Sunday, June 22, 2014


There are no photos.
It would have been impossible for me
to stop for even one.
We hit the ground running,
and after the first 2 hours of shopping,
 we had them lined up,
around the first floor for checkout.
Now and then I would catch
a couple gals perched on the winding stairs,
catching their breath and visiting.
The treasures flew out the door,
and some very creative stuffing of cars
was witnessed.

Phase one is over,
the decision of what to keep and move, 
what to sell..

Phase two, I packed up most 
of what is going to the new house, and 
staged the rest for sale.
The sale is over.

Phase three is the prep for items to be
sold in other venues, and finish the 
packing for the move.

Phase four is overseeing the moving day,
and then it is over here in lala land.

The final goal is to safely 
and efficiently get this couple
to their new home

There are special circumstances
surrounding this move, and 
family and friends await them
 to help and support
them on the rest of the journey.

Once again I have to praise the 
unyielding strength of another woman
I am privileged to know.
A very private person 
who without fail has shown humor and 
love in the face of very difficult
times, and daily amazes me with her patience
in dealing with an insidious
disease that has slowly taken her 
husband to a place she cannot go.

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Not sure what is next
here at oldgreymare.
I'll let you know as soon as I know.
Have a great week my friends.


Friday, June 20, 2014


Thousands of them....

and in two days 
they will be finding new homes
with our special shoppers...

so this is the last
post about the sale...
bet you're glad
unless I manage to get 
some frenzied shopper pics
and yes I got some bargains for myself...
In fact I traded several DAYS of work
for so many beautiful things for me and the kids...

Here are just a few:

A bouquet for DD'S patio

Vintage Dansk Cookware
I've wanted some since the 70's!
I can't put it away yet - I like seeing it 

and today I snagged these three MEGA baskets
(for size reference- that's a very large wing back)

and Howie
checking them out

See you on the other side
oh, how I wish all of you could come.....


Sunday, June 15, 2014

And Yesterday....

We began setting out the Serve Ware,
Crystal, China

There is another room full
in addition to what you see here.
Oh yeah, the giant mirror?
For Sale

A few gals from Ca asked if
they perhaps should make the trip up for the sale.
If I collected Fitz and Floyd, I would 
travel here from CA.
(It took me four hours last week from Culver City.
To get to sale location, north of me,
 would add another 45 minutes?)
We have nearly 100 pieces.
Many NIB
Once in A Lifetime Prices
It's Vegas Baby
SO much else to do....

For you local gals?

 If you haven't added your name to the list
time is running out.
Please also remember your friends
who may wish to attend this special event.
If you come home with all these 
wonderful things and they find out you did
not get them invited...
well, you're gonna be in 

See you on the other side

Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Gotta Peek At This

Short version
Estate Sale
Very busy
Went to CA Tuesday
to take furniture and stuff to DD
Returned Thursday
No time for pics or stories
She has promised to get pics of their wee abode
It's adorable

Back to Client today
Countdown to Sale
Here is just a wee fraction of what is for sale
Peek away

Yeah Yeah fuzzy pics taken with no light and FAST

Red Bins here and about 6 more
filled to brim with glass ornaments

Tables filled with serve ware
Hundreds of pieces - just a few here

1 entire garage bay filled with silks

Hutch already sold

So, local gals....
If you are not on list you will not be able to attend
so email me to be added.
Deadline approaches.

Far away sorry you cannot join us.
and no we cannot take orders and ship.
We're feverishly setting up- 
we have much still to do...

This is one very tired


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Estate Sale Lots of Happy

This is my friend Ronda.
She is a happy shopper sitting here.
She just finished checking out from an Estate Sale 
I have been organizing for a client.
These are her treasures she is packing up.
She is also one of my
 two wonderful female bosses.

Lots of girls found lots of treasures.
Lots and lots of work involved for me and 
the client and we've only just begun.
This day a group was shopping
 by special invitation only.
Be not dismayed however,
 for there are still many rooms filled with 
glorious decor items, collectibles and furniture,
yet to be displayed and priced.
Another gal is stacking on the porch
 to load into her car.

This is the bed of a very large pickup truck.
One solid layer.

The BIG event is coming up later this month.
If you are local and on my "Gatherings"
 email list you will hear the details soon.
Email me quickly if you wish to attend, 
because you must be invited
 and placed on a master list.
I've told you gals of big sales in my past
at local events, and at my home.
This one will beat them ALL.
really - truly - no Sh** Sherlock.
It is NOT to be missed.

Darling daughter landed a job on a feature film,
 and is leaving earlier than we had planned.
Scrambling is the word of the day/week.
I'll come back up for air,
 sometime around mid - July.

See you at the NO **** Sherlock SALE!!