Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Light

I was all set to talk about the light coming into my dining room 
and then darling daughter sent me these photos.
The light in their eyes beats everything else hands down.
They are traveling thru northern CA on vacation.

They are simply mad for each other.

How can my sweet girl be this beautiful woman already.
I had just taken her to college when I began the blog. 

My dearest son and Helene have been happily married for over a year!
They went deep sea fishing to celebrate.
I am so blessed. 

Here is the dining room anyway..

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Reboot on HULU

It's streaming now

Reboot on HULU

Yep those are the girls!

Screen shot as their "card" rolled past
Mama so very proud of them

First three episodes are on now

The couples at last nights premier

Will, Jenny, Hannah, Nick


Sunday, September 11, 2022

I'm Here

Quick trip to LA to see kiddos in August

Hot Hot Hot in La La Land and LA land

Fabulous food and a first meeting with

Hannah's beau Nick.

He is wonderful and she is glowing.

Hannah and I did a little thrifting, hit a few small shops in Culver,

  we always do a Target run,

and some fabulous meals out and at their homes. 

Today I'm laying out a few fall looks.

The small framed piece I found thrifting in CA

The dried flowers are from the bouquet Nick gave me

 the moment we met- very classy 

Gave this piece in my powder room a refresh

This was also in the bouquet. I just let them dry in the vase.
I love the sculptural effect they have. Those leaves!!!

The happy couple
The very happy couple 

And a sweet story.
While shopping I saw this elephant in a shop, and for
 some reason was very drawn to him.
I reminded Hannah of my Dad's toy elephant Tony,
and his subsequent gifting me with elephants,
and then I became very weepy.
We left the store and sat right outside for a happy hour drink.

Suddenly I remembered it was dad's birthday.
Aha! So that's why I carried the elephant
 with me all around the store all weepy.

Hannah took a quick run to the ladies,
or so I thought.
Not five minutes later she gave me this.
My girl is such a sweetheart.

Now - full out weeping.
You can see my new "Tony"peeking out of the top.

My small world is doing alright.
As for the rest of the world;
 man, are we in trouble. 

We all need to make better choices for the planet.
We all need to care for those less fortunate.
We all need to search out the truths,
not follow blindly leaders who care only for their wealth and power.
We all need to be prepared for disasters, as we can afford,
so as not to tax services that others need more
than we do.
We all need to donate to causes that affect change,
even if it is a mere $5.00 a month.
We can make a difference, 
and we should certainly try.

Much love