Monday, June 27, 2011

The Ribbon Lady

Goodness knows I can easily find negatives
 about living where I do, 
being a country, four seasons kind of gal.
But there is goodness here.
And luscious, delectable, mouth dropping 
beauty to be found in unexpected places.

Imagine being able to open your
 mailbox once a month to a package
 such as this...

or this...

Or purchase art creations like these pincushions.

I had heard of the "Ribbon Lady" 
for many years and various
 friends had offered to take me there
 and introduce us, but the timing was always off, 
and the "meeting" eluded me. A month ago I finally 
 succeeded in meeting Carole Sidlow,
and today I spent even more time at her amazing home.
I would show home pictures but I cannot. I was there to take pre-view pics for a wonderful stylist considering Carole's home for publications.
Once they are published, I will link you for sure :D

Carole's ribbon store is located in her
 over sized studio behind her home.
There isn't a ribbon she does not carry
 or cannot locate for you. 
You can "shop" the store via the web,
 at the Ribbon Store  
or in person by appointment only.
You CA gals who visit here on weekends, 
be sure and bookmark this info!

Even better, everyone can join her
This is not like other clubs. Carole and her dear friend Laura personalize each kit to your desires, colors, widths, yardage, usage, vintage, new, trims etc...
Not just an identical box that dozens of others receive.
Each one made specifically for you doll makers,
quilters, scrap-bookers, milliners.
Joining the club, also earns you discount from retail. 
Stop the drooling, it really is that wonderful!
I cannot yet bring myself to open the packages of hand pleated ribbons I have purchased from her.
They are works of art just as they are. 
( be sure and check those out too!)

A small portion of the Ribbon Store

I have an inspirational place to shop,
 two wonderful new friends, and the world is good.

So, where have I been?
just busy...
1.put my design and organizing services on sale,
 so clients signing up for the "discount".
2. repaired most of the broken stuff from 2 weeks ago.
3. Held garage sale Saturday to sell off some extras
to raise funds for DD's apt in NYC this fall.
4. Preparing for photo shoot at the end of July, 
(too many embarrassing dust bunnies)
(actually dog fur bunnies...dust doogies?)
5. Just enjoying the time with darling daughter.
etc etc etc 
Still reading you all, and visiting as I can.
What a summer this is!

Anyone else miss the playlists?
Dang Lowe's for advertising on them.
I miss discovering new songs on your blogs :(


Saturday, June 11, 2011


It has been a week of breakthroughs.
Not always in the usual sense.
I refer to my broken toilet,
and broken porch light on a vintage timer that 
is no longer made, requiring new rewiring,
a broken garage door opener,
broken wi fi so daughter's computer won't work,
a broken pipe under my sink,
and now a flooded side yard
due to broken valves or some such thing.
No repairman in site that I can afford, and the
one I can afford has not shown up, and the other
has not returned my desperate phone calls.

Although I want to stamp and yell
or plunk down and cry,
I will do neither...

For this week has been spent cheering
 from the sidelines for my friends at their first
booth in a national show.
It has been a week spent reading 
alongside darling daughter.
It was a quick lunch with a dear friend 
recovering from many years of illness,
and a chance reunion with a friend 
who had slipped out of my life. 

The week was several phone calls
 from a far away friend always offering 
support and laughter in the midst of another 
personal disappointment that also came my way.
I caught myself thinking
"When is it my turn for things to be easy?" 
only to quickly retract 
the thought for my blessings are abundant.
These blessings come with each new daybreak.

I bend, I do not break.
I wish to remain like these sunflowers that 
touch almost to the ground in the raging storm and pop back up only to sway far over the other way.
Regardless, they always keep their sunny disposition.

This is me.

and how are you all doing? 
catch me up please..