Thursday, September 30, 2021



My hair will never look this good again.
wedding hair- professionally done, why 
it will never be again.

Jenny, Hannah's writing partner, and very dear friend, dog sat for me
the entire wedding weekend.
He sat mostly ON her- A bad habit I allowed since a wee pup.
I unpacked and someone said
"nope, not again"

"The writers"

Hannah and Jenny

They just won the fellowship starting in October
 and now semi finalists in slamdance

Perpetually parked here or ON the keyboard.
Walter making it impossible to type so good day!



Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fourth Time Is The Charm

 Fourth Time

After nearly 2 years and 4 reschedules

and Covid and Indoor - Outdoor

It was a three day event of nothing but love.

I cannot even begin to tell you.

It's all so much



joyful tears

more love



incredible food 

friendships old and new

My heart is bursting with joy

and the tears flow in an instant

with each memory.

Ivan, who I think of as my 2nd son and Darling Daughter Hannah
Hannah was Ben's Best Person

All you need is love