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Saturday, May 15, 2021

It Was Time

In fact, it was FAR past time.
After the vaccine and my trip to CA,
it was time to get this ole hair trimmed.
My beloved gal Jess, who is moving to OR
 in less than a month
said barely anyone would be in the shop so 
I jumped at the chance to see her one last time.
She did a deep condition and then cut off about 4"
and gave me some beach waves. 
I will miss her - 6 years seeing her every month.

 I was feeling pretty comfortable about being out and about,

So right after, I went to Walmart to return a few things I had bought on line.
I was masked but then so was everyone, so I decided to shop a bit
and it was nice. I felt 99% safe and still was careful but it
almost felt normal.

The best part was three different shoppers and two employees told me 
they loved my hair! I was shocked. I assumed it still looked pretty
weird but they all thought I had "done"the ombre look
 and asked me where I had it done.
I replied It's COVID hair- I just didn't dye my hair for 15 months.
I saved over $1500 and got this instead,
and yes, my hair does grow pretty fast.

Daughter and Daughter in law had been telling me it was cool,
but I thought they were just being nice.

who knew?
they did.


Sunday, May 9, 2021

California and Contemplations


Walter and I headed for CA around 8:30

on a Wednesday morning. I was already tired before 

I got in the car after packing for several days.

I had to get the many table floral arrangements for the wedding in the car: 

yes, it's been rescheduled for the fourth time.

 Remember these from Feb 2020?

I knew there would not be room

in the car come Sept with four adults, Walter and all the crap

 we would be taking down.

Just like this trip I have to pack many medical supplies, 

medicines and backup meds, a concentrator, 

portable tanks, nebulizer and meds, extra tanks, 

c-pap and cpap cleaner, Walter, kennel. bed, toys, food, dishes, treats, 

plus a few Christmas presents that were too heavy to send after 

they didn't end up coming last year, and of course the reg stuff -suitcase etc.

All of it had to be at one low level, so I could easily see out the windows, because 

I hadn't driven on a freeway in 15 months and I was NERVOUS.

Walter whined/ cried and whimpered the first 90 minutes.


He was so upset that I stopped in Barstow and bought him a burger,

he wouldn't touch it, but he finally did settle down.

I was going to be the first parent to see the kids new house. That is

how Ben enticed me down there. I am often the last to see or know stuff,

so smart guy, it worked.

Now for point of reference, Walter has not seen another dog

except through a window or on tv 

since he was 8 weeks old, and had only briefly met

 one other human about 8 months before.

I was concerned, but hoped for the best.

Walter and I have been totally alone for 15 months.

We were throwing him into the deep end of the pool.

He was meeting 6 adults, 3 other dogs and staying in a strange house 

and yard. We had our moments but we muddled through.

He never did warm up to David, Hannah's large husky, 

in fact Walter was often aggressive toward him, but

David just ignored the 3 small ones, Mr Mellow. 

The damn video of the first meeting won't load onto the blog!!

 grrrrrrr blogger

so go here to see it if you'd like

Anyhoot -so wonderful to hug other people and be with the 4 

best folks ever and 2 of their besties. 

We just hung out, laughed, talked for hours, 

 and ate lots of great food.

I helped them plant their huge raised garden that Ben built,

and went to a gorgeous nursery in Culver called Rolling Greens.

My dear blog friend Carole had given me a Christmas gift certificate there

in 2019 but with covid, last month was my first chance to go.

I bought this gorgeous pot and succulents. 

It's right outside my kitchen window so I think

of Carole every day. 

Contemplations Part

It was fairly overwhelming to be around folks.

I found that commotion, even the good kind, was unsettling.

I stayed until the following Tuesday and though sad to leave, I also

found I was anxious to return to my solitude and my small world.

I told my daughter that I was proud that I got through those months

 without going batshit crazy

 but I've come to realize that difficult time alone affected me far more than 

I ever imagined.  I no longer have tv on as background company - ever.

I am very selective in what I listen to and watch, 

and still read about a book a day.

Instagram and all the influencers are wearing thin for me. 

I enjoyed them. I like many of the gals, and admire their stamina for 

doing what they do, but... nope it takes too much of my time and

my energy to think about their lives. I have kept several cooks, DIYers, vintage

and animal sites, and of course friends that I regularly correspond with.

I stopped following so many before my trip, and quite a few more when I returned.

It is not a negative thing, I think of it the same way as I do when I purge anything.

I want the time I have left to be conscious, selective time.

Does that make sense? Well, it only really has to matter to me I guess.


I love writing to folks that I have real relationships with,

and of course chatting with very old chums

 is always a pleasure, but I have no desire to go out and about

or shop anywhere but on line.

I'm open to meeting new folks and making real connections,

if that happens, terrific!

The politics of all this just has me shut out any desire to engage

too far out into the world,

though I do keep knowledgable about facts, the REAL ones.

I've found a lot more peace in this new method- the opposite of what 

most folks felt these past 15 months

who couldn't wait, cannot wait, to get back out among the masses. 

I'm happy here and content is not a bad word.


The weekend after I left, Ben's MIL came to visit, and the following

weekend his dad had to fly in.  LOL 

They couldn't stand it

 but I still was there first hehe

Monday, February 22, 2021

Good Morning

Walter loves his little bed.
It is a flexible crate lined with a crate bed,
and then two very fluffy throws inside,
bought just for him.
Since it is near the garage door which is drafty
because of doggie door I threw
 a double layer of a throw over top to keep cozy, 
and a rug beneath because of tile floors.
90% of the time he naps with me on the couch under my covers 
tucked in behind my knees, but now and again
he retreats into here, and ALWAYS does if caught being naughty.

Just like me he is slow to rise from a nap.
He cracks me up. There were maybe an additional
four or five yawns in there I did not show.

Then he's out like a shot and does not slow down
 until the next nap or bedtime.

Still no side effects from shot other than being tired 
the next day. Back to normal yesterday,
 which means normal tired from lack of sleep,
always an issue.



Sunday, February 21, 2021

#1 In The Bag /In the Arm

On Thursday Morning, the State of NV

 announces that as of that morning

 65 and over are now eligible for vaccine! Woot!

This begins a long two long days of registering

on multiple sites to be called for appt and 

refreshing a dozen other sites all day trying to 

snag an appt. 

By Friday night my frustration level was

in full bloom and I decided to bag it in and

watch some tv.

About 10 minutes before 9pm, I suddenly thought

go to Walgreens (across the street from me).

I get these "premonition" moments a lot in my life

and I've learned to go with them.

I thought, it's 1 hour till the pharmacy closes,

maybe they have leftovers, or at least they can help me 

to stop being kicked off the sign up list.

I walked straight to the back corner,

 asked if there was a trick to the site and a gal in the back

says we have one left, you want it?


By 10 I had it, and was back home.

Son and Daughter in law also got one Friday through

a test run with Govt and National Guard in CA - open to all ages.

My arm is just a tiny bit sore at the site, no other side effects, 

but the kids got bad headaches and very sore arms.

If all continues to go well, I can see my family or 1/2 of them in April.

 A tiny peek back into normalcy.

The upsetting thing was the wonderful gal who gave 

me my shot has been vaccinating at long term care facilities all week.

She said 30% of the employees were refusing the shot.


I read that 30% refusal, denial, is for the population in general.

Also many teachers demanding to be vaccinated,

while still many others are refusing.

All the misinformation and fear is going to drag this out

for years while the variants continue to mutate.

500,000 dead, in 1 year, in one country, 

and still some folks say it's just a bad cold.

If this disease caused oral, nasal and anal bleeding like ebola

would folks still say it's just another flu or would they be demanding

help? That number, half a million, has become so large, over so much time 

that people have become numb to it.

Not to me

I am grateful that science and medicine and Drs

are doing everything they can to save my life and

the lives of my loved ones. I pray that all people, in all countries,

are given the opportunity to continue living.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Still Here - Still An Old Grey (white) Mare

I've been missing in action since just before Christmas.
Not for any negative reason, just busy with my home
and sewing-crafting, planning, reading and 
if I'm honest - and friends will tell you I can
be brutally honest,
I just wanted a break from social media.

No that I do much to begin with, 
but I found myself following 
too many folks on IG and since I never cared
about the numbers I began deleting in mass.
I still have more to go.

I do follow several influencers but they are mostly 
food related, diy'ers or folks who I have actual long term
connections to thru blogging so many years.
I also now skip over any of their promotional content, 
as at my age, I know what works for me, and what I like
in makeup, deodorant, vitamins and food service etc.
I look at around 10 each morning and that's enough,
done in less than 15 minutes.

Do not get me started on my opinions of social media,
the good, the bad, and the ugly.
This blog was always intended as my personal journal
and the fact that some of you came along was
added blessings, and I am ever thankful, as I
followed you in turn and we've become friends.

I'm reading like a mad woman again, 
a book a day usually,
writing stories for StoryWorth, a gift from son Ben,
and futzing around the house with repairs and updates.
Changed out guest room decor, 
and lots in the master and I'm liking it.
Painting some furniture and canvases and plotting
spring and summer outdoor plans.
Will show soon.
In case you are wondering all plans to move
are on indefinite hold. Just can't swing the financials.
Disappointing but still glad I purged.
I do a little purging still each week.

A couple peeks of room changes

new bedding master

new queen for guest room

Also let my hair color just grow on out as you can see.
This is since mid last February, luckily my hair grows
fast and at first it weirded me out but I've gotten to like it.

The underneath hair is almost solid white but it was
shorter to begin with. When I pin up, which I do often,
 very little of the old color shows.
I also love the cost savings. $1500 so far.
Once the grey hits my shoulders all over, I will trim
 and then hopefully one more a few months later 
and I will be predominately an old white mare.

Talked to my hairdresser today and she said
"Why did we ever color and cut it? I love it this way."
My kids and pals seem to also.

It's been a long year without my kids.
I made the decision for the kids to stay home for Christmas.
The sacrifices they were willing to make
made me feel guilty so I kabashed the whole plan,
and we did a great zoom holiday instead.
But then I had to ship everything to them,
which would have been free if I had known.

It's been an entire year alone inside my home with Walter.
Yep 365 days and nights-who would have imagined?
It's been difficult in a few ways, but also Ok with my crazy
weirdo making me laugh each day.
You really should check him out on IG if you haven't already.
Hannah says repeatedly
"What a weirdo"

Waiting for vaccine- praying for, though unlikely conviction of #45,
with additional convictions of state crimes by him, cronies and offspring,
and praying that the supposed 30% will change their minds,
  do the right thing, and be vaccinated.

Stay safe Stay well

With love