Friday, March 24, 2023


The totality of my Easter decor
Times have certainly changed
I'm good with it
Purging is healthy and wise

I had a health scare this week.
Woke up unable to see clearly out of one eye.
It was similar to looking thru a lace curtain.
Of course I googled, scared myself a little more,
 and managed an appt for the next day.
 All will be well, with some drops multiple times a day.
C-pap was leaking air onto that eye at night,
and I already had dry eye (syndrome?) 
and didn't "drop" like I should. 
I have two large floaters that were exacerbated
by all the stuff done and now I'm dealing with them also.
It just never ends as we age does it?
But hey, for the most part it's all grand.
Good enough 



Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Sunday Moment

Mom's Birthday


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Memory Bowls

Back in 2008, the year I started blogging, 
I was making memory bowls for myself
and with clients 


Thursday, March 9, 2023

Last of the Winter Days


Monday, February 27, 2023

Hello - February Sucks Too

 Gosh, time is speeding by.

I returned last Wednesday from a week in CA helping darling daughter

and beau move in together. They are both completely slammed

 with work and zero time to pack, so Mom headed south.

I was so happy to help and touched that they trusted 

my skills, and lord knows this girl can pack and move folks

and help find ways to make it all fit in the new space.

Walter was, well Walterish, meaning sometimes he is so freaking

adorable and loving, and other times a complete JERK to strangers.

I did a lot of apologizing to folks, who he scared with a very bad attitude.

I was embarrassed, you know just like with a naughty child.

We need some additional training due to his first two years of life

 being totally isolated except for me. 

If he loves you he LOVES you, but fear kicks in with some dogs, and folks. 

We discovered however, that he loves cats and squirrels 

with not a bark or attack mode???

I had so many wonderful meals while there, mostly vegetarian

as all four of my "kids" are now ardently practicing.

My new goal for 2023 is to be as committed. 

I started this post last week and then February in all it's shit storm 

decided to deal another blow.

Yesterday, darling Daughter's beloved

Husky David, was diagnosed with very advanced cancer

with little hope of recovery. No advance warning at all,

other than last week him not being his jolly self.

David was exceptionally beautiful and so beloved.

Walks were always interrupted by strangers stopping to meet 

him and marvel over his demeanor.

A bar called The Garage was close to Hannah's old apt, and every walk

past the outdoor dining was met with calls to "David" "hello David!"-

few could have told you Hannah's name. 

Hannah is heartbroken and I am heartbroken for her.

I said in late December that I am not a fan of January, well

add February to my "done with" list.

Lots of other crap has come down the pike 

the last 27 days so goodbye month #2 

I am struggling to post anything, anywhere.

If it weren't for the few gals I am friends with, 

and can only communicate here with them or on IG,

I would be saying so long.

Then events like yesterday are recorded here on my journal

and I keep typing. 

I am still purging with increased vigor.

Today I am purging all jewelry making supplies,

it was never a favorite of mine, got caught up in the

enthusiasm of others- fabric and paper remain my interest always. 

I will be selling off all in a lot at bargain price.

Let me know if you are interested.



Thursday, January 5, 2023

Email list

 Hello there friends

SO a couple gals asked to be put on my email list for what I'm selling

and I'm happy to do that with one caveat.

I will only ship items that will fit in a flat rate box. USA only

That way USPS can easily pick up at door.

I'm just not able to tackle shipping any other way. sorry

Locals just swing on by, and have been.

Pay Pal /Venmo and I'll take checks if need be...

The rules are always first come,

and some things go quickly. I check the time a text or email is sent. 

SO please let me know in comments, 

if you wish to be added or link to my email is in my profile.

Make sure the comment is connected to email you wish to use. 

I've already sent out two emails and the

 dining table is piled with more items to come.

What kind of things?

Everything from robot floor cleaners to Power XL grill- air fryer combo

Brand New Calista long hair rollers to Christmas trees and bar stools.

Lots of holiday to come- trying to group that.

Fabric, wool blankets, antique lace and linens coming  

You'll see if you are added to list

things like...


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy 2023

I've spent two days slowly purging 2 1/2 rooms,
while taking down holiday;
taking photos and getting prepared to send to my email buyers list.
I'm going very slowly, stopping often to snuggle with Walter 
and read books DD gave me for Christmas.

This is the third such round in 2 years,
and I will go back and do more. The kids have no room for 
stuff, so they've said sell and donate. It's better that I deal 
with it now than leave it for them to deal with when I no longer can.




Before tucking away the last of the pinecones I tossed a few into 
my bowl of oranges and tucked in a candle.
It's been burning all morning on my counter and spurring me on.

I have the LR tree and one bin of greenery to pack away 
and I am done with the downstairs holiday.
Front porch will be a breeze and so will guest room mini trees.

Then I have to assemble a new office chair,
as the old one pitched me to the ground sheering off a caster,
and ramming my elbow into the floor. 
Put away paperwork in there that gathered over the holiday,
return three items, and that room is done.  

always something...

I also gave myself 3rd degree burns on two fingers
grabbing hot handles right before Christmas. 
couldn't drop it right away or I would break tile. 
Hurt like the dickens, and huge blisters which sunk flat and shiny 
after a couple days and then a week later started to morph again
 into weird skin that has since peeled leaving raw, red, discolored skin. 
I haven't had feeling in those fingers for years so not much 
difference there. I'm guessing I no longer have fingerprints there?

Anyhoot, Happy 2023

I see many in our govt are off once again to a sterling display of 
embarrassing, mysoginist, idiotic behavior.
Buckle up

Wishing you all the best in this new year