Monday, August 28, 2023

Rainbow Bridge Day


Eisenhower (Howie)

 Howie   Justice

Liberty (Libbey)


Saturday, August 19, 2023

Rainbow and UH OH

Yesterday was this gorgeous rainbow
Full side to side and a double! 

And the...

Looks like my kiddos and I are both in for some 
"Weather" with a capital W.

Constant boomies, and alerts on radio,
tv and phones.

Here in Vegas many of the houseless
live in massive storm drains and the local 
emergency folks have been trying to move them
 and all their belongings ( including furniture etc) 
out of there as quickly 
as possible so that their belongings 
don't wash out and block 
small drains. Teams have been going all
 over the city clearing drains of debris,
as much as they can.
Even a light sustained rain here can cause serious
flooding, and foolish tourists and idiot locals
do NOT heed warnings and have to be rescued
or worse. 
When I first moved here in the 70's, it was common
 for many of the parking garages to flood entirely,
and even grand hotels to have dripping water 
during storms. All the streets flooded 
but decades of building water retention basins 
solved a good bit. The basins were used as parks and 
soccer fields. Win Win 

The LA folks are also worried about high winds
and mud slides. My neighbor has a dangerous, 
nearly dead, pine tree that concerns me.
It could take off the front of my house.
We shall see.
Hopefully the concern is a reaction to the horrors
of HI and BC.
Let's see what all the climate deniers 
have to say about a tropical storm almost in Vegas?
Although it will no longer be a tropical here, but it 
will be the first to hit CA since 1939.

I tried unsuccessfully to load a video of Walter 
on here, but it is on my IG if you love him.

Stay safe - and Be prepared,
not just when emergencies loom,
but always, every day.  




Friday, August 4, 2023

Said it Best-

  I have loved these two for years

 Margaret and Helen

We've all read, listened, and watched 

the insanity for far too many years.

These two are saying what I have been ranting 

to anyone who will listen, but they are funnier than I,

which it makes it more frightening and 

important with all that is at stake. 

It's worth a read- honest