Monday, August 4, 2014

My Troop Of Four

Hannah Anam Ben Blake

Kudos must be given to my Troop
who pulled off a fabulous Birthday Brunch
on Saturday.

Ben printed out custom omelet menus
and the guests checked off their requests
 and he got to work!
14 custom omelets came out 
of my wee kitchen and we fed them 
lots of other sweets and savories.
See the tip jar?
That was my friend Annie's idea..hilarious
and he got some tips hehe

We had some peach and Proseco 
mimosas ( polished off 7 bottles actually)
We drank the eighth bottle at breakfast this morning.
Trader Joes
Dixie Peach Juice and Proseco
Try it!

Ben and Anam left this afternoon 
and had a horrible drive home, but arrived safely.
An LA to Vegas  trip, and the reverse can go south quickly...
today was one of those days..
Hannah and Blake leave tomorrow.

Of course you all know 
I am in heaven when my four 
are here at home, or I am there with them.
I am so blessed that they were able to 
share the day with all my gal pals.
My friends were able to see first hand these 
wonderfully funny, polite, kind, accomplished young adults.
Mama so proud of this troop.

and oh my, the wonderful gifts 
I was showered with!
I was very spoiled by all.


Many of you already know
because we email privately,
but sadly I have news about my friends
 who moved to MN.
Mr. arrived by private plane from CA hospital
to MN hospital on Sunday morning.
Moving van to their newly purchased home
arrived Monday.....

and because the universe is a mystery
and often cruel and we cannot ever understand 
the whys....
Mr. died quietly two days later on Wednesday.

Mrs. is devastated and now has to rebuild a new life
far away from her friends.
The move was solely done to help Mr with his 
advancing health issues..and now....
the future is turned inside out for her.

We love her, we miss her.
We send her our thoughts and prayers constantly.
Please add her to your prayers.

May everyone have a week of grace.