Saturday, July 30, 2016

Keep Your Damn Parade Macy's

At times I am terrible at picking up my mail,
especially when it's 112 outside 
 and when I finally do
(at 1 am in my pj's last night)
I remember why.

(stay with me to the end folks)

Because it often ticks me off.
I received a bill yesterday from Macy's for $2
Three months ago I ordered some 
products on line and had a balance of 
95.00 and change. I paid the bill in full, and mailed it 
10 days in advance of the due date.
I received the next month's bill with a 
29.00 late fee (32%) plus a 2.00 balance fee.
I called and never even made it to a living being, 
just an automated voice saying 
"if you are calling about your late fee we will gladly
 remove it from your bill". 
I punched 0 several times until I got a human and 
voiced my displeasure at the policy 
and that I appreciated the removal. 
I was informed I needed to leave 10-14 days
 for processing and that it had been
 "processed 1 day after the due date". 
I said my job was to get it
there on time, it was their job to process
it on time... and I may have commented 
on the lovely way for Macy's to add to their coffers.

Last month I receive a bill for 4.00.
$2 for minimum balance charge of the month before
and another $2 for the current month.
I paid it just to make it go away.
 I know better - I was just not up for an argument,
or I got lazy, or stupid.

Yesterday's bill was another $2 charge 
attached to a bill I paid in full 3 months ago.

NOW I WAS up for an argument.

I got a human,
after an automated voice said
"If you are calling about the $2 charge,
 we will gladly remove it.
I punched 000000000000 

Obviously so many folks call about these charges,
that they automate their answer.
The human I spoke with 
read off Macy's apology from a card.
I know this because she repeated the exact words
 verbatim 3 times at least.
She finished with "because you have a 0 balance there 
is nothing I can remove for you today."

If only half of their customers have 
noticed this sneaky little deal,
 and only half complain, that still leaves
a big bunch of $2 charges being tacked on willy nilly 
each month, especially after claiming we all need to mail
14 days in advance as if the USPS wasn't doing their job.
Pretty clever huh?

We need to pay close attention my friends:
I don't trust the fat dude behind the curtain.

If I hear one more person say
"I don't care about politics"
"I don't "do" politics"
"It's all so corrupt I wash my hands of it all"

I just may scream

No, I know what I'll do instead.

I'll have an automated voice at the ready
"we are sorry for the inconvenience" - 
"We will gladly 
remove all your civil rights, 
 remove your reproductive rights,
remove all attempts to save the planet, 
remove quality education
remove aid to the ill and the poor,
remove health care
remove people due to race and ethnicity
remove the fish from the oceans, the trees
from the forests, the oxygen from the FRICKIN' AIR

deep breath...

Not one of us can afford to be lazy or stupid right now.

Once you have a 0 balance, there 
is nothing more for them to remove.

Pretty floats and balloons cannot
disguise the seriousness of our times.

Keep your damn parade Macy's
I'm marching for a better cause.



Friday, July 22, 2016

Remains Of the Days

This is what remains after two days of binge watching
with My Darling Daughter.
After Best Beau left last weekend she stayed on
through my Birthday, and this very little
tv viewer, mwah, watched 20 episodes of Vampire Diaries
in a day and a half.
She built a pallet of foam and pillows after removing 
the furniture from the den, and we ordered in food,
polished off some wine and some Moscow Mules.

Hannah had begged me to watch for months
 and so over a couple weeks 
I had made it through Seasons 1-5 
and 2 episodes of Season 6 before she arrived. 
She was thrilled. I struggled through Season 1 
not really into it and then like millions of other "girls"
(rolling my eyes here) I fell for 


That bad boy Ian stole my heart
as he vamped his way through
Mystic Falls.

Those of you who desire never to speak me again after
this admission, please know that I do understand.
But oh baby, is this guy ever the bad boy, gotta love em guy.

Season 7 is not on Netflix yet,
but once I can obtain, I will binge once more and 
then actually watch the final season as it airs.

This is embarrassing to admit but if 
Brooke Burke Charvet
can admit to incontinence,
er, I guess she says bladder leakage;
then I can admit to a slight
deviation from "high brow" television..
oh yeah and I also 
do Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
and I did True Blood
anyone sensing a theme?

anyone still speaking to me?


Those of you who judge?
Watched Bachelorette, Duck Dynasty,
Housewives of (pick the city) or the Kardashians lately?

Now that I would NOT do! lol
Enjoy your weekends
with your secret obsessions

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Studio Retreat

I have retreated to the studio big time.
Blasting a little Kenny Rankin, Alice Peacock,
 One Republic.
Then Eva Cassidy,
Joao Gilberto, Adele, Warwick and
But still loud.

I have struggled back and forth faithful to 
 paper or fabric. Last night
I fiddled with both.

Anything to keep my mind off
the world and it's madness.
Escape Retreat Reflection

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Two of the kids were home last week.
Surprise visit

Darling Daughter and Best Beau
Celebrating their five year anniversary
Now they're off to do films!
Howie was over the moon,
with his best playmate here.

Those crazy two keep so busy.
My personality could not handle it,
but they seem to thrive on it.
The laughter and sweet tender looks 
back and forth gives this mama such joy.
Focus on the good stuff
because the bad stuff is really bad
these days.

How do I hibernate even deeper than 
I already do?


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Musings and Insanities


The quiet periods seem to be stretching out longer and longer
but that's OK for me and for others doing the same thing.

So here is what has been happening around oldgreymare.

Spent some time working on a new class I'll be teaching
at a brand new store The Paper Bunny.
I met the darling owner Mary when she came to my last
sale and she bought loads of my creations,
some furniture, and then toured the house.
After seeing my paper works in some of the rooms, 
she asked if I would teach. 
Sure enough!

We had a big one here.
Trashed my yard front and back, 
left me piles of hail
that looked like snow drifts and 
scared the daylights out of Howie.

That's hail still on the ground hours later

My driveway and street

Speaking of the pooch..
Once again we were at the vets in an emergency.
This time it was 9 am 
but the fear was just as severe.
He had started bleeding profusely and well,
I feared the worst.
Turned out to be colitis, (they think)
and we did a regime of more pills, more tests, more$$$$.
Bleeding stopped, tests came back fine, and

now we wait.

That's Howie storm sniffing at the fireplace grate.
I never need weather alerts, I have Howie alerts.
Long before the sky darkens, Howie starts the sniffing.

The World

Some days I cannot even bear to watch or read the news.
Insanity reigns.

Hitler's clone is running for our presidency

Trump supporters need to pick up a copy of Mein Kampf . Bet they'll love it

"If you win, you need not have to explain...If you lose, you should not be there to explain!” 

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” 

"I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” 

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. ” 

"The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.” 

"Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.” 

or did you think these were Trump's?

Brexit Regrexit

At least we are not alone in political
idiocy but I find no comfort in that.

Climate catastrophes all over the world.
Gun violence
Folks feeding the fear
I know the world has suffered many dark times,
but I cannot remember a time in my life
where it felt so universally doomed and damned.

I hibernate in the summer anyway
as you all know.
but this year is an extreme.
I was just telling DD 
that I filled the car up with gas on June 26th.
The last time I got gas before that
was April 23rd. 
Two months, one tank.

When you no longer "shop" for entertainment.
When you can walk to the market...
the savings add up.
I've cut my budget by one third in the last year.
I do feel good about that.

And of course I always feel good about the kids.
Dearest Son changed jobs with loads more
opportunity, responsibility, and $$$$ 
He's having a ball in the CA sunshine.

Darling Daughter is constantly working on films, 
often alongside boyfriend Blake. 
They are adorable and happy
and the three of them get together often,
doing crazy stuff like 
moonlight skating

and Mama is thrilled.

Hallelujah - gives me hope

Happy Summer to ya