Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm going to need a bigger tree.

There are a few seats remaining -
email for info.
I am busy making additional samples
 for my Gathering and preparing
the yard for a pot luck at my house
this weekend.
I must admit I am relieved
I will not be dealing with snow.

In honor of the day

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Making more samples for 

I LOVE Paper. 
Always have
My Dad used to bring home paper sample books  
he received in his position as 
Director of Advertising for several companies.

I adored them and happily cut and pasted for hours.

There are many more projects 
but I like to leave some surprises.
The HOLIDAY Gatherings are the 
grandaddy of Gatherings.
More projects, more food, more gifts,
 and a house full of 
snow and glitter and holiday spirit.
Join me.


Sign up now:
All supplies included
Sit down meal 
Limited to 10 students.
Email me for info.

All designs property of oldgreymare

the tree..
Someone will ask, they always do.
I made the tree years ago by wrapping cotton batting 
around each limb of an ugly old green artificial one
I had sheared down.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birth of a Gathering and Good Fortune

I believe I process things bass-akwards.
I announce a Gathering and then I start to design.
Often I search through my supplies to identify quantities
of products that I already possess to help keep class fees lower. I buy during sales and clearance never knowing
what they will become.

I have had so many inquiries 
about the hearts that Jill taught us to make.
( Now I know they are everywhere but Jill taught me)
So she gets the credit.
I had hundreds of cut strips from another
 project so hearts it is!

I have felted balls by the dozens
( no snide remarks now- behave)
So they screamed Snowmen.
He is also adorable as an ornament and 
done up with glitter and mica.

I had paper mache boxes and bottle brush trees so..
It seems a theme of browns and creams and type is developing ..but of course glitter will enter soon.
These are just a few of the samples
 I am playing with for my next Gathering.
"Love is all Around"

Yep, that would be me inside those pages of the new issue of Where Women Create.
Some of you may remember my post about meeting 
Jo and Ryne last March. 
It was a very special day for me and now
the magazine is out, or will be soon in your area
and what a thrill!
Thank you so much WWC,
and thank you for all the kind words from
all my friends. 

In other news:
Guess what? I WON

I should go gamble, though I NEVER do,
but the stars are sure shining for me this week.
CA lottery maybe?

 I hope there is enough white in here Kathleen :D
 for me to  join White Wednesday.
I haven't partied with you for weeks and I want to. lol

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You say TomAto, I say TomatO

OCT 24  Cindy commented on "Utah and Shakespeare"
"lol! fat wrists! I was talking to my friend about that very thing and 
our chins growing as we get older..Friends are great!
Prayers are being sent!

I replied

"wrists, chin hairs and just wait, you are still young...crotch jowls...
No seriously....

October 24 Cindy writes again
"It really hurts when Dr Pepper shoots out your nose! I was reading
your email while taking a sip.OMG I don't even want to know 
about crotch jowls! That is the funniest damn thing I have ever heard.
Where do you come up with this stuff? You need to write a book!
XO and spewed dr. Pepper

I replied

well, I looked down at my well...crotch..and there they were....
jowls...overnight... they came like someone was pulling frickin' taffy and quit!
Lord, the tribulations of women!
Sorry about the pepper

Now seriously.. Where else can you have stimulating,
enriching conversations like this?
Where else can you spew soda out of your nose
 and pee yourself, just a little mind you,
while bonding with like minded souls?

These NON bloggers are clueless to the joys 
and the je ne sais quoi of women 
sharing their lives of opulence and culture; 
their eloquent command of the English language, 
utilizing grande vocabulary such as 
spewed and pee and crotch.

oh, the masses who remain ignorant of blogdom, 
the peasants who never know 
of the lives we live.
sad, is it not?

BTW I love Cindy and she is VERY funny
so a few hours later I am conversing 
with my SIL about my attempt to ascertain
 whether or not my cocker Justice had gone blind in one eye,
because she keeps slamming into the open refrigerator door.
"SO I covered the good eye with one hand 
and then waved my other hand in front of her face
to see if her eye would track the movement."
and Sarah with her brilliant wit that cracks me up,
suggested perhaps I should hold up a few fingers
 and ask Justice "How many fingers do you see?"

Following right on the heels of that exchange,
 I  thought we were discussing something about her 
old Volvo, but I guess not only Justice needs 
to have her abilities examined, but I do too,
since the topic had switched to a woman's Vulva.
Not even close.

Directory assistance?
The number for free hearing exams?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Utah and Shakespeare

Went  here

with gal pal Sue...
to see...

( link )


( link )

Plays were quite lovely
no Shakespeare though

Company of Sue was grand-
we shopped -
ate a little-
talked non stop 
3 hours up
all day Saturday till midnight
all Sunday Morning
and all the way home.
Sue only made 2 wrong turns
( I learned she does not read signs while driving)
and only tried to kill me in the car once.

Conversations ran the gamut -
 kids, ex's, friendships, food, varicose veins,
fat wrists, insane school system,
sex, food, home design, 
Christmas trees, food, purses,
antiques, wagon wheels, hair dye,
crazy people we know,
crazy people we are,
 more kids,
more food.
Is there ANYTHING better?
I love you girlie
and yes, I will trim your bloomin' Christmas trees.

What did ya'll do this weekend?
some clean up of blog business:
For the  50th time:
If you do not have your email IN -  I mean IN - no really,
your profile, please consider doing so...
It is too hard trying to track you down otherwise..sorry
but I have floors to sweep and Gatherings to plan,
and trees to trim and WWC to read ( lol )
and there is no time for me to play 

(just an excuse for me to have him here  hehe)

Will Kathy who comments please let me know 
who you are and how to contact you?

Smudge, formerly known as Houdini is bathed, trimmed,
happy and running the household. 
He sleeps in the bed with Mom, Dad and 1 sibling.
Mom promises pictures soon.

There will be a Holiday Gathering!
"Love is all Around"
Date to be determined.
Contact ASAP if you are interested.
First few signs ups will determine date, 
so if you want a  SATURDAY or a SUNDAY, tell me quick!
Multiple projects this go round.
Seating is limited.

For local pals
We want to do potluck at my house 
like last year in the back yard.
Same fab group with maybe everyone bringing 
some new friends to meet and nosh with?
Who's up for it before weather turns too cold?

I need some prayers sent up and out for several pals.
Some dear local friends, several blog friends.
Serious stuff going on.
I'm knocking on the cosmos and the heavens,
guys, add some power to it OK?
love you too 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Beginning-The Middle

Yeah, I've been absent.
Still feeling punky but no complaints,
it is a process one must endure to
 come out the other side.
If you have no beginning, no middle,
there will be no end.

Much is going on in my small world,
some pretty sad and awful, some glorious,
just like your life I suppose.

Again, another process; 
the good, the bad and the ugly.
All part of a day, a week, a life.

The last buds of the year on my sorely neglected bushes
tell the simple story.

They open so quickly, giving great joy,
and then vanish, as if they had never been.
Yet I am sure the root of them 
will return and visit me again.
I have been equating a lot of my memories
to this phenomena.
As each decade goes by, I discover more far flung 
memories have arisen to the surface, 
showing me my journey.

Remembering vividly the love and passion I 
 had for a boy over 40 years ago; 
the vision of a hillside and a summer night, 
is overpowering.
My Mother's voice, my Father's smile,
I close my eyes and they are within reach
of outstretched fingertips.

How often did our elders tell stories of their past, 
as we sighed and listened once more 
to a song of joy or a tale of woe?
Now, I am the elder re-experiencing
what has come before, and wishing to 
retell and relive while still anticipating
new beginnings.

I have been practicing being still,
and when I succeed completely,
 oh, how the memories freely
return in abundance.
Not all are happy, but then
sorrow was part of the process back then also.

The bruised and falling petals are
reminders of past betrayals,
yet they do not lessen the beauty
of the rose in it's glory, in it's middle.

Perhaps it is merely the season
that causes the melancholy,
yet I embrace Fall with arms flung wide.
I nestle in tight, and I ponder and I fret,
and I relish and I remember.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Not yet groomed, just some hair cut away from his face.
Real bath and groom comes as soon as sutures heal...
I'll get more pics then. This one 
his Mom sent over to me last night.

Smudge has melded into the family dynamic 
quite well I am told and is loved and happy.

I've been under the weather a bit with a
really bad cough and cold.
Hope to be functioning up to speed next week.
Enjoy your lovely fall weekends.
We're warming up again in the 90's....sigh

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Houdini's New Home Follow-up

Houdini was adopted by his new Mom
 at 9:05 this morning. They open at 9:00.
She had been waiting in parking lot since 8:22.
  He will be neutered and be going to his new home
Thursday afternoon.
As soon as his Mom saw him she loved him.
( She had only seen his pic like you guys had ) 
He will be groomed as soon as possible- 
(Bath/ Groom has to wait post surgery)
He will have 2 sibling shih tzu's
and his new name "may" be Smudge.
Family pet name.
To Auntie Z he will always be Houdini.

New mom Susie and I believe the universe intervened.
Thank you for all the well wishes, and I have been promised pictures post grooming, which I will share
with all of you.
Luky Smudge/Houdini/ whatever....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Catch Up Post

Catching up with questions
inquiries, and info...

Pumpkin Patch raided over the weekend
Last chance - they're almost gone
Link here to  A Mare Of A Different Color

Boxes in the garage got some interest.
What is in them?
All the stuff you guys have in your
basements and attics.
Those are rare here.
Would you expect an organizer
to do it any other way?
Many people here go so far as to enclose 
their shelves in cupboards. 
I was too cheap  frugal
Talked about the garage here.


He is still on track to be adopted 
tomorrow at 9:00 am


Prices vary
This last one was $140.00
Meals, all supplies included.
Some Gatherings have one project, some
have as many as 10, prices vary according
to many variables..cost of materials, food etc.
Saturday we set a record for time -12 hours,
but that is not a common thing; 
thank goodness, this old gal was tired.  
Because I consider all my students family
I want them to finish when they finish...

You can schedule a custom Gathering for 
you and your friends.
Tell me what you would like to make.
I'll do my best.
Out of town gals can either stay with me or at 
lovely resorts near by. One is a mere 2 blocks away.

My Special Organizing Sale is Ending soon.
October 31st is the last day to register
and pay deposit
for 6 days within 6 months special.
Please email for details.
Fees will be raising in November if that 
gives you a nudge to get going..

and because so many requested
Chopped Salad

8 cups chopped romaine
2 medium pears chopped
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup chopped pecans ( I used glazed)
6-8 slices crisp cooked thick bacon (crumble)
6 oz feta cheese crumble
Dressing is a 70 -30 percent ratio of
poppy seed dressing to light balsamic vinaigrette
Combine everything   : -D 

I lost the source, it may be from Pinterest?

OK that's enough...
unless you have more questions?
Happy Monday

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Midnight and All is Well

Saturday night.... midnight
My back hurts, my feet hurt, 
my head hurts and I couldn't be happier.

Some wonderful friends walked out of here
late, very late,  tonight beaming
 with pride at their Halloween advents.
The projects could not have been more
 different, which thrills me. 
I hate classes where it's "follow the teacher".
 I encourage everyone to step outside the box, 
hell, blow the box to smithereens, and I am 
over the moon happy when the gals are
 standing back looking at their work
 and giggling with pride.
I want them to surpass the teacher's work.
 If the teacher has to be the best one in the room,
then the students are not learning and growing.
 Surprise me, thrill me, make me go 
"Whoop, Hot Damn, that is SOOOO cool."
I did a lot of that today.

All the gals were supportive of each other, 
 trading items they had brought,
 and advice was sought and gladly given by all.
I almost blew dinner when we had to 
move it up 2 hours because we were all starving,
 but I pulled it off, while
 sweating bullets I tell ya, sweating bullets.

Dinner was Fresh Raviolis with mushrooms, 
shallots and peas in a butter cream sauce. 
Roasted  tureen of root veggies; carrots,
 orange, green and yellow peppers, fennel,
 onions, and potatoes with chardonnay apple sausages.
A salad of romaine, dried cranberry, fresh pears, feta,
bacon, glazed pecans, tossed with a homemade
 dressing mix of poppy seed and balsamic.
Dessert was my homemade pepperkakor cookies
(Swedish gingerbread) 
and a sour cherry-peach hot crumble 
with vanilla bean ice cream.
Lots of seconds and a few thirds.
Throw in the 9:00 breakfast and we ate 
our fair share today. :-0

And oh, how they worked....

I had to laugh as I viewed the table.




Working on canvases

We had the perfect fall day.

Justice was tuckered out.
Spot Howie under the table?
Thankfully these are all pet people, 

Some of the works "in progress" in the afternoon; 
I apologize to my class for these photos.
Mea culpa
I did not do their canvases justice,
and missed so much...  
I have loads of blurry shots;
when will I learn to get out tripod?

That's a peek at a Gathering at Suzan's....
By request there might be a Holiday 
Gathering coming in November.
As always very limited seating, stay tuned.

I will try to show finished advents soon.
I am trying to edit and repair so many blurry photos.
I'm afraid teaching and cooking 
left little time for good photos.
I see the same complaint on all the "show" blog people.
You cannot teach, sell, promote etc and have time for photos. Bad blogger Z!
Have a good week everyone!