Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Small Change

Small changes 

I tidied up the postal boxes and
eliminated most of the Z's. 

This took less than 15 minutes
for a fresher look.

Folks can be overwhelmed with the scope of a 
major purge or change.
I still recommend beginning with
 the 15 minute timer method,
I've mentioned here many times.

Another 15 minutes in the den,
clearing desktop and small bookshelf
and I'll be happy.

Thank you President Obama and 
Michelle Obama. Thank you
 Vice President Biden and Jill Biden.

Your intelligence, compassion, dignity,
decency and passion for public service, not 
self service, has served us well.
Our country needs you more than ever.
Please don't go too far away.
Rest up and then lead us forward
into perhaps the fight of all our lives.

Monday, January 9, 2017


My beloved white bowl
A staple on the dining room table
I change out the flowers several times a year
as the seasons change
This is mid winter
Hints of spring green yet frosted
flowers and snowy pinecones
A fresh look

A fresh lunch and dinner
Veggies left over from holiday meals
If only my mom would have understood roasting 
vegetables instead of boiling or creaming,
I might have loved them sooner.

There was zero food adventure in 
my house back then.
So happy my kids are foodies and
try everything and urge me
to do the same.

But I still hate oysters and mussels
and sushi
i know i know
if they can't make me you can't either

We've survived the first week of 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Getting Down

No staging, just quick shots 
of pared down rooms. Working my way through the house
as I remove and sell off holiday stuff.

It almost feels like the air is cleaner, fresher.

Getting down to the basics,
with just a few beloved accessories kept around.

Removed scads of books

Tops of shelves were cleared,
now it is so much easier to dust. 

Huge brown tv cabinet gone from the center
of this wall, smaller tv in here,
making room much brighter,
and I now have easy access to printer.

Still need to work on this side of the room.

Visually it is now too cluttered for me.
Z's may have to go.
(and these were pared down awhile ago YIKES) 
Feels good
Feels right
Getting down to it.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Howie is a little lost.
After weeks of this,
he's searching for more laps.

So the kiddos were both back here as of 
Sunday and then at 5 am this morning
 they headed back to the coast.

Mama had tears as the car left the driveway.
It's a new year with lots of changes 
for us all.
I find tears come much easier these days,
(since Nov) Anyone else experiencing
the same?

Dearest son got me a surround system
for Christmas,
and the installation yesterday of said system resulted
in major tv swaps, room rearrangements,
rerunning and hiding of wires,
and furniture removals.
Dominoes falling

I wish I had a video of son and I 
rolling an enormous tv cabinet
from top to side to bottom to side to top
out the front door and into the garage.
I'm very strong, but this one was just way too heavy.

Everything is inter connected now,
and I needed to write directions down 
to keep track of it all. Kids find 
this amusing of course, but they 
just smile and nod
instead of being exasperated with
my lack of advanced techno skills.

Another cup of Joe,
and the holiday take down 
can commence, then again,
tomorrow may be soon enough.

I'm glad we're all still in this together.