Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Little Birdie

Opened my porch door to the back yard
for awhile  and look who stopped by. 

He sat in various spots 
checking everything out
and then perched on the side of the window
wistfully looking out.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gosh Guys

Gosh guys is all I can say

Went for MRI on Friday
Lay down and got all strapped in, preparing for dye;
and I started to cough as usual when I lie flat.
It's a mucus thing, lord I hate that word!

I'm inside the bleepin' tube and start to choke
and I call out a very garbled 
"puel meee out!
He does, and sees I'm struggling to 
clear my throat,
rapidly undoes the strapping and helps me sit up
and I cough out a glob,
and proceed to cough off and on 
and spit for 
the next five minutes.
Lovely tech guys says
"This is not going to work."  

So my appt I waited three weeks for,
 as they screwed up the referral, ends with 
no answers and I still have this nodule.

E-visited my primary Dr. on Friday
What next?


Gosh guys, I'm at my wits end.

Darling daughter sent me
a St Raphael medal for Mothers Day.
I hold it every day, and I'm neither catholic or
believe in organized religion. 
I am however spiritual.

Dearest son and daughter to be, came
 for a weekend visit 2 weeks ago and helped me
 with so many chores and we talked CA move.

Darling daughter arrives this weekend
with two childhood chums for 4 glorious days.

I am one lucky Mom
in the kid category.

In the "health" category -
In the "our country is in real trouble"category-

Gosh Guys


my only consolation
Sunday nights trifecta of

 Killing Eve 
Game of Thrones 
Call the Midwife 

oh, and tomato pie

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Should I Should I Not?

Marked my calendar April 29, 2019

My master toilet tank on the second story,
leaked at the bolt while I was away
 from the house and created 
a huge water bubble on my kitchen ceiling.


Later I stuck the hose end into 
my outdoor fountain
 to fill up and walked inside
 to set a timer to remind me to shut it off.

The phone rang and it was the Primary Dr 
calling me, never a good sign, to say
I needed to call My Pulmonary DR
 and make an appt pronto. 


Which I did and they said can you come in an hour!!!
A little freak out, a quick shower 
and when I arrive he says, 
he's read the report but cannot see
the scan as they have IT problem.
He'll review and call me the next day.


They had said come in an hour as they
 had so many cancelations
due to rain but they DID NOT 
say that on phone. 
I could have avoided some of the freak out.

His assistant called very early today to schedule an MRI
as I have a 2 cm nodule in my chest.
Waiting for approval for an MRI end of week.
No sense describing it all now 
until I know how much trouble I'm in.


Remember the hose in the fountain?
Well, I remembered 20 hours later and only because
I went outside to scream at Mockingbird 
eating my guava blossoms again this year, 
and stepped into water. 


Next months bill should be fun

Couldn't decide to post-not post 
as it has been a downer for some time on here.
I'm sorry for that.
BUT this is my journal so here it is. 

Cheer up
Here are some puppies


If you tend toward prayers
throw one up for me will ya please?