Thursday, May 28, 2020

Heads Down Butts Up Crazy

Went to sleep with him on my hip,
woke up to this.
Heads down butts up crazy these days.

Fascinated by this plant a balloon flower.

It bursts open to reveal a lovely purple beauty.
I wish I could "catch it" during the bursting part.

Got all the tomatoes planted, some in here
some in the old rose garden area.
Need to hook up the drip system once I get more 
veggies in there.

 My fig tree is looking good.
The birds did not get at the figs yet.
Fingers crossed

Whatever is in the pantry pasta -
 I didn't have enough of any one thing so I just
threw together whatever. 

Very good lemon pepper pasta made with my
own lemons and my own basil.

My son is such a  great cook,
every night a great concoction.
Last night moco loco.
Oh, how I wish I lived closer.

Ben and Helene adopting a new pup.
Our next gathering will now
 be 5 adults and 4 dogs. Yikes!
I pray little Walter will adapt as he 
is not dog socialized, or people
 either for that matter.
He gets window time each day to accept 
humans and canines walking by
without going nuts.
We're working on it.

He still likes to "perch" on my shoulder.
It was adorable when he weighed 6 lbs.
He climbs up my left front  
onto my shoulders and then curves around
onto the right shoulder. When he was small he would 
hang out there; he no longer fits.

Now he has to balance there, and then 
 he reaches around so he can kiss my face
 before falling off the right side
( nice roots eh?)

Bad pup parenting but I don't care.
It make us both happy and during
 these insane times with 
insane and ignorant humans,
Walter and I will be keeping our
heads down butts up,
away from all of it.

Stay safe


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

Huge surprise for Mothers Day,
thanks to Ben and Helene.
A new tv with Roku and lots of bells 
and whistles. It took some doing on my 
part to get it installed along with 
the sound bar I already had, but I DID IT!

I  know many of you have mega tvs
 but to me this is mega and just fits.

Old tv ( I think Hannah was in HS when I bought)
was so heavy- that may have been hardest part.
It has only made it to the garage so far.

I also got an enormous dinner, a favorite,  
via cheesecake factory
 from Hannah which lasted
 me three meals and 
included the most 
amazing brussel sprout appetizer.
Over the next couple days I got more goodies
in the mail.
I've got great kids.

Walter had his first bath yesterday.
At first I thought it was going to be big trouble,
but he settled down fairly quickly.
He's now fluffy and clean.

He needed a bath because he has been 
helping me get a vegetable garden going.
I am starting so late but there 
are things I can do now and then ramp up 
in the fall.

I found a great raised DIY planter on sale.
A whole passel of screws but easy to do.

It even came with the black liner.
So today Walter and I spent hours getting it ready and 
planting some tomatoes I ordered on line
in an unused area of the yard. 

Bought this paint by number painting to keep 
me distracted and I got a nice supply of books 
from blogger friend Jane- you all know her
as Blondie.  Thank you Jane!

I really, really miss the library
 and she was so kind to send me some 
of hers to read. During the sale in Oct, I 
donated 400 to my library
 fearing a move was imminent. hmmm?

 A Place To Call Home has ended,
I'm caught up on Dead To Me and Maisel.
Binged The Ranch on Netflix
Not highbrow by any means, but I liked it.

Sunday night is now my tv night
Call the Midwife
Killing Eve

and now I'm watching on a cool modern tv.

Baked some oatmeal cookies last night.

Oh yeah,  he's a runner and a thief.

Stay safe, stay home as much as possible
and stay well.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mom, My Hair!




My hair, look at my hair!
Fix it please.

Well, that is no better

I don't know how it got so messed up.
Sleeping, chasing lizards, flower munching?
C'mon do something.

Really, that's all you've got?

I suppose it'll have to do.
Yours is no picnic either I suppose.
What's with all that white growing on your head? 


Monday, May 11, 2020


So if this was shown to you 
what would you surmise is going on?

My four knuckleheads
after a Mothers Day Zoom
gathering slid down the rabbit hole.

Take a guess or see the answer on

Friday, May 8, 2020

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Some of you saw Walter and his rock on
Instagram. It continues to be a source of great
pleasure or frustration, I'm not sure which
 as he whines while he rolls it.

( much clearer on IG click over on the right)

In between the rock is the hard place;
one that we are all too familiar with.
I am trying my best to keep busy
and productive but damn it's hard.
I'm nearly at 100 days of this.

It's now pushing 100 degrees here most days,
so gardening of any kind is limited to 
early morning hours if at all.

I'm keeping most pots on the porch,
so I don't have to wander the yard to water.

My head is not in the right place to 
be creative at the moment,
though I wish it were.
The studio beckons, but I sit and think 
up there creating zilch, while
Walter whines at the blocked off stairway.

I've cleaned, I've tidied, I've rearranged
a little, only to find 
it is needed again even with little activity,
so why bother?

Food delivery has hit a hiccup, 
our government is a disgrace and dangerous,
and I worry a lot about friends and acquaintances who
take none of this too seriously.
"I told you so" with tragic consequences.

Not such a perky post,
but I'm guessing you've all been there.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Exactly the same as the day before except
the garbage will be collected.

My witty and goofy Tom and Hannah
entertain themselves with Friday Frownies
you can find here and here.

If you go to either of their profiles
and click on frowny or friday frowny
you can share in the goofy.

Last Saturday was the planned, now postponed,
wedding date for my son Ben and his love Helene.
Many of us sent food, plants, flowers
and happy thoughts.
They are handling the disappointment 
with grace. 

I say my prayers of gratitude
at the start and end of each day.

My kids and family are safe and healthy;
many folks around the world cannot say that,
so it's hard, but it's doable for however 
long it takes.

Our grandparents and their families,
were separated for years during the wars.
Immigrants today are kept away from family
for years. War torn countries today do not know if
their loved ones are alive.

We can certainly handle this without
tearing the country apart can't we?

Those who try to continue the divisiveness, 
should not be allowed to remain in power, 
be able to corrupt our judicial system, or
allowed to curtail our right to vote their asses out. 


Monday, May 4, 2020

When Life Gives You Lemons

Only one tree producing
and I've neglected it.
It forgives me.
Look at Mega Lemon!