Sunday, April 21, 2019

I Couldn't Resist

Well, plants anyway

The porch is full. I have to stop.
I want to be able to reach them to water 
without donning a portable tank.
I also moved one of the weather vanes over 
to a new location. Hopefully it will
stop falling over in this new spot, as I 
sunk it into the ground.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter
Very sad day for others around the world.
Let's not forget them.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

How Does My Garden Grow

My neighbors vine is crawling over the wall
to join my garden. All visitors welcome.

I'm not going to have flowers
 all over the garden this year.
I'm trying to reduce the work load and stress.

I planted herbs that I use frequently
Italian parsley, cilantro, basil, and thyme
on the small covered patio just 
outside the kitchen window.
I can keep an eye on them this way,
and I finally picked up a moisture meter, so 
hopefully less plant demise this year. duh
Why did I wait so long?

I am up and about though still tethered to O2
I do everything at half my usual speed, make
that 25% of my normal speed. 

It is beautiful weather and I'm 
better than I was two months ago so 
yippee skippee

Gardens are healing places.
I am thankful for every day.

Happy Easter to you all.


Friday, April 5, 2019

A Kindness and Bite The Ears Off

Several weeks ago a dear blog friend Karen
sent me the sweetest gift;
this adorable elephant mirror.
I had admired it on her blog last year
 and she decided 
it needed to live here with me. 
It arrived at a pretty low point for me,
(continuing health drama)
making it even more special. 
If you don't know Karen, hop on over via the link
 in her name and browse for awhile. 
This is a special woman
 of many talents and goodness aplenty.
Karen, your gift sits across from the couch.
I see it constantly and I smile.
Thank you again.

Speaking of hopping, I had a memory fragment
the other day while at the market. 
 I flashed back upon what are now "vintage" Easter baskets,
 stored in my garage, and the Easter mornings
 I spent with my brother comparing our baskets
before dressing for church. 
Back then it was white straw hats and gloves,
 a matching dress and coat and patent leather shoes.
(I wasn't Catholic so I could wear them)
The other option was white sandals
 with white curly top anklets.
But what really got to me the other day
 was the distinct memory of "the rules" to eating 
a chocolate bunny. 
For some reason I believed then,
 and maybe even now that the first thing you did 
was to 

Bite The Ears Off