Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dearest Post #194

Dearest is 24 today.

Happy Birthday. I am so proud of you and love you a thousand times more. The fact that this is the only recent pic I have of you is proof that you are too far away, and that I need to take more photos when I do see you.

Although you have heard the story a hundred times before, others haven't. You were a huge baby and even after 9 hours of drugs to start labor I did not have one contraction. When we were informed they were going to do a C-section, your Dad and I (OK, only I started to panic), not about the c-section, but because we had no insurance. As I'm being wheeled to the OR I am fretting all over the place about how we were going to pay for you, with your Dad running along side saying "shh now".

Thankfully, all went well, you were healthy as could be, and when you weighed in at 10lbs. 3 oz, I was ever so grateful to pay any of the costs, to not have delivered you in another manner.

You were a wonderful baby, adorable toddler, loving and cantankerous pre-teen, smart and talented teenager, and now an honest, kind and admirable man. Your family adores you. You are surrounded by friends and Sweet Miranda, who love you and support you. You are living a good life.

Now, send me some better photos pronto ;-0

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Give Away Clarification POST # 193

In order to be eligible for the giveaway you must be a follower by my 200th post, which is now 7 posts from now. I do not know when the exact date will be, but I would guess sometime in early Feb. I will announce the winner in my 200th post. Hope that clears up any questions you may have, sorry for the confusion. I must remember to put the cart AFTER the horse, Suzan, AFTER the horse. Being an oldgreymare shouldn't I know that?

Monday, January 25, 2010

White Wednesday and a Give-Away!

Having nothing to do with anything else, but ooh-la-la
How embarrassing to be a GH addict. How did this happen? Darling daughter finds it ludicrous. I find it to be so much fun! After not watching for about 12 years or so, to now watching every episode. Do you think it might have ANYTHING to do with this guy? nah........
As I told Sarah today, my Dante beats her Johnny (Zachara) any day!
On to the real post below....
Playing around tonight with the new post editor on blogger, and it definitely loads pictures more efficiently and such, but I have run into so many other issues that I reverted back to old editor. Definitely did not see better "ease of use". I never did figure out how to space between the photos. Of course the night I decided to get an early jump on WW, resulted in me fiddling around with placement on here for hours. I'll figure out the new fangled editor some other day. It's a process, isn't it fellow bloggers? Unless you are really computer savvy, it is like trying to find your umbrella in a closet with a burned out bulb!

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with age. Of course I could be sensitive about it today after spending hours at the mall store trying to pick out my new cell phone. Droid/ no droid, google phone/Iphone if it becomes server choice. Good grief! I caught the 20ish salesgirl doing a few eye-rolls as I asked questions, but as soon as I asked her if she was on commission she became friendlier. Funny thing that...Anyway, I still do not have new phone, not until April it turns out. crazy, silly, OK, Plain STUPID rules.

Came home and out of frustration, I fiddled some more with vignettes.

I haven't changed the hinged drawers in this piece in years, so I cleaned out all the old potpourri and wooden stars and such, scrubbed them out, and then dumped sand into them!

I had some lovely shells stored in the garage, so I hauled them out and tossed them in, and this is how they landed.

Please enjoy all the other WW's hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm, over there to the left.
<---------------------------- I have my 200th post coming up very quickly, and I am going to do a GIVE AWAY to thank all of you. You will be eligible if you are a follower of oldgreymare. So sign up and be entered. I'm planning lots of surprises and cannot wait to see who will win the prize!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday just playing around

reflected in mirror coming down stairs

It is still a little nippy today but the rain has stopped for now. It is supposed to return by Saturday. Drat! My garage sale will get a bit wet, or have to be rescheduled. Locals on my email list will get a heads up and previews- stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I've been fiddling with some vignettes, watching "Bell, Book and Candle" and nesting.

Gal pal Paula took me to Sweet Tomatoes last night for dinner. Thank you dear! Darling daughter does not like it there, so Paula knows I do not eat there often. Great couscous last night.

One of darling daughter's video art projects here. Unlike the younger generation, I am still in awe of this technology that allows her to post her video on the internet with ease, and link it to me via ichat and talk to me about it on Skype all at the same time. My folks would have been confused and timid about it all. I am trying to catch up to all of the above, and keep up with my kid's help. Although I can text, I don't use it often, mostly because of my teeney keys on my current phone. The kids are convinced once I switch phones I will join the texting pack. Dearest son has talked me into an android phone. Android - YIKES! Star wars stuff right?

Happy Monday Folks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

99 cents a lb brussels sprout

When they are this cheap, guess what is for dinner? They were SO delicious.

If you missed my first adventure roasting sprouts, you can see it here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pajama Day

It is Wednesday night, past 11 somethin' and I have decided to spend all day tomorrow in my pj's. There. A proclamation of sorts.

Now, don't go thinking that there was anything wrong with today that would make me want to spend all day Thursday in my very old, very holey, unmatched set of man's pajamas. NO, NOT THAT man.

Today was actually a lovely day. I actually slept 6 hours the night before; a three week record. Then my friend Stephanie came by and we did a long lunch at Panera and then took a stroll through the District shops, PB and Anthropologie of course. PB had some fabulous new items and their displays were some of their best ever. Shoot, I meant to mention that to the manager. We got some great ideas for Steph's house, saw some fab bird houses, then off to Anthro. Where...drum roll....they had Etcetera, the book I've been craving, back in stock. So, went off the budget and treated myself.

Came home to a wonderful Idaho email from Kristin, four long phone chats with Sarah, Pam, Paula and Suzi. Made myself poor man's mac and cheese- don't ask it's disgusting but darling daughter and I love it.'s cooked elbow macaroni, a little butter, grated cheese and ketchup. Told ya it was bad.

I cannot imagine a better way to follow up this day, than to spend tomorrow being a lazy hoot. I'll fiddle in the studio, maybe start a new novel, watch GH at 2:00, maybe take a nap. Tonight I will snuggle on the porch sofa with my gorgeous new book, enjoying the rain downpour on the tin roof. I wish wonderful tomorrows for all of you whatever you choose to do or have to do.

I will try not to feel guilty at this indulgence, considering what is happening in the world, but rather count all my bountiful blessings and say prayers for those not as fortunate. Please know I count all of you as blessings. That you stop by here to share in my musings, meanderings and occasional mush means the world to me. Consider yourself hugged big time.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Robert B Parker

I've been collecting Parker novels for several years now. I'm a few shy of owning the entire collection. I discovered by accident the Spenser series and fell instantly in love with the characters. I read three out of sequence and then had all my area libraries send each novel they had over to the library 2 blocks away so that I could read them in order. Then I hunkered down and read them almost round the clock until I was current.

Mr. Parker passed away yesterday. He was 77. I will miss Mr. Parker.

I am so saddened by this news. Not only has this author died but my beloved characters cease. I feel a double sense of loss.

My homage to Parker is this referral to these novels if you have never experienced them. I like the Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall series also but Spenser is my all time favorite detective. Read them in order if you can, it is better that way.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gathering Registration

Registration for A Blushing Valentine will close Wednesday January 20th, in order for me to have enough time to develop the kits.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Christmas Bracelet

Just got this pic of my beautiful bracelet from it's designer, my friend Sarah. I had wanted to show it last week, but did not have a good pic. I love it! I had requested a bracelet made of up of different objects and it could not have turned out better. Everyone loves it, and she is now making unique, individual bracelets for many of our friends. They are very affordable and she can make one for you too! Get in line... If you are interested, please leave me a comment on how she should contact you.

I'm having her make me another necklace too. I'm providing some family items for her to work into the design. I was gifted a necklace from Sarah last year,

similar in theme, and every single time I wear it, I get stopped by people asking me about it. Sarah is extremely talented, uses only the best quality materials and she is a true artisan.

Time for change-White to Dark Woods

After many years of making my own advents and teaching students how to make theirs, I came across this beauty at Matilda's Mouse in 08, and snatched it right up. I do not know the artist's name. It has hung above my computer desk since then. I'm planning to convert it to a glitter laden Christmas advent, like the one I sold in December, retaining most of the pieces, just adding more glitter and gleam.

Receive a 25% off coupon and free shipping from PB and look what happens! The white advent disappears and in it's place, these new charmers. What fun it will be to find treasures to fill up the 50 cubbies and because each has 25 spaces it will still be a Holiday advent countdown!

Under my desk are these constant companions. Justice on the left, Eisenhower (Howie) on the right. Both look like deer caught in the headlights. Say the word "stay" and they freeze like that. Cracks me up! Since several people have inquired, these guys are cocker spaniels, never wearing a cocker cut, no one ever knows. They are Roans, tri colors, which you seldom see. I've only seen these two. We originally had Liberty, our beautiful Golden, and Justice. After Liberty died, we acquired another cocker and I refused to name him For All. We wanted something political and after much discussion..EISENHOWER, My Dad's favorite president was named. Odd, in a very liberal household. I wanted to call him IKE, but darling daughter's Howie won out. Of course she was right.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Blushing Valentine Peek #2

Everything sweet for Valentine's Day is not always pink roses. Blue linen roses on a needle case for a special friend is just as charming.

Monday, January 11, 2010

So before she left for college, darling daughter left this taped inside my fridge to encourage me to stick to a healthier diet.

Yesterday I found this one taped to the other side. That girl cracks me up every time.

Gathering - Valentine banner in it's original state

Length so far-

This evening mine is baking in the oven. Mine needs to be grungy. Lots of different color combos and add-ons all ready for my students. Some will end up being lacy pretty, some will be all bright red. I've been seeing these everywhere so I thought we should get in on the fun. For 10 years I've been making my banners from crepe and various papers. It will be nice to have a more permanent alternative, and I cannot wait to see what the girls come up with when making theirs.

1/12/10 Here is mine this morning after baking: wrinkled, darker and grungy. Love it!

Tomorrow another sneak peek at one of the projects. Just a few spots left, so let me know soon if you are planning to attend.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Blushing Valentine

A Blushing Valentine Gathering
February 6, 2010
10 am-3 pm

  • This will be the first class of 2010 and what I can tell you so far is there are flowers and a tussy mussy, a banner, and sweet valentines involved and sweet, soft ivory, pale pinks and supple linens, oh, and a few hearts. After all, it is Valentines Day the next weekend. As always, there are a variety of projects, all beginner friendly, with techniques that can be used again and again. A light lunch will be served.
  • Space is limited to eight students and on a first come basis. A fee of $65.00 is required to reserve your space and is non-refundable.
  • Come join me as we share good food, great company and create wonderful folk art. It is a day of rejuvenation. It is a day away from the job, the family, and the chores. It is a day dedicated to you and your imagination and creativity. Reconnect with friends and make new ones.
  • Upon registration you will receive a tool list. A Blushing Valentine will require a sewing machine. This is very simple sewing, but you must know how to operate and thread your machine. Friends can share a machine and that is encouraged to save space.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Justice's opinion

The opinion of Justice (there on the left) is that all this foolishness should be over. Please tell me if any of the rest of you have living rooms that look like this. I am usually right on this task and by now, everything is back in their appropriate places on the garage shelves. If this is an indication of my sluggishness for 2010, not a good sign. I'll finish up today but not without a long day, and I know I won't have time to get all the icy stuff and stencils off all the windows. See what we, (well, maybe it IS only me) have to do out here in the desert to get the Winter feeling? I should have it, because I have only had heat a couple days so far this season. Furnace has been temperamental, and while reading in the evening, I've been wearing wool scarves, heavy sweaters and gloves. When you can see your breath in the morning mirror it is time to call the repair guys..again. But hey, spring is just around the corner, and the air conditioner is still under warranty, thank heaven.

Announcing Gathering info Saturday morning, so stop on back. I'd better get back to Operation Christmas Take Down. I've had enough of the raspberries from Justice. (If you haven't already noticed, check out her tongue). Oh, I know a few of you gals are newbies to blogging, so click in the center of the pic and it will magnify for you. Not all pics on all blogs do this, but most of mine will.

* several people emailed today wondering how I photo shopped Justice and the tongue. Folks, that IS her tongue. Poor baby, was born with a tongue too large for her mouth and for 9 years we have had large vet bills because of it, horrible teeth issues and her nose is constantly irritated from the licking. No one else wanted her, but we love her. It doesn't always hang out like that, only when she is giving me attitude.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

White Wednesday 2010

Everyday simple white

oh my stars

darling and dearest moons ago

favorite shade

It's all about the crystals

Basic White Everyday

Morning Coffee

Favorite mini lamp - My Great Aunt's shell buttons
Pine cone from near Viola's grave

It's all about texture

The perfect tureen

What's next - so far on my kitchen calendar

Last look at Christmas

the party is over
and so is this post- I'm taking down Christmas
and if you follow regularly you know..there was a LOT of Christmas
I'll be back to chat and share new stuff in a few days.

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