Friday, June 21, 2019

Can Yunz Believe this?

Yesterday was to be my one day out day.
I get one about every 14 days or so.

Headed for a haircut and color at 10:00.

I was determined to hit the ground running
right after that, or shuffling at least, so I headed
to Michaels for some jewelry findings I had needed
for months to repair two necklaces.

Because I  had only slept 4 hours the night before 
due to more challenging, er, bad news
on the medical front, I found myself getting
a little weak and dizzy so decided to head home,
and skip Trader Joes which had been the "BIG" plan.

make plans, the universe laughs HA!

I pull into the garage and hit the garage door
remote and a hideous, screeching, crunching,
sound occurred and I hit the remote stop immediately.

When I opened the drivers side door,
I nearly peeked thru my fingers
 as I knew what I would see.
A crumpled door.

'scuse me but shit shit shit.

Called insurance I have 2000 deductible, 
they said get estimate first.
Called an emergency service and no kidding
 they were there in 30 minutes.

At first I was looking at around $4,000
to get the same quality door or around $2500
to get a bottom level version.

Maybe it was me cradling 
my head in my hands with tears drippin thru
and my O/2 canula hanging out...
but Clayton the tech says.
"Let me see what I can do."

Since I hit the button so quickly
 I did less damage than I could have.
Just under $1,000 later, not using insurance, and 
my door now closes, you cannot see the tears
in the panels from the outside
 and it's guaranteed for 3 years.

Clayton and I had a very spirited political discussion
while he was adding new springs and bolting new metal struts;
but it was respectful with no meanness or put downs.
We could not be more politically opposed,
but we parted with very good feelings. 

what did I do in a former life to have this karma?
(please don't say things could be worse as they are worse medically)

I need/want so much to get back to my old self,
no O2 needed, lose all the prednisone weight etc.,
be able to work.

I love this, and I am not making light of horrific crime,
I'm poking fun at me OK?


Happy weekend youins
(my homage to Latrobe slang")

A common informal word used in southwestern Pennsylvania and the forefront example of what is commonly known as "Pittsburghese" is the word yinz, pronounced /jɪnz/ in IPA. Alternatively it is less commonly used in long form, youins, pronounced /ju.ɪnz/.

I never knew anyone one who used yinz always spelled yunz

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Granddog And Friend

Darling daughter has been dog sitting 
for a neighbor.
(David the grand-dog on the left)

Yep, another Husky.

I think Hannah would take in
 a thousand huskies if she could.
Seems every time we speak
she is on a dog walk.
Oh, she also walks Tubs, my other grand,
after she leaves work 
as Tub's Mom and Dad work later.

Remember this shot?

All kinds of great things have been
 happening work wise for the fabulous 
CA four. I am so proud of all of them.
I also miss them. 
more than I can stand.

Once this medical mess is over 
or at least has progressed, 
I will be driving straight away to CA to 
hang with my favorite folks.

Meanwhile there is a towering stack
 of bins and boxes all labeled for a sale,
that are waiting in the garage for either 
cooler weather, or help, or both.

Plan to binge the first couple o' Handmaids Tale
tonight or tomorrow.
I'm saving up as there is now a drought in 
my viewing arsenal.

GoT gone

Killing Eve 
Gentlemen Jack
Russian Doll
Call The Midwife
Walking Dead
(all off for now)

There is Big Little Lies
I enjoy, but not the same passion.

I've avoided Netflix so I'll have some new 
ones for the summer.

I play silly games like that with myself.
I've been rereading in order, all the Robert B Parkers,
for the third time;
but at half my usual speed, not wanting them
 to end all over again. I will get the Spenser series continued
by Ace Atkins from the library,
 as I do not own them.
I think I may change my mind and buy them
after all. 

We're off to a hot summer already.
I am stressed about the overgrowth in the yard
and I will try to hire help this week.

Wish you were all closer.
There's some nice stuff stacked up for sale,
and I'd love for it to find good homes. 
Yeah I know, silly. 


I miss you Dad
every day.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

To my Unknowns

Just a quick note to 
Mary and Cathi.
I am unable to contact you :D

Thank you Mary for the upright MRI info.
I just found out about them last Friday.
My primary and I are working on it
 but the few who have one here in lala
do not accept my insurance. We're working on
an appeal to have them in network.

Cathi please go to my profile for my email
and then send me yours and I'll be happy to
send you the recipe.

To all those other folks who leave comments
but are unknowns:

Thank you so much for following along 
this life of mine. I love hearing from you.
I do wish that someday you would let me know 
who you are so that I can respond directly,
but I do understand folks who like to stay 

Again, you can always find my email in 
my profile in the sidebar for a private convo.

Several have asked about my holiday gifted website.
It is all on hold as dearest son is uber busy
and I want to have product ready when it launches
but alas, not enough product being 
created these days.

All my focus is on the purge.
Today it is fabrics. OUCH!