Thursday, April 30, 2015

How DOES She Do It?

Folks are always surprised when I 
decorate for the holidays or a party.
I am always asked 
"Where did it all come from?"
"Where do you hide it all?"
Over my many years of homekeeping
and organizing for others, I guess I've got a few tricks 
up my sleeve, like a magician with cards.
Follow along and I'll share some with you.
Look behind the curtain and spot the wizard....

Tucked into a corner,
three vintage cheese boxes

Cookie Cutters

Potpourri for Fall Decorating

Pinecones for Winter Decorating

Normally these would take up space in a garage, pantry
or other storage closet.  Now they are hidden in 
plain sight.

Small cupboard I picked up cheap 15 years
 ago and painted. It is tucked
 into another corner in the family room.

You can see why- how cute is this?

In it I store all my indoor candles,
sets of hanging outdoor mason jar candles
 videos, and DVD's.

On top sit two small lift top vintage boxes that hold 
candle votives and battery votives
 that come out in mass for parties.

Storing my extra sets of dishes
out in the open is pretty,
and saves an entire cupboard or two!

A small lidded vintage basket 
holds all the latest catalogs and 
my Sudoku books,
keeping the coffee table always tidy.
I just pitch it all inside at the end of the evening.

An attractive vintage basket on top of
the fridge holds my
napkins and placemats at the ready
for counter or table, yet still out of sight. 
Another drawer freed up for other things.

A small cute mirrored cabinet 
holds spices.

Another rack holds more.
More space in drawers and cupboard.

Lift top antique trunk holds a dozen throws for 
winter cuddling.

That's just in the kitchen
and family room.
Come back for more...

Monday, April 27, 2015


Where's Howie ?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Friends And A Small World

Hannah and Katie

My daughter had the great fortune to be roomed 
with a New Jersey girl named Katie when she 
attended NYU.
Subsequently they shared apts for years
after the dorm.
To say they bonded would be an understatement.
They have remained close 
even with all the miles now in between them.

Hannah flew to NYC last weekend
to attend Katie's mom's wedding.
Here's where the small world comes in....

The bride and groom were high school sweethearts
in New Jersey who went their separate ways 
and lived across the country from each other,
 only to reconnect
many years later post divorces and children.

The groom also has a daughter
and are you ready?...
She attended elementary school 
here in lala land with my darling daughter!
A small world indeed.

Hannah sent me these
shots of her and her bff
and the fact that I've barely 
heard from her in days,
means a grand time is being had 
back in the big city. 

Katie is a talented, vibrant, and funny girl
who does great music mixes.
my favorites
Walking Around the West Village
Folkin Around
I Will Survive
Check her out and please give her some love.

Hats off to long lost loves, friendships
and our gigantic, very small world.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Annie was able to go out Wednesday morning 
and get the shots I was unable to get
Tuesday due to glaring afternoon sun.

(she wants me to say she left books on top
of suitcases by mistake- we're all such
perfectionists lol)

look around awhile

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


My part is done. Vision completed.
Storage - check
Retreat - check
Dreams realized - check check

A few more treasures will find their way 
out to the new home.
Taking the time to settle in, feel the space.

2 chairs 299.00 each
soooo comfy
paint/ brushes around 48.00
that's it
we repurposed everything else

Annie says 
"Thanks for stopping by".

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