Monday, February 28, 2011


Achieving perfection in anything is difficult.
At times, we can only give it our best shot,
 and hope it counts for enough.

Recycling is grand, but not purchasing items
that need to be recycled is one better, or so I thought.

I know that the safest, most tested water
 comes directly from our taps,
but I'm not always a huge fan of the taste.
Having a fridge filter,which by the way ends 
up in a landfill, or using a pitcher type
 filter is the best alternative
 to not purchasing bottled water, 
even though the plastic is recyclable.
I covered that in another PG... many of our plastic bottles
 sit in landfills in India after being 
shipped using fossil fuels.. OK,
you know the drill and comprehend my guilt... 

Shame on me, I started purchasing these
 to make my cold brew tea.

I justified it by knowing that I would use 
at least 24 empties for emergency water storage.
When I had used those 24, I promptly 
gave a dozen to a client to use for her 
emergency storage, then another 12 to a friend.
Since I cannot always count on knowing someone who
 will accept a dozen, even though EVERYONE should 
have emergency water storage, I had to determine
 if I could continue this luxury, without tremendous guilt.
Put your recycling where your mouth is Suzan.
Last week I was faced with 8 empties.
Guilt rained down like a toxic cloud.

At Target yesterday, perusing the $1.00 section,
  I loaded several sets of little pots into
 my cart to use inside my drawers for organizing,
when the proverbial light bulb arose. 
I already had containers at home if I just
 cut off the bottom of the bottles. WOOT!

only 1 problem..I still had the tops! ARGH!

Poke a teeny hole in the cap and you have
 a way to slow water outdoor pots while away from home.
Cut the cap part off and you have a shield 
or mini greenhouse for small seedlings!
(Use your imagination, no seedlings here)

Oh, guilt be gone! 
Well, until I accumulate too many again...sigh

Anyone need drawer organizers? Anyone?

This bears repeating from an earlier 
Project Genesis post. If you have 
not viewed The Story of Stuff,
you really should educate yourself and 
those that you love.

Please join us! It truly helps.  
The planet matters. 

Don't know or remember the rules? 
I reserve the right to edit links if
you do not play nice... : D

Just got a notice from link...seems there is a slow down today

"About the site slowdown today:

I worked hand in hand with my hosting service today and we narrowed down the one and only issue: thumbnail images.

The retrieval and downloading of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of thumbnail images when your visitors view a Thumbnail Linky on your blogs is causing the overall webserver that hosts Linky Tools to slow down." 

The solution is to have JUST the thumbnail images hosted on their own dedicated server. So I just spent all the subscription income to buy a server and have it hooked up to a very fast internet connection.

There will be NO interruption in service when the new thumbnail server goes online, however IT IS GOING TO TAKE 2-3 DAYS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  I’m praying there won’t be any website slowdowns in the meantime,  like there were today, but I have no way of knowing or guaranteeing that."
Don't know exactly what this means to our link for
PG but one link has already made it through, 
so keeping fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project Genesis

Just a gentle reminder that the link will be up
 tomorrow evening for Project Genesis.
Please join us.

I may be tardy in responding to comments and email 
due to a special guest at my home on Tuesday but I will 
pop back up Wednesday.

Meanwhile I am making sachets and my
 studio smells like a lavender field in France.
I love the quality of lavender I have acquired
from a new source.

This group is made from an earthy linen burlap.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Shadow and Light
 Focused and Not
Hard and Soft
Easy and Difficult
Divine and Horrid

Musing Over Contradictions Today
In People and Life

Lurking in the Shadows;
 Always a Small Spot of Light

Although at Times I am Shadowed by the Dark,
I Choose the Light

and Find it Everywhere

all this weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am now threatening to start gluing
 wool roses to my bare trees.
We have not had a bad winter at all, not compared
 to most of you, but Spring better hurry!

Being cooped up inside means 
I keep felting wool and turning out roses,
which will soon overrun the house.
 I am so ready to hit the yard
and get some of these guys growing again.

All of you with snow predicted this week,
must be ready to move south or west by now.

Linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday
and my first time doubling up
 with Debra at Capers of Vintage Vixens 
for Bloggers Bodega.


Project Genesis is coming up fast
March 1st. Mark your calendar, all you
guys who (oops) forgot last time.
I will be doing the link the morning before
because the first of March is 
a busy day around here. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


My shop is up and running, 
though still experiencing some kinks.
There always seems to be a learning curve.

All products are labeled by category 
for easy retrieval on the side bar.
Every new item will have a thumbnail pic 
at the top right of my sidebar under
 Come See What Is New,
 until the newest items are listed.
Ordering and payment is easy,
and I am happy to answer all questions.

Link on that photo of my Mom top right
 to visit, and please leave me a howdy-do! 

This week:
Wool Roses, Heart Sachets Of Linen Burlap,
and bringing back an all time best seller 
Baby Bears.
 Bears of the softest flannels, wools and homespuns; 
perfect for the grip of chubby baby hands.
Watch for arrivals under:

What I am craving now:

Jill Schwarts Jewelry
Available here at Maynard Greenhouse
Is it too early to ask Santa?

Santa, I've been good,
must I wait? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Apples and Birdies

Joining Chania's photo challenge today.
Please go visit - hurry : D 


  ( *)>     ( *)>      ( *)>      ( *)>      ( *)>      ( *)>      <(* )
{{    }}   {{    }}  {{    }}   {{    }}   {{   }}     {{   }}        {{   }}  TWEET ?
  ^ ^         ^ ^         ^ ^        ^^         ^ ^        ^ ^          ^ ^
Me.....always heading in a different direction.

Beth and I have been playing birdie tag.

Have a fabulous weekend all.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Mare Of A Different Color

Trying something a little new;
the new shop of oldgreymare, please come visit.

We'll see how it goes, slowly but surely wins the race,
and I have been racing a lot these days, so slow is better.
Feel free to email with any comments or questions.

and since they are all white
I am linking up to 
please go visit all the girls


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I  call and email my friends this morning  and say "Talk me down from the ledge.... it's getting crazy here" and within minutes peeps, my posse, my pals, came back at me full throttle.

I'll do more than talk you off. I'll keep you off! I can help the whole weekend..... no problem!!!!!!
How wonderful, exciting and awful. Of course I will do anything I can!
Holy S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   ok don't will be fine.
 please don't jump! this is all very exciting!
 i am proud of you, dahling
 If you need me close to crunch time I 
can help you early in the day
We all know you can do this..You're a beautiful woman.
Women are at their absolute best when they share their love with others, be it family, friends, or the world.
Adored this book - HILARIOUS
Page 27
Girls Without Girlfriends

Don't have your back, in fact, watch your back.
I would type an excerpt but I lent it out 
and it never made it's way home.

I have so many wonderful, talented, 
intelligent women that support and love me, 
warts and all, and tonight I am grateful and humbled,
as I consider what my life would be like without them.
I love you guys!
I've got your back.
They'll have to come through me first!

Next time you are in a bookstore, skim a chapter,
maybe " Sacred Love Wand or Snake in the Grass?"
Bet you snort out loud and embarrass yourself.
Make sure you have not ingested too many fluids. :D


Monday, February 7, 2011

With A Little Help From Friends

 Yesterday was not a complete loss, I 
kept myself busy making dozens of hearts.

Heart Strings by the Dozen

An Enormous Shout Out Thank you to JILL
I'll be making these forever. <3

This is only the beginning of these also.

A dozen cookies tags.

Lovely <3  CHANIA taught me how,
and these will be a favorite from now on.
Now I need to learn to make marmalade.

Blog Buds are the Bomb!

and because I love her beyond measure,
my daughter's laughter captured just so...

Lovely and cold Darling Daughter

Please visit all the other White Wednesdays
(got it in early, busy tonight and tomorrow)
hosted by adorable Kathleen


Sunday, February 6, 2011




When you grow up an hour from Pittsburgh,
and their training camp is in your home town,
well, it's in your chipped ham, rolling rock,
jumbo bologna, Halula's ever lovin' heart.

Just read this minute while I was spell checking that Halula's is gone now,
Steelers better win, I'm depressed.

7:07 pm  AH POOH, But congrats Packers!