Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Important Link

or how to give yourself a headache pondering moral societal dilemas

So I deleted my FB page last year for personal 
moral reasons about their privacy policies.

I have never downloaded music illegally.

I boycott Walmart and not because of their pay scale
 or lack of promotion for women and some ethnic groups, 
lack of health care for employees, etc. 
but for the owner family's minuscule amount of philanthropy.
I support the employees however, and damn I miss
my favorite scala rolls, and I do succumb 
maybe 2 times a year, just for the rolls... I'm weak that way.
anyway..where the heck am I leading you?
to beloved Pinterest.

yes, the world is abuzz about the copyright infringement issue,
and I was on my high horse just tonight saying to a dear friend
 "but I conscientiously pin and look how we promote others..."
and then I read this.
So many valid points plunked right into my lap, 
and up my nose.

so shucks, dang it all, I guess Pinterest has got to go for me.
I'll have to go back to my old way of bookmarking
 a zillion spots and then never organizing them, 
so I never do find them again,
and spend hours cussing at the screen in exasperation.

But I like to look in the mirror and know I am
 being honest and true, and doing the right thing, 
and I'm not sure anymore that I am.
Of course I can just pin my own personal stuff I suppose, 
but that will not excuse my looking 
at other stuff that is illegally pinned.
The point here is quite valid.
Even giving appropriate credit, we do not have permission from
these sources to use/share their work.. not even a little... 
much like a "little lie", a 'little cheating", a "little stealing" or 
a "little pregnant" whoops, off topic...

A quick test for me is always 
"What would Dad say?"
and damn, just now I got an email saying
"_____ just repinned your______"

I have to sit on this and 
slosh it around in my head a few days..
gosh that sounds like my head is up....
never mind

If my big red Pinterest widget disappears
well, you know....

Some days I hate being a grownup.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am not a complicated person.
I love my kids, my friends, my home.
I have had my ups and downs.
I have been blessed.

Simple things make me happy.

Yesterday I watched a vintage horse race
arcade game operate
with mexican jumping beans.
I squealed out loud and scared Larry, the guy
I was working with.
He laughed out loud, and said that "tickled you huh?"
I said oh yes, and promptly played it again! 

I ran into two old friends, a married couple,
 at the bank yesterday.
Our kids used to play together, and the Mom and I
volunteered at the kids elementary school together
for 5 years. They are such a lovely couple and we 
played catch up in the parking lot of the bank.
It made me so happy to see them again.

My friend Tanya took some of my leftovers from
 the garage sale and put them in her etsy shop
 to try and sell for me. Now how sweet is that?!

SARAH                    TANYA

My SIL, the one who wears the weird hats from class?
She brought over to my work three stuffed bags of clothes
for me. She is now a skinny minny and gifted me 
some new duds. Since I have not bought any in years!
 Again..How sweet is that?!!!

But what has me really excited?
I slept for 11 hours last night!
In two sections, but who cares? ELEVEN hours...

cornelius bisschop

and then
there is the ultimate
simple pleasure that begins
for me this Sunday.

Roomie will be with his family for a week,
so I can walk around with ta-tas a floppin'.
You just have no idea how
deliriously happy this makes me.
What - you expect a picture?

Now, I have me some large,
unfortunately pendulous, pair of 
ta-tas and they like to swing free 
and unencumbered.
So imagine tube socks with a tennis ball in the toe. 

OK? Happy now?

So watch out world.
I am ready for the weekend
and the ta-tas are free falling...

Happy weekend all!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


What do you see?
I see a heavenly sight.

That's right...
It's just the garage...
(and you gals know I dig a clean garage)
No piles of collectibles and finials
old windows and Christmas trees, 
 clothing and books,
and dishes, bar stools and globes
and the myriad mountains of other 
that we (6 of us) unloaded,
sold to our lovely
customers on Saturday at my

 I have asked several friends to 
hit me upside the head with an iron skillet 
if I EVER suggest we have another one here at 
my house. Between friends dropping off stuff for weeks
and friends shopping early almost every night
it is 2 weeks of pure hell, trying to make it all fit,
and show it off to it's best advantage....
we hauled in the dough. YAY!

So today to celebrate, I finally upgraded my cell phone
because they gave me a coupon for a free android
(WoOt! joining the big leagues)
and spent 3 hours trying to navigate the 
blessed thing.

Did anyone else actually enjoy 
their weekend?
I hope so...
I have to wait another 5 days to try 
and enjoy the next one....

To my crazy buds who spent Saturday with me
Thank you, I love you, and let's NEVER

do this again.. <3
Justice and Eisenhower agree.
They were locked up in house all day long
and they were NOT happy. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely women,  
my dear friends.
If you will not hear the doorbell today, with a bouquet waiting on the other side, then please...get up, go out, and buy yourself
some beautiful flowers. I bought baby pink roses at 
Trader Joes yesterday.
Because love is all around us in many ways,
on many days, not just today.
Joining Kathleen for White Wednesday

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Valentines from a beloved husband and father.
Tucked away, tied up with ribbons,
and discovered again last evening.
Lovely and painful and confusing.
Wondering what to do.

Realizing I wanted my adult children to know and see
the passion and love their parents once had and that
they were birthed from this love.
That time and circumstance faded that love
but did not remove it permanently from time.
It is shelved somewhere in memory, as these
remain shelved and tucked away,
with pretty fading ribbons.
But that love..remains...always.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shacking Up

Got your attention?

Yes, tomorrow I begin living with a man 
for the first time in 8 years!!!

No not him, DAMN!

No, not like that....
This man is the lovely husband 
of a dear friend of mine.
Now I've really got you going...

The story:
My friend Kristin and I met about 8 years ago,
when we worked together and became good friends.
 Even though she soon moved out of state, 
we always stayed in touch and kept up with 
each other's lives.
Kristin and her husband have had to live apart
the past few months as he relocated
back to work here in lala land and 
she and the kids remained several states away.
Times are tough and paying two rents 
while you have 6 kids
is not an easy task, so in order to expedite 
the entire family's move here,
Rick will be staying in my guest room
to help make this family move all happen by June.

Now new roomie is a very nice man,
but I've been thinking it will take some adjustment 
 as many things will change.
No more lazing around in my old pj's, 
with no bra and gaps and holes in crotches....
or dropping my pants to throw in the laundry 
downstairs at the last minute.
No more burping (or other gases), that 
are permitted whenever you wish, when you live alone.
I might actually have to check the mirror 
before leaving my room so as not to frighten the poor guy.

So things are changing every which way I look.
I am finally reasonably recovered from the creeping crud.
I am employed outside the home, for the first time 
in many years, and I am currently purging my home 
of hundreds of items as I lighten up.

It's good to be brave, it's good to GIVE.
I think this deed might meet my 2012 word criteria.
Also been helping a friend with a sudden move,
holding group garage sale for friends in need again,
and trying to plan some classes, and an event at my
home perhaps this GIVING is in residence.
Of course, all this means I have been posting less
but that too will change as I settle into 2012.
I have a Zillion design ideas I want to try
and I have been craving handwork so 
out come my needle and thread, or rug hook, or 
knitting needles, or...stay tuned