Monday, September 30, 2013

Morning Stroll

Darling Daughter decided to make 
french toast for us this morning

So I took a stroll through the yard
Howie photo bombed

The light

The shadows

The hours 
the days
the weeks
the years

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Girls Are In The House

In the yard actually
The weather has cooled considerably and
it was a perfect late afternoon
for a chat and catch up session.

They walked up to the market and  
brought back candy bars and beer.
That cracked me up.

I was walking into the living room
and through the open window,
caught this glance of the three of them.
For many years, these girls spent countless
hours here growing up into these fine women.

All graduated from college now,
living very far apart,
with serious boyfriends 
and serious jobs.

Darling Daughter swears they'll be friends forever.
It can be done
I hope so

Guess who slept well last night?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ya know that wonderful feeling you get 
when you go to bed early
 and the bed feels so cozy 
and the pillow barely needs fluffing
and you don't need the news set on a timer
and you fall right to sleep

and you stay asleep ALL night
with magical dreams of moonbeams 

and you wake refreshed 
and you're 
 poopin' out sunshine?

Yeah me neither


Accumulated hours of sleep in the past 7 days?
Under 30

Darling Daughter
arrives in 3 hours

the photo?
making sure you're paying attention


Friday, September 20, 2013

On The Porch

Spent the day on the porch
cleaning up, washing linens, dusting everything,
tucking the gourds into the trug
under the bakers table

This lovely old box holds some
 of my cloth napkins that I use each day

There are three fountains running
 in the yard now
the sound is wonderful

Many evenings 
I regret no longer having a sofa on the porch 
for naps and such
but the bakers table needs a home here.

Darling daughter and friends will gather here
next week for their long awaited reunion.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Hibernation Ending

Summer is nearly over.
I do not do summer well.
At least not here.
I am the proverbial fish
out of water....
gasping for air, 
flopping all around
on the banks where I 
do not belong.
A friend made note this weekend
 that I sounded "up"
more than I had recently.
The simple fact of my windows 
thrown open and a cool breeze 
floating through
was all that was necessary
to raise my spirits.

Once uplifted, it was easy 
to wile away the hours 
sewing pumpkins.
The black velvets are for me.
The rest I'll sell.
There are several dozen still on 
the studio table in
various stages of readiness.

The monsoon season seems 
to have past. 
Either way I have solved 
the Brillo hair issue by
hacking off about 8 or 9 more inches.
I've reached my chin, where I paused.
I now have a wash and go cut.
It remains to 
be seen how far I'll go.

I am managing on one tank of gas
per month now, so I do not 
venture far to meet my needs.
Like the pumpkin
 I just sit in my field,
growing larger. 

Good Lord,
let's hope I do not begin to rot.

Friday, September 13, 2013

These Things Are True

Making these pumpkins

Baking these

Drinking these 

Smelling these fresh folded warm sheets

Placing these pumpkins

and these

watching interspecies porn

Nah, his treat ball was hidden behind - snort

Happy weekend y'all


Monday, September 9, 2013

Famous Blue Raincoat

It has rained 18 of the past 24 days
Vegas - monsoon season
But holy holly bells....
 love the dampness 
and lower temps 
but dang it all
my hair
 a giant frizzy ball

Sitting in my comfy chair, 
burning my volcano candle, 
listening to pitter patter 
on the bushes just outside the window,
smelling the rain and
listening to an old favorite album

Cohen friends 
do you know about this?
Give a listen anyway - and those of you
immune to LC...

Crank up the volume 
stay with it until the end
for percussion
you can finger drum on the desk

close your eyes
listen to it rain

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Guess who is in BIG trouble again?
Caught while still "moist"

You Howie Lovers quit your laughing,
c'mon really.... this is BAD, really bad!

If these monsoons don't stop
pretty soon, he may decide
 he needs to suck shoes...

and then well,
it's all over...