Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Hibernation Ending

Summer is nearly over.
I do not do summer well.
At least not here.
I am the proverbial fish
out of water....
gasping for air, 
flopping all around
on the banks where I 
do not belong.
A friend made note this weekend
 that I sounded "up"
more than I had recently.
The simple fact of my windows 
thrown open and a cool breeze 
floating through
was all that was necessary
to raise my spirits.

Once uplifted, it was easy 
to wile away the hours 
sewing pumpkins.
The black velvets are for me.
The rest I'll sell.
There are several dozen still on 
the studio table in
various stages of readiness.

The monsoon season seems 
to have past. 
Either way I have solved 
the Brillo hair issue by
hacking off about 8 or 9 more inches.
I've reached my chin, where I paused.
I now have a wash and go cut.
It remains to 
be seen how far I'll go.

I am managing on one tank of gas
per month now, so I do not 
venture far to meet my needs.
Like the pumpkin
 I just sit in my field,
growing larger. 

Good Lord,
let's hope I do not begin to rot.


YONKS said...

I feel the same as you about summer. So glad it's coming to an end, I now feel like I'm coming to life. I'm sleeping better because the nights are cooler.

Enjoy your autumn, the pumpkins are magnificent!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful work you do, I have always wanted curly hair, my straight locks have such a mind of their own, for me short is the only way to go, having an extra 6 or 8 inches is only a dream for me,

MEM said...

I am not a summer hot and humid kind of gal either. Fall is the time when I can get outside to do things in addition to making headway inside without the AC blasting!

beth said...

you just made me laugh right out loud with those last lines..... will NOT rot !!!

Kathy said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh! I sincerely hope you do not, as well.
Love the notion of black velvet pumpkins.

Kit said...

What a good chuckle you gave me...LOL I hope you do not rot either. Temps here are supposed to drop this week. Yay! Kit

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...

Glad you're creating do such lovely work!

Claudia said...

You, rot? Never! I'm glad the windows are open and that there is finally a break in the weather for you.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your work is beautiful Z .... as always.
I quite like the hot weather but, we don't get it as hot as you do over here so that's easy for me to say. It is now getting chilly here and I do like getting my jackets, coats and boots out.
You're much braver than I am for cutting 8/9 inches off of your hair ..... I have to have a psychiatrist standing by when I have my hair cut !!!!
..... and, thanks so much for your comment today. Sorry that I haven't been around much lately ..... I seem to have been a bit lax on the commenting front but, I will be trying to do better !!!! XXXX

Curtains in My Tree said...

The Black Velvet pumpkins are fabulous love them
why didn't I think of that ? LOL

you would make some to sell right ?


glad your spirits are up since it's cooler

Nella Miller said...

Suz, you have been busy ! I just smile and then laugh out loud when I come husband is amused! Rot!!! Never! The pumpkins are ones...brilliant! My hair is longer than I usually wear it...I keep telling my hairdresser...who is half my give me a nudge when it is time for it to go! Loved this..N.xoxo

Jenny said...

The "rot" makes me laugh. What a charming blog and person you have and are.

jinxxxygirl said...

My goodness i feel the same way about summer. I simply 'survive' it. But now that fall is making its presence known i'am one happy camper. Now i have fall, winter and spring to enjoy before hibernation begins again. Happy Fall!! Hugs! deb

Robin Larkspur said...

I am trying to catch up with everyone and got to this post of your you still have any??
Can I buy one or two?? please...pretty pumpkin please?