Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Moon Me And Death Cleaning

Well, it was a different birthday.
I still got some fun gifts,
fun food, and saw my kids
via Zoom for over 2 hours.
All remotely

These are different times for sure.

Hannah got me a wireless moon lamp

Very fitting since the moon is ruler in
my sign of CANCER.
Also she frequently signs off
love you to the moon and back.

In addition to a neat message board,
Ben got me ALL the fixings 
for ice cream sundaes.
ALL -peanuts, cherries, bananas,
waffle bowls, candy bar mix-ins,
syrup and a VAT of ice cream.
I plan to just rub it on my hips and ass
as that's where it will end up anyway.

I saw my first human I personally know
up close, as my friend Sue shopped for me and
brought me brownies and scones.
I've been alone 173 days.

We were masked and sat about 10 feet apart,
but I was still nervous.
Walter wasn't horrible but he was nervous, maybe 
feeding off my energy.
He isn't socialized to people yet poor thing
but he tried. 

I've been doing a lot of chatting to my sister moon,
as she peeks just under my window frame
while I lie in bed. I ask for protection
for my family and yours.
It never hurts to have the universe pulling for you.

I am just three years younger than my folks were
when they passed. That's a pretty somber thought.
Years ago I talked about being prepared and not leaving
a mess for your loved ones.

It bears rereading

Now is a perfect time to take care of that,
so if you haven't
 get on it!

Love you guys


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Fan's Blowing - Not Wearing Pants

Desiring a different view than the three rooms 
I hang in during Covid - kitchen, family room
 and bedroom -

I tried to sit out on my enclosed porch 
with the french doors open and a fan
blowing directly into the room 
from the air conditioned adjacent family room.

Not wearing any pants, but it made no difference.
Just too damn hot.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

View From A Couch

Watched the news
There are no words
There are not enough words

Dream of better days


Did you spy the recorder on the table 
in the first photo? It was Ben or Hannah's
from school - I use it to call Walter back inside.