Saturday, August 31, 2013

Simple Saturday Chores

fresh from the dryer
smelling sweet

it pleases me

uh oh another storm coming
better be alert

I love this shot
Howie's tail is too long for him to sit properly
so he has to sit "side saddle" if you will
and to keep from toppling
he sticks out a leg
making him a tripod
Justice is in front in her "spot"

High Noon
stand off

but I HAD to dig at the rug!
didn't you hear the thunder?
another tripod shot

I've gone to the dogs lately
spending days, 
the summer?
 cocooned in my home

puttering, performing simple chores
reading, sewing, painting,
always purging of course
love it - all of it
love the company I keep
unconditional love
(with a bit of neurosis thrown in)

read until 5 am this morning
watched the sunrise peek through 
as I drifted off to sleep
back up at 10 am
as Justice hollered at the base of the stairs
demanding attention

steaming cups of coffee,
warm homemade muffin,
crisp pink lady apple

sliced egg sandwich
using grandma's vintage slicer
a little butter - even less mayo
pepper, a whisper of salt
on potato bread 

a nap is necessary
on the couch
with both my pals 
fighting for position
Howie always wins



Sunday, August 25, 2013


Lined up like departing aircraft

Snoozing the day away

Open eyes long enough to say "shoo I'm sleeping"

Storm coming in, more opportunity for Howie 
to chew holes in curtains and tablecloths

The last storm 's tablecloth chew

I love this tablecloth and kept turning 
the bad sides to the back.
Now there IS no good side

But those eyes

one blue
one brown 

say I'm sorry

As I shot the pic of the tablecloth just now
 Howie went and hid under the table
checking his penis..
Yeah he does that too when anxious

Such a guy

Have a good week my friends
with special shout outs to all my teacher pals.
I salute you!


Thursday, August 22, 2013


I don't own a horn so 
I'm not very good at tooting my own.
My pal Sonja yelled at me 
(she did too - ALL CAPS! hehe)
in Tuesday's post comments for not promoting
my August Guest appearance on her blog.
Sonja was kind enough to ask me,
I just fretted over my words.

see my post HERE

She was right,
but not about me,
I should have linked over to her  
post weeks ago, not for me
 but to introduce more of you 
to Sonja of Hickety Pickety.

Sonja has hundreds, yes, hundreds
of patterns floating out there in the world and she
has recently converted many to E-patterns and is now
designing new patterns.

I have known about Sonja for many, many 
years and joyfully made many of her patterns.

This mini quilt was a huge hit.
I think a pal of mine still has it.

In March of this year I received an email from
Sonja who had just stumbled into Oldgreymare
for the first time and she introduced herself like this.

W O W!!!

I just spent the past hour reading some of your blog....Holy Moly, it's like I found my new best friend!!!

Honestly, you my Dear are a kindred spirit...a friend I knew was out there, but just hadn't found yet....I LOVE you!!!!

Ok, don't get scared, I'm not gonna stalk ya or anything too weird....just had to take a minute to let ya know...your home is such an inspiration, your written word makes me actually smile, caught myself laughing a bit even!!!

A week later a great friendship was born.
We now email, phone chat and
the friendship grows.
Another blessing from blogging is noted.

Her patterns were always HUGE sellers
in the shows my pals and I did,
and Sonja only asks that you
 credit Hickety Pickety when you 
do make them to sell.

I'm guessing many of you will
 instantly recognize her style,
say yeah, I remember these
and wonder, where did she go?
Sonja did take a long break 
but she's BACK
with even more great ideas.
You should get to know this talented,
funny, wacky lady
I now call my friend.

You too can easily purchase 
her patterns and completed goods
 from her Etsy shop...right...

If you visit my guest post please leave a comment
for Sonja so I can get out of hot water.

OK Sonja I did it,
now undo the Caps Lock
love ya girl

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jar Jar (Binks)

If you 

are still
and quiet

and look around

 patterns emerge

in your decor
in yourself

You must decide 
if change is required
if change is necessary

If you always make the same choices
should you ever expect a different outcome?

I am drawn to repetition
in my decor
in my profession choices
in my life choices

patterns emerge

be still
 pay attention

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hanging Around Oldgreymare

A few things that "hang" around Z's place