Sunday, July 29, 2018

Two of a Kind

When a shirt is cute and comfortable,
you may find yourself reflected back at a summer party.

My girls:
Helene and Hannah

Smart Accomplished Funny and Kind

and obviously share similar taste

Monday, July 23, 2018

All Fun and Games Till Somebody Gets a Cone

If you don't follow me on IG this is news.
Howie and I were back once more 
at emergency vet on Saturday.
He scratched his eye and infection set in uber fast 
and he was in agony.

He really hates the cone and can't go 
out dog door or navigate the stairs.
I moved his bed against the couch
within reach for petting and rubs.


Mama has to let him outside as he
does that frequently day and night
 through dog door, and I also comfort him
 and stop him from trying to 
constantly rip off cone and scratch.
He has Houdini skills.

DR said it is extremely itchy and meds
can only partially soothe.
Three days to relief it says and today is #3.

 I've been back on couch as he'll whimper 
and cry if I'm upstairs without him.
 I have not slept 
a continuous 2 hours since Friday night.
Most of you know I wasn't sleeping well 
anyway but jeez this is hard.
I'm a zombie.

I try to limit my activities as
he follows me everywhere and 
he does not manage the cone well smashing
into everything. Of course current vision 
in only one eye is a huge hindrance 
to depth perception and peripheral vision. 

I feel like we're the two poster children
of geriatric medicine these past 10 months.

I repeat my prayers of gratitude
on a constant loop, but I am getting weary.
Tests and new Drs in August.

As long as I don't have to wear a cone.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Whiplash and Freefall

When I'm 64
I will believe that 65 is still a ways off.

Then yesterday it was here,
in all it's - glory?

Wonderful calls from kids and friends,
a lunch with a great friend,
and a goodie box of pampering goods from
the kiddos topped off my 64th year.

I do not mind being 65.
What I do mind is the constant whiplash
I feel from the criminal actions of #45.
Every time I think this is it;
this is what will finally wake up 
that malevolent side of America;
I go back into freefall, 
praying for a safe landing.

Take away all the horrific maneuverings we have 
been forced to watch unfold and narrow
the focus to just the smallest of us
in this world.

Remove religions, races and ethnicities
and pare down to the core of our humanity.
Loving and caring for the 
children of the entire world.

If you cannot believe in that,
fight for that,
despair over that,
then your humanity is gone.

If every query of what path to follow
began with the question
"what is best for ALL the children?"
perhaps we all could once more 
feel safe and proud.

free falling

I can no longer handle roller coasters
or airplane turbulence.
Those sensations are terrifying to me.

I can sue for whiplash,
could I sue #45 and friends for causing me 
the same mental anguish
of humanity's free fall?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Drawers Drawers Drawers

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hot and Happy Independance

Nature's Fireworks