round bed
 to regular bed,
 to floor, to tangled, UNTIL... 

(You can see her sizable new bald spot,
told you that thing was large)

she walked under the desk and stole Howie's bed,
quite an acrobatic feat with a small front opening.
He chuffed at her ( BAD HOWIE!) until she 
relocated out to the living room.

My poor girl.
It's gonna be a long night folks.

Justice will be 12 on March 3rd.
She's a trooper.

Tomorrow evening I'll pull the two winners 
from the still time to enter.

good luck to all and a special thanks
 to those sweet pals who posted about it
and said such kind words.
damn... bloggie pals are wonderful.

In other quick news
Hannah finished filming her final short film 
Monday morning and all went well.
After having Sandy delay the shoot in December,
and ripple down to losing her DP 
and a couple actors etc and having
 to find a totally new local girl pulled it off.
Including buying all the food and catering the crew
herself to save money. She came in way under budget,
and the crew loved her.

Ben did a shoot a week ago but I don't know the details of
that or I'd be braggin' on him also.

Mama is so proud of her bambinos.
see you tomorrow evening 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Jo Writes

Jo Packham wrote me last week to see if I 
wished to give away a couple books
from my blog.
Of course, I would love to, 
and they arrived today!

When Jo came to shoot my studio for 
WWC magazine, she also got 
lots of shots for this book. 
I was thrilled to meet her and yes,
Jo is very special like everyone says.

This is a fabulous book;
25 organized women with 
loads of ideas to inspire.

I have two books to give away
and will draw two winners
a week from now.
Already own? 
It would also make a great gift,
so enter anyway.

We'll do the basic OK?
1 entry for commenting on this post
2 entries if you're also a follower
3 entries if you post about it
or put a link on your blog.
(please let me know # of entries in your comment)

Make sure I can contact you.

This is a good time to remind all those new 
to blogging about "no reply".
Your email must be IN your profile in order for 
any blog host to be able to respond
 to your comments or contact you.
Otherwise you appear to us as 
"no reply blogger".

Good luck to all

Closing at 4 pm pacific time Wednesday the 27th

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Her name for now is Asis..yeah, yeah so creative...hehe
I'm leaning toward Della, Nettie or Etta
after relatives... Yeah a miracle I was named Suzan eh?
I did get the Z though..
So which of the three do you think fits her?

She resides at the top of the stairs
crowning my Dad's copper lined smoking stand
and his favorite hand painted black chair.
Two of my quilts folded there.

Darling daughter and dearest son photos from many years ago.

Her shoulders draped with antimacassars
 from my Dad's Mom, her skirt
topped with vintage bullion and lace snippets from an Aunt.

Drape her in some wool roses, chain and pearls laying around the studio and for now she is presentable.

40 bucks, not too shabby
Ms Della, Nettie or Etta...

Have a great week guys.
Linking up with The Polka Dot Closet 
Dress Form Ball

(Etta's first dance)

Friday, February 15, 2013



Missing her base
very new, white and clean


Concoctions and lots of mess

Quite saturated and crusty 

Next morning stained and worn

Love how she aged
now to give her a stand or not and
how should she be dressed?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Still trying to recover
7 weeks and counting
Studio time in my pajamas
 Several yards of distressed burlap,
jute, buttons and wool.

a mended heart

Feels good to hear the whir of the machine
 and feel the rough/soft juxtaposition of fabrics.
Anthropologie candle burning, twinkle lights on.
I need to spend more time here.
Perhaps that is the prescription I need.

i belong to you
you belong to me
you're my sweetheart

wools felted in

and yes I'm selling,
perhaps reopening my shop..
day by day
waiting to see where I'm going.

a few hearts here and there around oldgreymare

Happy Valentines Day